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Jewelry Trends For 2013 – A Guide to Keeping Your Jewelry Fashionable and Stylish in 2013

Jewelry always adds that extra bit of specialness and completes any ensemble. While being attired in the most fashionable and stylish outfits, the right piece of jewelry can transform you from looking good to looking great.

The beauty with jewelry is its versatility. Even if your outfit remains the same, by altering your pieces of jewelry, you can achieve radically different looks right from the sophisticated corporate employee making the presentation to the sexy diva living it up about the town.

When jewelry is so important, the last thing you want is to be caught with jewelry pieces that are oh-so-last season. In case you did not know, like apparel fashion trends, jewelry trends change too. Each season sees the evolution of new jewelry trends and there may even be a resurgence of some long forgotten trend.

The Spring/Summer jewelry trends 2013 have already made an appearance on fashion shows worldwide. And we will share with you here the top jewelry trends that are all set to rock in 2013. So get ready and stock up on collection of jewels so that you can make an impact in 2013.

Neck Pieces are Getting Chunkier in 2013

If 2012 saw understated and barely there neck piece jewelry, 2013 is all about oversize and chunky necklaces. The neck piece jewelry trend in 2013 seems to veer towards short chunky pieces with bold pendants like this model we saw on the catwalk.

chunky neckpieces

Necklaces in 2013 – the chunkier the better

And if you have long thin chains, you are fine, so long as you combine it with a bold and big pendant.

Long chain and pendant jewelry

The large pendant converts your long chain into a fashion statement in 2013

 Bracelets are Getting Versatile in 2013

If bracelets are an important component of your jewel box, then you are lucky. For 2013 bracelet trends are absolutely versatile and cover the entire gamut from chunky, block colored to beaded bracelets in rainbow hues. Go with your personal preference and you will be still be on top of the years trends.

solid monochrome bracelet jewelry

beaded colourful bracelet jewelry

Monochrome bracelets and multicolored bracelets are ‘in’ in 2013.

 Earrings get Longer in 2013

It is official. The stud is a dud. 2013 jewelry trends for earrings are making earrings longer and more ornate and particularly suitable for special occasions. Find a below a couple of exclusive tassel models from the Oscar De La Renta 2013 collection and tell me you have not fallen in love with them.

tassel earrings

Tassel Earrings From


 Victorian Era Inspired Jewelry Trends 2013

While contemporary jewelry will always have its own place in any jewelry trends, a popular trend in 2013 is Victorian era inspired jewelry. Characterized by deep colors and a chunky look and feel, these jewelry pieces (whether necklaces, bracelets or earrings) are guaranteed to bring an old world charm and sophistication to the overall ensemble. Formal dressing with minimal make-up will let you carry off this trend perfectly.

victorian necklace

Victorian Era inspired necklace

 Geometric Patterns in Jewelry Designs are a Hot Trend in 2013

Geometric patterns in jewelry create a modern and sophisticated look. Hence to cater to the contemporary woman, geometric pattern trends are going to be quite popular in jewelry trends 2012 across pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Spherical necklaces and triangular earrings were the highlight on the ramps, reiterating this trend in a big way.

geometric pattern jewelry

Geometric pattern in jewelry will make a big splash in 2013.


Spiked Jewelry Trends 2013

spike necklace
Spike Necklace From

spiked jewelry trends

This entry probably marked way for spear-type patterns in every part of jewelry be it spiked earrings, necklaces in spikes, and more. Spiky jewels in tempting combinations with many gemstones, pearls, unusual gems, metals and beads shapes, are going to rule the jewelry scene in 2013.

Neon Neck Pieces

Get flashy and stock up on the bling factor in 2013 with these neon neck pieces. Neon is one of the trendiest colors of 2013 and oversize jewelry that’s showy and flashy is in too. So neon neck pieces are the way to go to be dolled up in vogue for 2013.

neon necklace
Tom Binns Neon Necklace From

Floral Jewelry Trends

Below we have a selection of the latest floral trends for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Jewelry Trends 2013
Floral Bracelets
Floral earring trends 2013
Floral Earrings

Studded Bracelets

Taking the rugged look from metal link chains forward are these tough looking, yet fashionable studded wide bracelets to grace your hands in 2013. The only rule to wearing a studded bracelet is to let it be as flashy as possible to make a flashy fashion statement.

Studded Cuff By Alan Schwartz
Studded Bracelet By Emilo Pucci
Studded Bracelet From

Crystal Jewelry Trends 2013

From classic crystal jewelry to natural to exotic crystal jewelry, in 2013 you will see crystals ruling the jewelry trends like never before.

crystal necklace
Crystal Necklace by
hm crystal ring
Crystal Ring By
Crystal Necklace by

Feathers Jewelry Trends 2013

The look-at-me feathers really make the viewer look at the beholder for their exotic charm and awesome style appeal they exude. This Southwest-inspired jewelry trend is on its way to making it big on the celebrity fashion circuit for 2013. Are you game for it?

feather earrings
Feather Earrings From
feather earrings
Feather Earrings From

Chunky Chain Trends

Chunky chains which are quite a rugged look, are going to be in vogue all throughout 2013. So you can make sure that you pick up a pair of metal chain earrings, metal chain bracelets and metal chain necklaces in every color you can, to flaunt it with a different ensemble each time you step out.

metal chain necklace
Metal Chain Necklace from
topshop metal chain necklace
Metal Chain Necklace from

These are the top jewelry trends for 2013. So have you looked into your jewel box? Do you have at least some of them with you so that you can be the style diva you want to be and deserve to be?

The key jewelry trends in 2013 are tending towards more in-the-face and bolder designs and patterns. Of course certain trends like the geometric pattern cater to the more contemporary styles.

And remember the golden rule ladies. Just like clothes fail to impress without the right jewelry. the right jewelry, if not paired with the right clothes can be a disaster.