We Dare to Compare: Kate Beckinsale Vs Jessica Biel & Selena Gomez Vs Anna Dello Russo

Women might act like sisters. And sometimes, they may look like sisters. However, when it comes to competition, especially on the red carpet, women will be women. They simply stop thinking about friendship and get into the gear of a competitor doing their best to win. At events like premieres or gatherings in public, female celebrities, have a way of faking it pretty well when they are around other women. Sounds familiar?

This is precisely what happened at the opening of the movie, Total Recall in our very own Hollywood.

Kate Beckinsale Vs Jessica Biel

At the premiere of Total Recall, you could clearly see both women, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel doing their best to grab people’s attention and take away the limelight from each other. Nonetheless, we have to say that Kate was a clear and indisputable winner hands down. To know why we say that and how we arrived at that conclusion, read on.

Kate’s crocodile skin inspired dress by Armani Prive was just outstanding. With a hard to resist hairdo and ravishing looks, she looked every woman’s envy and every man’s delight.

Let us now shift the arc light to the 30-year-old model, singer and actor, Jessica Biel. We have to say, Jessica looked stunning in her pink vintage oriented Dior outfit from Dior’s Winter 2012 Haute Couture presentation. Teaming the pretty pink dress with a pair of attractive pumps having metallic toes, Jessica further accentuated the look with a set of well-suited necklace and earrings. However Jessica’s overall look, although pretty good in its own way, was less exciting compared to Kate’s. Kate’s minimalist accessorizing and bare neck highlighted her sexiness. The black nail paint and black ring further added to her already elegant look. With all these factors working in her favor the 39-year-old English actor looked every bit like a diva and exhibited radiating confidence.

We know you are itching to know what we have in store for you on the “Selena & Anna” front. But before we let the cat out of the bag, we thought you might be curious to know about the other news makers who attended the premiere. Total Recall premiere was definitely a star studded event with Collin Farrel, Jack Osbourne, director Len Wiseman, Sophia Bush and many other renowned people from the entertainment industry.

Selena Gomez Vs Anna Dello Russo

Ok as promised, here’s the scoop on Selena Gomez and Anna Dello Russo. Yea, we agree, there is a huge leap of 3 decades between Selena and Anna but hey fashion has got nothing to do with age. However, our editors’ eagle’s eyes couldn’t help but notice that Selena Gomez wore a neon pink outfit by Dsquared² when she attended the Teen Choice Awards this year. By the way, Selena turned 20 this year (if you didn’t already know that). Again we couldn’t help but notice the stark resemblance or should be say, the exact similarity with Anna Dello Russo’s vivid, neon pink outfit at Milan Menswear Fashion Week. (Now who says fashion is about age? We definitely don’t.)

While Selena chose to enhance her look with minimalist jewelry (only earrings) and sober cream sandals, Anna on the other hand went all out with massive goggles and pink sandals.

We found Selena’s taste to be more appealing. Perhaps Anna chose a way too bright color for her outfit. Or perhaps the color didn’t go well with her personality. Did you feel the same? Or do you think differently?