Kate Upton’s Chilly Experience for the Hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

If you think your job is tough, spare a moment to read what Kate Upton recently went through. Becoming the cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition twice in a row is an honor, no doubt. But Kate Upton had to brave frigid temperatures this time around as the ‘sizzling’ photo shoot was set in Antarctica.


However difficult your work, does it involve posing in a skimpy bikini in sub zero temperatures, while also making sure your face does not give you away? No? I thought that might be the answer.

Kate Upton Sizzles in White

Kate definitely looks hot on the cover wearing a white bikini bottom and an unzipped white parka. The rest of the photos in the magazine are equally sexy and emphasize the gorgeous location – a gorgeous and extremely cold location. kate-upton-sports-illustrated

(Don’t miss the penguins in the background).

Sources, part of the photo shoot crew reveal that temperatures were as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 4 degree Celsius) and wind chills were a freezing minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 29 degree Celsius). Brr.. just thinking about it makes me so cold.

“My Body Shut Down Due to the Cold”, Says Kate

Naturally, Kate experienced the ill effects of pushing her body to such extreme temperatures.

And when she was back, Kate experienced loss of hearing and blurred vision. It appeared that her body was compromising other functions to focus all energies on keeping her warm. Kate admits that she was “very very” sick,. But all you Kate fans, don’t worry. She is perfectly fine now as she says “I am OK now”.

Kate Upton – the Thorough Professional

Kate has been receiving well deserved praise for her professionalism and attitude all around. Sports Illustrated Senior Editor MJ Day particularly appreciated Kate. “Seeing the rest of us covered from head to toe, would not have been easy for Kate”, he says. “Yet she never once complained and braved the frigid temperatures for six days in a bikini”. Models in general have a reputation for being whiny and complaining. Kate definitely is different.


Kate Poses with the SI Swimsuit Issue at Launch

Kate arrived at the launch of the Swimsuit issue in New York in a covered up strapless dress. And guess what.. she looked just as hot.

She was extremely happy that the pictures look incredible. Well, Kate, hardwork always pays.

Kate posed proudly with the SI issue.


A moment of pride , a moment of happiness…a moment well deserved.

Bravo Kate!