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Kate Middleton’s Topless Pictures Scandal: The Irish Daily Star’s Editor Resigns

Kate Middleton, can now finally taste the sweet flavor of justice and breathe a sigh of relief as Michael O’Kane, editor of the Irish Daily Star, stepped down from his post and resigned over Kate Middleton’s topless pictures scandal.

Kate Middleton's Scandal

It has been two months since the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s topless pictures were first published. The entire episode led to a huge scandal and the topic is still at a heated temperature in Europe for the furor it has caused not only in the Royal Family but also among the loyalists of the Royal Family.

The recent news update that we have received in this matter is that the Editor of the tabloid Irish Daily Star, Michael O’Kane, was forced to step down due to his decision to publish the topless pictures of Kate Middleton in September 2012.

The French Magazine “Closer” was the first to go public with Kate Middleton’s topless pictures in a multi page spread with front page coverage on the subject in its September issue. This didn’t go down well at all with the people and the magazine had to face a lot of flak for its decision to publish the scandalous pictures.

The Italian Magazine Chi was second in line to come out with a 26 page photo spread, after which, the Irish Daily Star went ahead with the publication of these much talked about, embarrassing pictures. Owing to the publicity this issue had caused, a few other publications also followed suit and went ahead with publishing these pictures, probably aware of the flak they would receive too.

The Irish Daily Star tabloid published pictures of Kate Middleton sunbathing in a French chateau without a bikini top while on vacation with her Royal spouse, Prince William in September 2012. Editor Michael O’Kane was suspended for his actions and he decided to make a wise choice this time and step down as editor in the wake of threats by the owner and shareholders to shut down the publication.

The Royal Family filed legal criminal complaints against the publications that invaded their privacy by publishing these controversial pictures. However, the photographer who clicked these pictures hasn’t been identified as yet.

It is reported that the photographer tried to sell Kate Middleton’s topless pictures to publishers in England; however, the British media chose to steer clear of these pictures to avoid embarrassment for the Royal Family as well as to prevent legal trouble. Reports also suggest that a shocking number of 240 controversial pictures of The Duchess of Cambridge had been traded.

Kate Middleton's Scandal

The courts ruled in favor of the Royal Family by forcing the publications to hand over and block Kate Middleton’s pictures. However, criminal action is yet to be taken for this act of disrupting a personal intimate moment between spouses. There is no doubt that people who create such scandals will never be able to rest and we see this come through in the resignation of Michael O’Kane.