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Graciously Adorn Your Hands With These 11 Bracelet Designs For 2013

Jewelry is magical! The mere presence of an earning, ring, bangle, necklace or a bracelet can heighten a woman’s charm and take her from being “unnoticed” to “envied”. Jewelry complements your appearance and when you adorn yourself with precious jewels, they become the epitome of your beauty.

Yes, you will have to loosen those purse strings a lot more when it comes to precious jewelry, but the elegance and charm jewelry brings to you is priceless. It’s alright to indulge occasionally and if jewels make you happy, why should you not dip into the passionate pleasures offered by a diamond ring, a gold necklace or a platinum bracelet?

Here are some breathtaking bracelet designs for 2013. Make a mesmerizing statement with a piece or two of pure pleasure adorning your wrists.

Bracelet Designs 2013

1. Serpentine Bracelets

Serpentine Bracelet Design

Let your bracelet capture your fiery personality and do the talking. A serpentine bracelet brings out the best of your confidence, appeal and independent charm. It’s amazing how a simple piece of jewelry can say so much.

2. Floral Bracelets

Floral elements are the much preferred and the most popular choice among jewelry designs. If you already have a pair of floral earrings, a floral necklace and a floral ring, it’s time to welcome a floral bracelet into your collection. An out worldly feminine charm is what a floral bracelet will offer you. And even if you have nothing floral as yet, why not make a beginning in 2013 with a beautiful floral bracelet?

Floral bracelets can be categorized into simple floral statements with a diamond studded circumference and a floral design or two in the center.

Floral Bracelet Design

Bold and breathtaking floral cuffs with heavy detailing are also very popular for 2013.

Floral Bracelet Design

3. Crown Inspired Bracelets

Crown Inspired Bracelet Design

Feeling like royalty can never be this easy. Imagine a studded shimmering crown gracing a royal figure or any of your favorite beauty pageant winners and envision the very same crown as a bracelet in your hand. Mesmerizing isn’t it? Crown bracelets are here to stay.

4. Bold Cuffs

Bold Cuff Bracelet Design

When a simple bracelet simply won’t suffice, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Bold, statement cuffs are desired by every woman and owned by a privileged few. But it’s never too late to get yourself a lovely bold cuff. After all, you deserve it.

5. Starfish Cuffs

Starfish Cuffs Bracelet Design

The latest craze in bracelet, necklace, earring and ring designs has taken the world by awe. Inspired from the bottom of the deep blue ocean and brought to the surface in shimmering colors like gold, platinum and rose gold, starfish cuffs are creating quite a fashionable storm. What a lovely way to grace your wrist!

6. Only Diamonds Will Do

Diamond Bracelet Design

Sometimes the simplest of designs make the boldest of statements. Yes, minimalism is in, has been and will always be when it comes to jewelry designs. A simple diamond studded bracelet can bring grace and appeal to your look and make you look like a ravishing royal.

7. Love Cuffs

Love Cuff Bracelet Design

The silver, rose gold and yellow gold cuffs from the Simone I. Smith collection has suddenly become the object of every woman’s desire. The minimalistic design, glossy metal and unique pattern has made this bracelet design one of the most desired in 2013.

8. Colored Surprises

Colored Bracelet Design

Enamel coated bracelets with precious gold by Hermes is the latest obsession among Hollywood celebrities. This funky, yet precious bracelet will complement casual ensembles well. The next time you’re taking to the streets, don’t forget to don that funky Hermes bracelet and make heads turn to take notice.

9. Thick Diamond Bracelets

Thick Diamond Bracelet Design

Jewelry is all about appealing choices. What may appeal to you, necessarily won’t appeal to somebody else in the same way. However, that doesn’t stop envious eyes looking from looking at your jewelry. Proclaim your love for jewelry out loud with a thick diamond cuff. A broad circumference studded with shimmering diamonds will make all your dreams come true.

10. Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelet Design

Stay unique and be fabulous with gemstone embedded cuffs and bracelets. Indulge in rubies, sapphires, emeralds and canary diamonds and let the world bow before you because you’re going to seem like royalty with a gemstone bracelet.

11. Fusion Bracelets

Fusion Bracelet Design

Combine silver, gold and rose gold into one fascinating piece of jewelry with fusion bracelets and watch every eye in the room follow you with envy wherever you may go.

If you want to have a look at more bracelet trends for 2013 then click here.

Top 7 Jewelry Brands for 2013 – Unique, Mesmerizing and Perfect

Jewelry fails to fascinate only the rarest of rare women. For everybody else, jewelry is something to die for. You can really never have enough of it and the desire to have more never ends.

Every piece of jewelry seems so lovely and so different from each other that it makes you fall madly in love with it. But the one thing that jewelry does best is gracing a woman’s appearance like nothing else or no one else can.

2013 brings with it some fabulous jewelry items in new varieties, unique styles and mesmerizing patterns. So let’s check out the hottest Jewelry Brands that will be vying for your attention in 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

Presenting to you…… The Top 7 Jewelry Brands for 2013

7. Harry Winston

Harry Winston has launched a lovely jewelry collection for 2013 replete with gemstones, diamonds and a bunch of fascinating timepieces. The wedding and engagement collection by Harry Winston for 2013 is a treat to the eyes and will quench your thirst for the sight of sparkling diamonds.

However, it is the sunflower collection by Harry Winston that you need to watch out for in 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

6. Buccellati

Nature inspires Buccellati in 2013 and what follows is a hauntingly beautiful collection of precious gemstones, tantalizing emeralds, dazzling rubies and mesmerizing patterns formed by weaves of gold. Take a look at it yourself and be mesmerized.

Jewelry Brands 2013

5. Tiffany

Tiffany is synonymous with weddings and engagements and Tiffany jewelry pieces make for fabulous gifting ideas for women. So elegant, so graceful, so stunning and so very feminine, Tiffany will blow your mind away.

Check out Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso olive leaf jewelry collection for 2013. Its beauty will stun you beyond words.

Jewelry Brands 2013

4. Cartier

 Cartier manages to outdo its own jewelry with each passing season. It just keeps getting better and it keeps luring us closer towards the sparkling diamonds, shiny jewelry and fascinating creations that will bowl you over.

Cartier’s jewelry collection for 2013 is inspired by the fieriness of the wild. Panthers and jaguars proudly shining in all their glory grace Cartier’s collection for 2013. It brings out the strong, confident, independent, fierce and passionate woman that you already are.

Cartier Jewelry Brands 2013

3. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is a personal favorite of manyHollywood celebrities. You will often see Bvlgari pieces gracing the Red Carpet at award ceremonies and other events.

For 2013, Bvlgari’s bridal collection is even more beautiful than the bride itself. The intricately designed sparkling engagement rings and wedding bands from the Eternal Promise collection will make you fall in love with the idea of marriage. Seal the deal and promise your love eternally to your better half with a captivating ring from Bvlgari’s bridal collection for 2013.

Jewelry Brands 2013

2. Piaget

Women love two things the most about fashion: jewelry and anything that’s floral. When you combine the two, you get Piaget’s breathtaking Rose Collection. This precious flower, crafted with utmost perfection is man’s masterpiece. Created with gold, platinum, white gold and diamonds, this Rose Collection for 2013 by Piaget will remain timeless for eternity.

Jewelry Brands 2013

1. Mikimoto

Mikimoto’s 2013 jewelry collection is one of a kind. Crafted with some of the finest pearls in the world, these jewelry pieces have achieved a rare perfection that few others can boast of. You are indeed privileged if you get to experience the luxurious pleasures offered by the Mikimoto 2013 floral jewelry collection. A single piece from this jewelry collection can outshine every other jewel in the world.

Jewelry Brands 2013

These beautiful jewelry pieces showcased in this article are among the most enchanting jewelry pieces in the world, presented to you by the best jewelry brands for 2013. Perfection can never get better than this. Doesn’t this collection inspire a jewelry shopping trip any time soon?

Jewelry Trends For 2013 – A Guide to Keeping Your Jewelry Fashionable and Stylish in 2013

Jewelry always adds that extra bit of specialness and completes any ensemble. While being attired in the most fashionable and stylish outfits, the right piece of jewelry can transform you from looking good to looking great.

The beauty with jewelry is its versatility. Even if your outfit remains the same, by altering your pieces of jewelry, you can achieve radically different looks right from the sophisticated corporate employee making the presentation to the sexy diva living it up about the town.

When jewelry is so important, the last thing you want is to be caught with jewelry pieces that are oh-so-last season. In case you did not know, like apparel fashion trends, jewelry trends change too. Each season sees the evolution of new jewelry trends and there may even be a resurgence of some long forgotten trend.

The Spring/Summer jewelry trends 2013 have already made an appearance on fashion shows worldwide. And we will share with you here the top jewelry trends that are all set to rock in 2013. So get ready and stock up on collection of jewels so that you can make an impact in 2013.

Neck Pieces are Getting Chunkier in 2013

If 2012 saw understated and barely there neck piece jewelry, 2013 is all about oversize and chunky necklaces. The neck piece jewelry trend in 2013 seems to veer towards short chunky pieces with bold pendants like this model we saw on the catwalk.

chunky neckpieces

Necklaces in 2013 – the chunkier the better

And if you have long thin chains, you are fine, so long as you combine it with a bold and big pendant.

Long chain and pendant jewelry

The large pendant converts your long chain into a fashion statement in 2013

 Bracelets are Getting Versatile in 2013

If bracelets are an important component of your jewel box, then you are lucky. For 2013 bracelet trends are absolutely versatile and cover the entire gamut from chunky, block colored to beaded bracelets in rainbow hues. Go with your personal preference and you will be still be on top of the years trends.

solid monochrome bracelet jewelry

beaded colourful bracelet jewelry

Monochrome bracelets and multicolored bracelets are ‘in’ in 2013.

 Earrings get Longer in 2013

It is official. The stud is a dud. 2013 jewelry trends for earrings are making earrings longer and more ornate and particularly suitable for special occasions. Find a below a couple of exclusive tassel models from the Oscar De La Renta 2013 collection and tell me you have not fallen in love with them.

tassel earrings

Tassel Earrings From


 Victorian Era Inspired Jewelry Trends 2013

While contemporary jewelry will always have its own place in any jewelry trends, a popular trend in 2013 is Victorian era inspired jewelry. Characterized by deep colors and a chunky look and feel, these jewelry pieces (whether necklaces, bracelets or earrings) are guaranteed to bring an old world charm and sophistication to the overall ensemble. Formal dressing with minimal make-up will let you carry off this trend perfectly.

victorian necklace

Victorian Era inspired necklace

 Geometric Patterns in Jewelry Designs are a Hot Trend in 2013

Geometric patterns in jewelry create a modern and sophisticated look. Hence to cater to the contemporary woman, geometric pattern trends are going to be quite popular in jewelry trends 2012 across pieces such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Spherical necklaces and triangular earrings were the highlight on the ramps, reiterating this trend in a big way.

geometric pattern jewelry

Geometric pattern in jewelry will make a big splash in 2013.


Spiked Jewelry Trends 2013

spike necklace
Spike Necklace From

spiked jewelry trends

This entry probably marked way for spear-type patterns in every part of jewelry be it spiked earrings, necklaces in spikes, and more. Spiky jewels in tempting combinations with many gemstones, pearls, unusual gems, metals and beads shapes, are going to rule the jewelry scene in 2013.

Neon Neck Pieces

Get flashy and stock up on the bling factor in 2013 with these neon neck pieces. Neon is one of the trendiest colors of 2013 and oversize jewelry that’s showy and flashy is in too. So neon neck pieces are the way to go to be dolled up in vogue for 2013.

neon necklace
Tom Binns Neon Necklace From

Floral Jewelry Trends

Below we have a selection of the latest floral trends for bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Jewelry Trends 2013
Floral Bracelets
Floral earring trends 2013
Floral Earrings

Studded Bracelets

Taking the rugged look from metal link chains forward are these tough looking, yet fashionable studded wide bracelets to grace your hands in 2013. The only rule to wearing a studded bracelet is to let it be as flashy as possible to make a flashy fashion statement.

Studded Cuff By Alan Schwartz
Studded Bracelet By Emilo Pucci
Studded Bracelet From

Crystal Jewelry Trends 2013

From classic crystal jewelry to natural to exotic crystal jewelry, in 2013 you will see crystals ruling the jewelry trends like never before.

crystal necklace
Crystal Necklace by
hm crystal ring
Crystal Ring By
Crystal Necklace by

Feathers Jewelry Trends 2013

The look-at-me feathers really make the viewer look at the beholder for their exotic charm and awesome style appeal they exude. This Southwest-inspired jewelry trend is on its way to making it big on the celebrity fashion circuit for 2013. Are you game for it?

feather earrings
Feather Earrings From
feather earrings
Feather Earrings From

Chunky Chain Trends

Chunky chains which are quite a rugged look, are going to be in vogue all throughout 2013. So you can make sure that you pick up a pair of metal chain earrings, metal chain bracelets and metal chain necklaces in every color you can, to flaunt it with a different ensemble each time you step out.

metal chain necklace
Metal Chain Necklace from
topshop metal chain necklace
Metal Chain Necklace from

These are the top jewelry trends for 2013. So have you looked into your jewel box? Do you have at least some of them with you so that you can be the style diva you want to be and deserve to be?

The key jewelry trends in 2013 are tending towards more in-the-face and bolder designs and patterns. Of course certain trends like the geometric pattern cater to the more contemporary styles.

And remember the golden rule ladies. Just like clothes fail to impress without the right jewelry. the right jewelry, if not paired with the right clothes can be a disaster.

Make a Style Statement with Trendy Neckpieces for 2013

Accessorizing your look the right way can add oodles of grace and elegance. Jewelry pieces are important accessories that can completely transform your look. While bracelets and earrings are jewelry most often discussed, it is the neckpiece that actually steals the show.

Perhaps one reason for this is that neckpieces are not worn as commonly as earrings and bracelets. Just think about it, for everyday to office, you probably put on earrings and maybe occasionally a bracelet. But rarely do you dress yourself up in a fancy neckpiece, unless the occasion is special, isn’t it? And when you do don your neckpiece, it sends your style and glamour quotient soaring sky high. Provided, of course, you are following the right trends of the season.

The neckpiece trends for 2013 are here and what exactly they convey, we shall see in a bit.

Stylish and Happening Neckpieces for 2013

1.  Floral Design Neckpieces 2013

The floral motif is firmly associated with women’s fashion trends. (Though of course, now floral prints are appearing predominantly in men’s fashion too). So it is hardly surprising that floral neckpieces were showcased at the Milan and New York Fashion Week. And when we say flowers, we mean flowers and not tiny little florets. All floral neckpieces exhibited big and bright colors. Gucci paired the look with matching earrings, while Oscar de la Renta and Badgley Mischka left the ears nude. The latter presented an interesting and unique open ended neck ring design, rather than a necklace.

Neckpiece Trends

2. Elaborate Neckpieces for 2013

You probably associate neckpieces with formal occasions. (I know I did). However, Red Carter showcased elaborate neckpieces as the perfect accessories for their swimwear during their

Spring Summer 2013 swimwear collection presentation at the Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week.

Chunky beads, ‘linked in’ strands, and spiky metallic neckpieces added extra oomph and glamour to the outfits. Get ready for some extra fun in the sun with these neckpieces.

Neckpiece Trends

3. Coral Neckpieces for 2013

You have to hand it to the Italians for sheer timeless elegance and classic style. And they make it seem so effortless. One of the best neckpiece trends to emerge on the 2013 catwalk shows has to be the coral neckpieces showcased by Gucci at the Milan Fashion Week. Pairing it with virgin white dresses and footwear was creative genius. And the best part? This is a look you can easily replicate.

Neckpiece Trends

4. Maxi Neckpieces for 2013

Another neckpiece trend that looks set to be extremely popular in 2013 is the maxi neckpiece. These are big and bold neckpieces, usually set as collars as opposed to necklaces. They should be ideally worn with simple dresses, plain tops, cotton T-shirts and will produce an amazing effect. Celebrities have already caught on to this trend.


5. Fringe Neckpieces for 2013

Fringe is not only for your hair and can extend to your neckpiece too. Fringe style neckpieces were seen on the ramp in 2013 and they looked edgy, contemporary, and definitely hot. You must try this one out.

Neckpiece Trends

6. Neon Neckpieces for 2013

Neckpieces in 2013 are bright and bold, completely unapologetic. Neon neckpieces were showcased in the Red Carter Swimwear 2013 collection. The star motif accentuated the neon shades to create quite an electrifying effect.


So in 2013, neckpieces have arrived and how. No more sleek elegant pieces of last year. Elegance in neckpieces in 2013 is spelled B-I-G, with an alternative spelling B-O-L-D.

Of course the best way to show off your neckpieces is to pair them with collar less open neck outfits. And as far as possible, keep the earrings delicate, so that your neckpieces attract all the attention they deserve.

Spring 2013 Ear Cuff Trends: A Blast From the Past

Fashion took a nostalgic step back in time for Spring 2013 by bringing back under the spotlight the bittersweet taste of the 90s. Suddenly it’s all about flower print dresses, quirky overalls and midriff baring tops. Aside from the clothing, the jewelry department was also touched by the exorbitant decade, as a new statement accessory raised from the ashes only to become more spectacular and even edgier. The ear cuff trend took the fashion world by storm and impregnated the looks with lots of attitude and boldness. We’ve already seen the daring jewelry piece styled on blogs, on the red carpet and making heads turn on the streets, and yes, we absolutely love its energy.

From simple metallic designs, all the way to more intricate and embellished pieces, the Spring 2013 ear cuff trends are having a major moment right now, and the fashion madness will definitely not stop here. So if you plan on expanding your jewelry collection, make sure to include at least one fabulous ear cuff number on your shopping list. For an extra dose of inspiration, we gathered the most exciting ear cuff designs to help get you in the zone.

2013 Jewelry Trends

01. Adorned with three, four, five or seven rings, this exquisite accessory might actually be the original source of inspiration for the more elaborate jewelry pieces that can be seen in stores today. Alicia Keys, Diane Kruger and Rihanna already took these funky ear cuffs on the red carpet and made them look a lot more wearable and sophisticated even. Emphasized by sleek buns, top knots and alluring side-parts, the ring ear cuffs add a touch of edginess to even the simplest outfits. A must for the edgy girls that care to make a long-lasting impression.

2013 Jewelry Trends

02. Goes without saying that chains and fashion make for an untamed duo that constantly reinvents itself in order to keep things fresh and exciting for us. The multi chain ear cuffs represent the latest design in the matter that looks effortlessly cool and super appealing. Based on chains in mixed metal finishes, this bold accessory will definitely help you make a loud statement. It’s not like it can pass unnoticed. A must for the glam-rock chicks that love a little bit of edge.

2013 Jewelry Trends


03. Ideal to add an extra touch of sparkle and lots of attitude to your Holiday party attire, the rhinestone ear cuff encrusted with delicate Swarovski stones is set to make you the center of attention. Perfectly stylish, elaborate and precious, this accessory doesn’t need much else in order to really stand out on its own. A must for the glamorous girls that love all the precious details.

2013 Jewelry Trends

04. Feminine, utterly romantic but still edgy, modern and cool, this is how easy it would be to describe the spray leaf ear cuffs. The fabulous piece of accessory is loud enough to get noticed effortlessly, but manages to still look elegant, tasteful and refined. A gorgeous evening gown would make for the perfect team with this delicate design. A must for the sophisticated ladies that love a good and fashionable twist.

2013 Jewelry Trends

05. It’s a good thing feathers never go out of style. Reinvented with the help of complementary chains and bold crosses, feathers make for the bohemian take on the Spring 2013 ear cuff trends. The distinct old gold colored piece of jewelry looks ravishing, captivating and unique. Easy to style and emphasize, this trendy ear cuff is a must for the untamed and bohemian spirits.


Top 5 Statement Accessories Perfect For the Holiday Season

We are slowly but surely approaching the Holiday season, and with the celebration of Thanksgiving set to happen in just a couple of days, now it’s the perfect time to start on planning the outfits we are going to be wearing during this wonderful period of the year. As we all know by now, besides being filled with precious moments spent with our loved ones and the most delicious food recipes ever, the holidays also offer the perfect excuse to shine bright and feel beautiful.

And contrary to what you may believe, not everything revolves around clothes. There’s nothing quite like a statement piece of jewelry to boost your confidence, and reinvent your outfit. So, regardless if you plan on spending the holidays dressed in your classic little black dress, or cozed up in knits, don’t be afraid to add just an extra touch of excitement via some gorgeous accessories. We went ahead and made a quick selection of sparkly sensations that will most definitely catch your eye. Here are our top Holiday picks in the accessories department.


01. Kurt Geiger Joey Glass Necklace. Perfect to add a splash of color, a touch of glamour or to infuse a modern twists into your Holiday attire, the Kurt Geiger Joey Glass necklace is a pure jewelry statement. Created out of five multi colored hologram glass square stones, and set on a heavy rhodium plated chain, the iridescent accessory is powerful yet feminine, intriguing yet sophisticated. It would make for the perfect outfit complementary choice this season and we can’t get enough of its magic.


02. Flying Lizard Gold and Multicolor Teardrop Earrings. Colorful, sparkly, precious and elegant, the Flying Lizard multicolor teardrop earrings gathered all the right elements into a stunning piece of jewelry. The statement accessory with baroque influences, mixes the gold opulence with the sparkling green faceted rhinestone, surrounded by a series of little black, green and pink stones that build upon the extravagant theme. If you’re all about making a bold statement this Holiday than this is the most fashionable match for you.


03. J. Crew Crystal Bow Cuff. How wonderful it would be to match the sweetness of the Holiday spirit to your beautiful and unique accessories? Luckily for you, now it’s possible. J. Crew’s super adorable golden crystal bow cuff, holds all the joy and youthful glamour specific to the Holiday season. The timeless piece of jewelry carries along the French couture feel that we all love so much, making it the top choice when it comes to winter accessories.


04. Kate Spade New York Kaleidoball Dome Ring. Red is definitely the star color of the Holiday season, and if you don’t fell like sporting it all over your outfits, make sure to infuse just enough of its charm into your looks, with the help of Kate Spade New York’s Kaleidoball dome ring. The statement jewelry piece featuring glass and gold-tone metal, mixes all the beautiful shades of red for the ultimate glamorous effect. It will definitely make you feel like one of a kind.


05. River Island Cream Bead Embellished Crown Headband. We’re pretty sure you’ve already spotted this intricate accessory on some of your favorite celebrities by now, and if you ever planned on wearing one, there’s no time like the Holiday season to channel your inner 1920s spirit. While a regular headband would make for an expected accessory, the River Island cream bead embellished crown headband makes for a statement jewelry piece, that’s totally unusual and ultra feminine. Embrace its mysterious feel and be ready to impress.

Sparkle with the Top 6 Must-have Jewellery Pieces by Swarovski for Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013

Swarovski launched a new collection of jewellery for fall/winter 2012-2013. This ornate collection, inspired by dominant jewellery styles in Asia, is named “Kingdom of Jewels.” French actress and Swarovski’s campaign ambassador for this collection, Bérénice Marlohe, dazzles her way through in these jewels, inspiring you to look a million bucks this fall/winter.

The pieces in Swarovski’s collection are crafted to form unusual shapes with magnificent crystals, giving the jewellery a modern feel. Let us take a sneak peek into the Kingdom of Jewels that will set a trend in fall/winter 2012-2013.

Swarovski jewellery

1) Singapour Necklace

Swarovski’s fall/winter 2012-2013 collection brings this exquisite piece named the Singapour necklace in which strands of golden chains are woven together, forming a rigid lacework pattern. Multicolored crystals, with tassels at the end complete this elegant piece.

You can double up the usage of this unique piece and wear it as a stylish belt or you can complement this piece with ruby crystal earrings. The multicolored crystal tassels make this piece a perfect match to wear with that sexy backless outfit.

Swarovski Singapour Necklace

 2) Story Bangle

The story bangle makes a bold fashion statement with the octagonal red ruby embedded in it. Tiny multicolored crystals are scattered across the smooth black surface of the bangle, on each side of the ruby to give it a “bling” look. A gold filigree pattern runs through the other side of the bangle, adding to its elegant appeal.

Swarovski Story Bangle

 3) Sissy Earrings

Plated in gold and silver metal, the sissy earrings by Swarovski are perfect to add a vintage touch to your look. Embedded with tiny multicolored crystals, these earrings are shaped to form an elegant flower giving you a feminine spark.

Swarovski Sissy Earrings

 4) Sienna Ring

The Sienna Ring is studded with diamonds against a black tone, bringing out the spark contained by the diamonds embedded in it. This piece for fall/winter 2012 – 2013 is literally one “rocking” piece, giving you a striking look suitable for first impressions. For an added impact, the matching pendant is a must-wear.

Swarovski Sienna Ring

5) This trendy piece by Swarovski has a modern look and feel to it. Plated with ruthenium, the crystals in this piece glitter in vibrant colors of fuchsia and jet along with tones of grey. Crafted to make you feel seductive and fashionable, this piece is a must have to go with your evening wear.

Swarovski Serena Necklace

 6) Style Bangle


This edgy and striking piece by Swarovski, made entirely of steel, is perfect to take to the streets for a rough yet tasteful look. A conspicuous rectangular crystal is surrounded by metallic spikes jetting out of the surface to create a three dimensional feel. Add a zing to your causal outfits with this bangle. Style bangle is sure to make you the hot favorite topic at a party.

Swarovski Style Bangle

 The Kingdom of Jewels Collection by Swarovski for fall/winter 2012–13, consists of large and elaborate pieces custom made for the strong and confident woman in you. Though the pieces are not sparkling bright like the stars in the sky, they are sure to make you look a star.

Bring the glam of the runway to your wardrobe with this fabulous collection by Swarovski and stand out against a dull winter background.

How to Wear Unique & Exquisite Wooden Bangles & Be A Star?

Wanna be the star of accessories among your friends or wherever you go?

If yes, then you must invest your time in first reading this post and then planning a shopping trip or online shopping spree to get yourself the ultimate star of accessories, Wooden Bangles.

One of the hottest trends to have rocked the high fashion industry for years and in 2012 too is bangles and more bangles.

Look around, scan your favorite TV channels, newspapers and popular magazines including People, Glamour, Vogue and others. And you’ll notice fashionistas with loads and loads of wooden bangles in animal prints, bright colors with embellishments galore. Celebrities know how to brilliantly jazz up their outfits by including earthy elements. The trend of Wooden Bangles is a big one and it is surely here to stay.

We are going to highlight the most attractive types of Wooden Bangles that you can team up to give your outfits that exciting and vibrant look. In this post we will also look at how Celebrities team up Wooden Bangles.

And don’t be surprised to see some of the most unique and exquisite patterns of wooden bangles that we have specially selected for you.

 Here’s Cameron Diaz flaunting the wooden bangle as she speaks to you about how to look stylish with wooden bangles (she surely practices what she teaches). Wink Wink…

Transform Your Look with Wooden Bangles

Wear wooden bangles anywhere on your arm including the wrist and the forearm. Who can forget the wooden bangles beautifully adorning Madonna’s forearms in her music videos? Usually wooden bangles are sphere-shaped, however you can find them in various other shapes such as triangular, rectangular, square-shape and more.

 Made of different types of wood, wooden bangles are available in a wide variety of patterns such as crisscross and ethnic. The most used types of wood include Teak, Cherry, African mahogany and Bamboo.

In addition, wooden bangles with carvings, imprints, hand-painted designs, beads and gemstones are much sought after.

Blend Earthy & Bohemian in a Contemporary Way

Fashion designer, writer, actor and singer, Nicole Ritchie too loves wooden bangles. She knows how to perfectly team up earthy and bohemian in a contemporary manner.

You know we love getting you exclusive stuff. So how could we miss showing you some of the masterpiece wooden bangles created by none other than the award winning artist and jewelry designer Anthony Roussel?

Take a look at Anthony’s stunning sculptural jewelry:

Anthony’s wooden bangles are inspired by the classic sweep of the British shoreline and an infatuation towards contemporary architecture.

Wear the layers Anthony has created in stunning 3D patterns for these wooden bangles and be the most stylish person in your gang.

 Wooden Bangles and Colors

You can wear wooden bangles in a motley of colors. The brown tone of wood looks stunning with different shades of yellow, coral, orange, red and pink. Be bold and be ready to blend and create combinations of colors and textures in wooden bangles.


You must have heard the oft-repeated advice – excess of anything is bad. But don’t you worry and don’t be afraid to pile excess of wooden bangles on!

And you don’t need to over-spend, you can get some of these wooden bangles for less than 2 quid. What’s more, wooden bangles are sturdy and hence last you long, thereby cutting down your cost further.

Choose your favorites from a wide range of reasonably priced wooden bangles at various stores all over.

Mix, match, experiment and make your own style statement with wooden bangles just like your favorite celebrities do. With wooden bangles at your behest, turn heads at parties, romantic date and wherever you go.