Katherine Heigl's Look

Take on Katherine Heigl’s Ravishing Street Style for a Breezy Summer Day

Have you ever seen Katherine Heigl flaunt a disastrous outfit? We certainly haven’t!

“Katherine Heigl is one of the best dressed women Hollywood has ever seen!” that’s the first thing that popped into our head when we were scavenging through our favorite celebrities’ latest outings to bring one lucky gal to Get The Look.

Katherine Heigl is every bit the unconventional street dresser and by this we mean that her fashion sense is way above any other celebrity out there. And when it comes to street style, she is simply unbeatable. She projects only the best at all times with her outfits, her style and even her charm.

So we put our heads together and decided to present to you Katherine Heigl’s street style.

Katherine Heigl's Look

Here’s what you will need to get Katherine’s look.

Katherine Heigl's Look

1. Pleated Green Dress

Pleated Green Dress

Taking to the streets in summer is so much more fun when you are sporting summery colors. It makes you feel in sync with nature. And nothing says “I love summer” better than a green dress. With a pleated green dress, you can tick off the first step to GET THIS LOOK.

2. White Long Cardigan

White Long Cardigan

Cardigans are great for winter wear, but who says you can’t wear one on a breezy summer day? A green dress will stand out much better when paired with a white cardigan and the green dress will complement the white cardigan perfectly.

Make sure you get a long white cardigan for this look.

3. Printed Handbag

Katherine Heigl’s yellow Memphis Python tote by Marc Jacobs is one of the star’s personal favorite handbags.

Printed Handbag

When you are wearing a single colored outfit, carrying a printed handbag lifts up your look. Katherine followed this fashion rule about mixing prints with single colors in the same ensemble; will you stick to it too?

4. Tan Boots

Tan Boots

Tan boots are so versatile; you can pair them with whatever you feel like. Katherine’s tan boots seem to make a statement of their own, don’t they?

5. Hoop Earrings          

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings and casual dresses are a divine combination. It shows that you are up to date with the rules of combination in fashion. Golden hoop earrings are what you will need for this look.

6. Hoop Pendant Necklace

Hoop Pendant Necklace

Go ahead and buy that matching hoop pendant necklace you’ve always wanted to complement your hoop earrings with. Katherine Heigl gives you many reasons to shop, doesn’t she?

7. Black Sunglasses

 Black Sunglasses

A must-have for a summer day! And we’re sure you already have a pair of black sunglasses sitting somewhere in your bedside drawer. Throw them on and take a look at yourself in the mirror because your look is complete.

Katherine Heigl can get so chic with her fashion sense that every other trend and every other look pales in comparison to her looks; even when you try to nail the exact look she is sporting. But why not give it a try when you can get as close as possible to looking like this fashion diva?

So go ahead girl and Get Katherine Heigl’s breezy summer day look!