Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photo Controversy

Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Pictures in Italian Tabloid

It sure is tough when you are a celebrity and perhaps, and it becomes a tad more difficult, if you are royal family. Everyone wants a piece of you and it seems like you can have absolutely no privacy. Precisely these thoughts must be going through Kate Middleton’s mind, as yet another royal photo controversy rears its ugly head.


Italian Tabloid Chi Publishes Photos of Kate’s Bare Baby Bump

The latest photo controversy involving the young and expecting Duchess is that Italian tabloid Chi has published photographs of Kate in a bikini, revealing her bare baby bump. These photos were taken when Kate and Prince William were on a private holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

Husband and wife were probably strolling on the beach, talking of this and that and spending quality time with each other, just like any of us. And before they knew it, they had to deal with photographs of their precious moments being made public. Not fair at all.


Royal Family Upset with the Turn of Events

The royal family has made its displeasure known clearly. A palace statement was issued expressing the royal family’s disappointment over the photographs of the Duke and the Duchess on a private holiday being published overseas. The palace feels that photographs are a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.


Chi Defends its Decision

The tabloid meanwhile remains unfazed despite comments and controversy. According to Chi editor Alfonso Signorini, the photographs cannot be construed as a breach to privacy, as they have been taken in a public place and the royals are after all public figures. Signorini admitted that the British press has a sort of gentleman’s agreement with the royal family that the couple’s personal intimate moments would not be published, but the Italian press is under no such obligation. “We just want our readers to see the Duke and Duchess relaxed and happy on their holiday, and there is no scandal in that”, Signorini concluded.

Will the Royal Family Sue?

Whatever reasons Signorini presents, and however compelling they may sound, the royal family is unlikely to be appeased. Though there is no official word right now, it is possible that Chi may face legal action.

In September, Chi’s sister publication Closer in France had carried photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless. Closer had to face a criminal complaint filed by the royal family.


We remember the early days when Kate used to indulge in some serious baby bump camouflage.  Clearly those days are long past.