Footwear Trends 2013

Keep Your Feet Smiling During Spring 2013 with these 7 Shoe Trends

When winter subsides, your feet can finally breathe a sigh of relief and come out of the closet. Your feet must have been struggling inside the stuffy and dark environment in your boots even though they were protected from the winter chill. But with the onset of spring, your feet can smile in the sun once again and look up to you happily. But you still need footwear now, don’t you?

So what footwear should you don in spring that will not only keep you happy but keep your feet smiling as you proudly flaunt them? Here are the answers to all your spring footwear questions.

1. Floral Wedges 2013

Floral prints are always hot and in huge demand during summer and spring and if you can have floral t-shirts, shirts, dresses and trousers, why can’t you have floral shoes as well? Oh, you very well can. Spark up your shoe closet with some floral wedges for spring 2013. They look really cute, youthful and very, very trendy.

Footwear Trends 2013

2. Gladiators 2013

Straps, straps and some more straps. Now that’s what gladiators are about, aren’t they? And they’re a really great way to show off the strong, confident women you are. So go out and conquer every fashion battle dressed in gladiators and we’re sure you’ll emerge victorious.

Footwear Trends 2013

You can opt for flat heeled gladiators, which are great for the comfort of your feet and look really good on casual dress, maxi dresses and jeans.

You can also go for heeled gladiators to give you the strapped up look as well as those extra inches.

Footwear Trends 2013

3. Tribal Shoes 2013

Tribal heels, pumps and flats are characterized by loud colors, shiny finishes, bold and loud prints as well as metal and strappy embellishments. Tribal shoes are a new trend entering the fashion market only recently. With the fresh new ideas that each and every shoe is fashioned out of, we’re sure that this shoe style is going to rock in 2013. Many, many women are going to want to have a piece of these shoes, so you better make sure that you go get yours.

 Footwear Trends 2013

 4. Ankle Strap Shoes 2013

The trend of ankle strap shoes do not belong only to spring 2013, but they are a part of the hottest trends for the whole of 2013. So this obviously makes this shoe a must have for you because this trend is not going to be a seasonal one. Ankle strap shoes do provide your feet with extra support and you can say goodbye to your fears of your shoe slipping out as you’re walking.

Ankle strap shoes can either be wedge heels, pumps, platform heels, strappy shoes or peep toes. All that is added to any kind of shoe is just that one ankle strap to keep up with the trend for 2013.

For spring 2013, you may choose to wear vibrantly colored ankle strap shoes with bright shades like pink, green, yellow, blue, purple, etc.

Footwear Trends 2013

If funky colors do not suit your style, then you may go for black, white, brown, beige, nude, gold or silver.

Ankle Strap Shoes

5. Colorful Lacy Shoes

You might already be aware of black, white, red and brown lacy shoes that trended towards the end of 2012. 2013 adds a splash of color to lacy shoes and you will see this wonderful trend all done up in vibrant colors. There is so much for you to choose from when it comes to colorful lacy shoes, you will be spoilt for choice.

Footwear Trends 2013

6. Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered details on shoes are simply fun. They make your shoes look really pretty, adding a special touch to them. Since embroideries are done up in various colors, they make the shoe look very modern and trendy and also give a raised effect to the design.

Footwear Trends 2013

7. Reflective Shoes

Shoes that shine are in vogue for 2013. So if you find a pair that works like a reflector, glitters like a shiny metal or makes your eyes gleam with sparkle, then you’ve got to pick it up. You may question its gaudiness; however, what’s popular and trendy can never be too gaudy.

 Footwear Trends 2013

Aren’t all these shoes oh so very trendy? Oh yes, they are and we know each and every pair here made your eyes gleam with desire. So we won’t keep you waiting for long. Go ahead and splurge on these fabulous shoes for Spring 2013.