Justin Bieber ‘Snaps’ at Paps – Are the Pressures Getting to Him?

You have to excuse the pun in the title…it was just begging to be written. While paparazzi usually snap celebrities, in a role reversal of sorts, Beebs lost it and snapped at a photographer recently in London, where he is on tour.

Celebrities have always had a tough relationship with paparazzi, but it is part of parcel of the life they lead. We don’t know who initiated the altercation. Very possibly the photographer in question did, but does that justify Justin’s threat to beat the guy up? Apparently Justin had to be restrained by his bodyguard and literally forced into his car!


Justin Under Tremendous Pressure Right Now

Justin has everything going for him, a successful career at such a young age, millions of fans the world over, who hang on his every word. But still things are not sailing smooth for him. His break up with girlfriend Selena Gomez seems to have affected him more than he would like to admit, even to himself.


And it surely does not help to see that Selena has apparently moved on. The pressures are intense and taking a physical and mental toll on J-boy. In fact during his concert in London, Justin collapsed on stage and had to be hospitalized for breathing difficulties.


Of course, the true professional that he is, the show will go on as scheduled. Bravo Justin!

Justin Turning to Divine Assistance to Maintain Calm

Apparently Justin has been turning to God to help him out in his darkest time ever, according to his friend and mentor Judah Smith. Judah assists and encourages Justin in his endeavors to reach out to God and make the right decisions. According to Judah, Justin often talks to God asking Him to intervene.


Either God was on break in London, or perhaps Justin was just too incensed to drag God into it this time. Which one do you think it is?

Are the Pressures Getting to Justin?

Justin is going through tough times right now. His friends and family are with him. His fans are with him. But driving away inner demons and insecurities is not very easy. It is just as well that Justin is seeking divine assistance to help him out. That only means he knows he needs help, which is always the first step to getting help.

In the meantime, it would be interesting to know what Selena thinks about the whole affair, wouldn’t it?