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Justin Bieber Finds Solace in His Music, Sings About his Break Up

All of us love Justin Bieber and we are hurting just as much as he is over his break up with girlfriend Selena Gomez. Luckily for us, Justin is an artist and has found the right avenue to release his pent up heart ache. Like so many musicians before him, Justin has written a song about his relationship with Selena and perhaps this has assuaged his hurt just a little bit.

The song ‘Nothing Like Us’ from his new album ‘Believe Acoustic’ is supposedly all about their relationship.

Justin Bieber
A Fairytale Romance Gone Wrong

Justin and Selena seemed perfect for each other. Both of them so young, so good looking and so much in love, it almost seemed like a fairy tale romance.

Justin Bieber

But some fairy tales just don’t end with ‘happily ever after’, in the real world and particularly in the world of showbiz. The real reasons for the split are unknown, but rumors are flying thick and fast. And the most prominent buzz is that she broke up with him on ‘infidelity’ issues. That may or may not be true, but what is 100% true is Justin is hurting and he is not scared to admit it.

Justin Clears the Air

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Justin admitted that “he is not in the happiest of places right now”.  No one can doubt that. See how he is gazing on at her.

Justin Bieber

While that does reveal a lot about how he is feeling right now, it is definitely clear that he respects Selena’s wishes and would never force her to meet him or talk to him if she does not want to. Justin refuted rumors that he has been desperately trying to get in touch with Selena.

“There is Nothing Like Us”, Says Justin

Well Justin did not confirm in so many words that the lyrics of ‘Nothing Like Us’ are about Selena, but we can definitely read between the lines. He said in his interview and I quote “at the end of the day, there is nothing like us, and people can relate to that”.

Here are some lyrics from the song and they do make an impression.


Yes indeed, they didn’t last.

Friends Rally around Justin

Justin’s closest friends are with him right now, helping him get past the pain. And as Justin himself says, this is a learning experience and he will emerge stronger from it.

We know he will. Keep smiling Justin and keep singing..we will cheer for you always.