42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

Missing Underwear at Parker Premiere..Who Cares..JLO Can Carry it Off with Style

Things may have changed around Jennifer Lopez but her daring fashion choices have not. And why should they? Having one of the fittest bodies in the business, she has the confidence and the body to pull off the most amazing looks. And this is exactly what she did at the Las Vegas premiere of her latest movie – Parker.


The All White Ensemble…With Essentials Missing

Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet for the event in a fitted white Kaufmanfranco gown. Well fitted and ‘slitted’, we should say, as the slit ran all the way along the sides right upto the back. The gown looked deceptively demure in the front with a high neck design.

Jennifer Lopez

But then JLo’s assets have always been at the back rather than the front, right? And the gown showcased her sexy behind to the hilt, making it very clear that Jennifer had left behind certain essential wardrobe items in her wardrobe at home.

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer’s Overall Look

You will never catch JLo wanting in the style department. Her look was perfectly put together with a gorgeous updo hair that had a carelessly done messy effect. The lipstick remained nude and accessories were minimal, except for the long earrings and finger rings that added sparkle. Look how she has matched nude nail colors with her lip colors. Fashion divas pay attention to details. As she waves to fans on the red carpet, JLo looks perfect.

 Jennifer Lopez


But Life is Not Always Perfect

Jennifer may have perfected her look, but is mere mortal when it comes to life and its twists and turns, just like any of us. JLo recently split from husband Marc Anthony and is obviously going through turbulent personal issues. She admitted in a recent interview that it was difficult getting up in the morning and that her kids give her the strength to go about everyday life. Just when you think celebrities are in a different plane altogether, they turn around and reveal their all too human and vulnerable side. 

Bravo Jennifer

Dealing with life is not easy, especially when you are a single parent and have a demanding career that requires you to be mentally and physically fit. It is easy to let go. Jennifer has stuck to her fitness routine (whatever it is that she does, she has obviously worked hard) and regained your popular figure.

You remember JLo’s green Versace dress at the Grammys 13 years ago? The iconic dress was a turning point in designer Donatella Versace’s career and firmly established JLo as a fashionista. Here, refresh your memory.

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

This was in 2000 and the white dress in 2013. JLo continues her fashion journey uninterrupted. Bravo Jennifer.

Perfect Partnership..For Now

Supporting Jennifer at the premier was her current boyfriend young Casper Smart, back up dancer in her troupe. Dressed in complete black, Smart provided the perfect contrast for JLo’s all white ensemble. It looked a perfect partnership.


Jennifer says she is happy ‘here and now’ with the relationship and is not reading too much into the future. Good decision, girl.. you deserve all the happiness.