Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

Kate Middleton’s Outfits in 2012: The Duchess Dazzles Her Way through 2012 with these 5 Stylish Outfits

If we could nickname the Duchess of Cambridge, we would call her a “heart stealer.” Not only did Kate Middleton steal Prince William’s heart away, but she also managed to do the same with us. We love Kate’s warm public presence, her humility and her charm, but what we love the most about her is her fashion sense. Kate Middleton’s outfits somehow manage to repeatedly sweep us off our feet.

Have you ever seen Kate Middleton wear an outfit that did not look good on her? Neither have we and nor have we ever disliked a single outfit of hers. Guess that’s Kate Middleton; naturally gifted with a fashion sense that she never goes wrong with.

Or maybe the Duchess has a fairy Godmother that casts a spell on her and charms us all to fall in love with everything Kate Middleton wears. Her dresses, her shoes, her bags, her makeup and the way she presents herself with utmost grace seem like nothing less than a wave of a magic wand.

It’s quite a challenging task to pick the best of Kate Middleton’s outfits in 2012, simply because everything she wears is elegant, but we have managed to compile for you the pieces she wore that made us lust after their appeal.

After a lot of brainstorming over which pieces to choose, we bring to you Kate Middleton’s Top 5 outfits that she wore in 2012 which made us want to request her to let us borrow them for a day. We’re sure you’re going to feel the same too, so be prepared to soak yourself in desire, fantasy and envy.

1. Turquoise Gown by Jenny Packham

 Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

Kate Middleton wore this teal green gown to a gala that was held to celebrate the countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. This gown was designed by renowned UK designer Jenny Packham. And Kate Middleton’s outfit certainly stole the show.

Every color looks great on her and she dazzles in this piece too with a sheer teal lace back and the detailing of the buttons. This dress is the perfect combination of elegance and beauty.

2. Cream Dress by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations held in 2012 witnessed Kate Middleton spring up alive with fashion. This lacy cream pencil dress is a piece by Alexander McQueen, who also takes credit for Kate’s gorgeous and unforgettable wedding dress. Kate wore this dress to a special service held at St. Paul’s Cathedral to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Notice how Kate stylized her accessories to match her outfit perfectly. Makes it very difficult to find flaws, doesn’t it?

3. Red Dress by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen do it again with another piece for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. This red dress by McQueen was especially customized for Kate Middleton for the occasion. So what do you love about this dress, the color, the pattern, the cut, the fit or the accessories? As for us, we love it all!

4. Grey Amanda Wakeley Dress

Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

Kate wore this grey pencil dress by Amanda Wakeley to a fundraiser at the Imperial War Museum. This dress works like a charm as it combines class, fashion and elegance, all in one piece. Try imagining the exact same dress without that waist belt. Would it have the same appeal? Not really! This dress is the perfect example to show you how accessorizing goes a long way in sprucing up your look. You might wonder if anything could get better than this, but believe us, it surely does.

5. The Navy Blue Blazer

 Kate Middleton's Outfits in 2012

Kate Middleton certainly knows how to work any kind of outfit. While on tour in Canada with her husband, Prince William, Kate was spotted in this chic navy blue blazer with a white shirt and blue ankle length trousers. We love the black and beige wedges she has paired this with and we voted for this one as Kate’s best semi formal look for 2012.

We really wonder how Kate Middleton’s outfits manage to amaze us ever time. They charm us all the way. You’ve really got to hand it to her. She deserves all the accolades for putting so much time and effort behind every outfit and thankfully, it all works in her favor.

Kate Middleton’s outfits in 2012 bring so much grace to her look that it is really difficult to believe that she isn’t royal by blood because her fashion sense certainly spells ROYAL in capitals. The Duchess of Cambridge is following in the fashionable footsteps of Princess Diana and she is well on her way to become the classiest duchess there ever was.