Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise’s Marriage Falls Apart with an Official Announcement of their Divorce

Six years after Tom Cruise publicly proclaimed his relationship with Katie Holmes, it seems like their marriage has hit rock bottom with an official divorce announcement coming from Katie herself. Tom Cruise was initially married to Mimi Rogers and later Nicole Kidman with whom he shares two adopted kids who are in their respective teens at the moment.

Citing irreconcilable differences as the basis for their divorce, Tom was the one to take the first step towards separation from Nicole Kidman after being in a long 10 year courtship. Post his divorce with Kidman, Tom was linked with several Hollywood actresses including Penelope Cruz which he never admitted publicly.

Tom-Katie First public appearence

He began dating Katie Holmes in April 2005, followed by a romantic proposal that same year during a candle-lit dinner date at Eiffel Tower. The couple then announced the arrival of their first child named ‘Suri’ & shortly after her birth, tied the knot on November 18, 2006 at a lavish ceremony that was organized at 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Italy. Their wedding is rumored to be one of the most expensive celebrity weddings with an estimated expense of $3.5 million. This was Cruise’s third nuptials and the first one for Katie who was also in a long-term relationship with Chris Klein before meeting Tom.

Tom-Katie Wedding

With no speculation about a major rift between the two, Katie’s decision to call it quits with her husband of 6 years has shocked the entire Hollywood clan, including Tom himself. Re-instating this fact, Amanda Lundberg, Tom’s friend and publicist released an official statement that said

“Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children”.

Their unexpected divorce has also spurred rumors of an expired or a contractual marriage between the two which has subsequently resulted in a surprise divorce announcement by Katie. The authenticity of their marriage was under scrutiny for years, creating a lot of media suspicion regarding their commitment to each other.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

A famous News post also claimed that Katie signed this marriage contract to get ahead in her career. It was also believed that this particular wedding arrangement gave her extensive financial benefits if an offspring was involved in the picture. These claims have not been proved so far and still continue to be considered as mere media gossip.

This so called contract marriage doesn’t hold a documented proof which is why it continues to remain just a speculation with no legal backing. Neither Tom, nor Katie reacted to these rumors, although their lawyer Bert Fields did release an official statement that completely dismissed these reports as false, thereby putting their contract marriage rumours to rest. But with the official news of their split, these rumours suddenly seem to have re-surfaced out of the blue.

If the reports are to be believed, Katie has used the same grounds for divorce that Tom had used earlier for gaining legal separation from his Ex-wife Nicole Kidman. Apparently, this time too he is expected to lose the legal custody battle to the mother of his child. At the age of 50, this ‘Mission Impossible’ star is finding it very difficult to cope with the news of a sudden divorce and is supposedly going through a lot of emotional trauma as a result.

On the other hand Katie’s divorce attorney Jonathan Wolfe expressed her views in this official statement that was earlier released:

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family, her primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes line-up a list of finest divorce lawyers in town

Wolf & Wasser divorce lawyers


Tom Cruise opts to be represented by famous Los Angeles divorce attorney, Dennis Wasser, who was also appointed to handle his previous legal separation with Ex-wife Nicole Kidman. On the other hand Katie Holmes also seems to be geared-up to face the legal battle with a powerful legal team headed by New Jersey-based attorney, Jonathan Wolfe.

Katie Holmes moves-out with Suri from their lavish New York City Apartment

After stunning the nation with her decision to file for a legal separation from her husband, Katie Holmes was reportedly seen shipping her belongings from the lavish New York City Apartment that she shared with Tom to an unknown destination. If reports are to be believed, Katie has rented a posh 3-bedroom apartment at a prime locality within the City. While Katie was busy shifting her belongings to a new residence, Tom was engaged with the shooting schedules for his upcoming flick ‘Oblivion’ in Iceland, where the couple were last spotted holding hands, just two weeks before filing for divorce.

Tom cruise and Katie holmes holding hands

Scientology & Tom’s over-indulgence in Suri’s upbringing pushed Katie to file for a Divorce


Every marriage undergoes a rough patch and Katie too had to endure her share of minor complications and stress after marrying Tom under the terms of Scientology. Matters became worse after the birth of Suri, paving way for frequent arguments between the two regarding their daughter’s indoctrination into Scientology. According to sources, it was revealed that Katie was not at all happy to follow the bizarre parenting practices of Scientology. She was raised as a true Catholic and despised these strict parenting guidelines. In spite of a strong resistance to this particular system, she was forced to feed baby Suri, a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup, instead of breast milk which is scientifically and biologically recommended for infants.

Katie wasn’t thrilled with Tom’s constant over-indulgence in Suri’s upbringing. All bets were off when Tom took a major decision about Suri’s schooling by enlisting her for a far-off Scientology organization also known as Sea Org. It is believed that Katie took this drastic step of legal separation solely in the interest of her daughter’s well-being. One of her closest sources also revealed that in spite of the emotional trauma of separating from her husband of 6 years, Katie is presently extremely contented and peaceful knowing that she would be having maximum control over Suri’s life from now on. In spite of the high-profile divorce proceedings, Katie reportedly took time off recently to accompany her daughter for a special visit to the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

Katie with Suri

Katie with Suri Museum Visit

It remains to be seen what the verdict is going to be and in whose favor the decision is going to be. We can only speculate and wait and watch.