Katie Holmes' Handbags

Dazzling and Chic: The Perfect Words to Describe Katie Holmes’ Handbags

Katie Holmes exudes effortless style in every outfit she wears. A spark of chic and elegance touches her every ensemble. She leaves no aspect of her wardrobe untouched with this fashionable spark. Right from her hair do, her sunglasses, her shoes, bags to her clothes, she always knows how to wear it right. Katie Holmes truly is the ultimate fashion diva.

And today we bring this effortlessly fashionable diva to our column showcasing your favorite stars’ favorite bags. She’s got some of the best handbags in her wardrobe and so it was a MUST for us to show you these awesome and lovely pieces.

Get inspired with Katie Holmes’ chicest handbags.

Katie Holmes' Handbags

1. Valextra Babila Tote

Katie Holmes' Handbags

Katie Holmes is always seen with her precious cutie in her arms or walking hand in hand beside her, but she also cannot do without a stylish handbag dangling by her shoulder or being held in her hand. Here Katie showcases her simple, yet chic Valextra Babila Tote in black.

2. White Valextra Babila Tote

Katie Holmes' Handbags

Katie seems to have a special fondness for Valextra Babila and she shares this fondness for this brand with this amazingly elegant White Valextra Babila Tote. Quite a neat piece this one is!

3. Valextra for Holmes & Yang Katie Holmes' Handbags

This is truly an example of fondness being taken to the highest level. Valextra Babila has created quite a few special bags for Katie’s clothing line and Katie sports one of these elegant pieces by Valextra for Holmes & Yang. This unique bag with a combination of snakeskin texture and matt leather makes it quite a fancy piece.

4. Pierre Hardy Tote

Katie Holmes' Handbags

This navy blue Pierre Hardy Tote is a perfect piece to carry along with you for a casual winter day. Not only is navy blue a perfect color for winter, but its texture and style makes it a gorgeous piece that you can flaunt with your casual wear, just like Katie does.

5. Hermes Picotine Bag

Katie Holmes' Handbags

You will have probably figured out by now that Katie likes to keep her accessories simple. However, it is this simplistic taste that really works wonders for her look and Katie manages to look ravishing in every ensemble. This orange Hermes Picotine Bag stands out perfectly against her black outfit and makes her bag look even more appealing. We simply love it!

6. Chanel Quilted Bowler

Katie Holmes' Handbags

Katie Holmes’ Chanel Quilted Bowler is quite a chic and fascinating piece. We like the quilted pattern, the unusual color and the chain string shoulder straps as well.

7. Lanvin Happy Bag

Katie Holmes' Handbags

We love everything about this look that Katie Holmes has donned. The chic nude pumps, the little black dress, the animal print trench coat and who can leave behind that pretty, pretty, gorgeous little Lanvin Happy Bag. This bag surely does make Katie one happy girl.

We want to applaud Katie Holmes’ gorgeous collection of handbags. Want to learn how you can look fabulously ravishing with the simplest looking things? If yes, all you need to do is study how Katie Holmes does it and she is sure to give you some of the hottest ideas in fashion.