Kelly Brook Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Kelly Brook Makes Waves with Her Sensational & Sexy Look in a New French TV Show

She made men drool with her sensational bikinis and had women brimming with envy, wanting to emulate her body hugging dresses with her appearances in the past. Kelly Brook, known for her fabulous figure and breathtaking curves, now appears in a sexy leather cat suit for French sci-fi TV show ‘Metal Hurlant Chronicles’.

This model cum actor, who has featured on polls for the sexiest women in the world and best female body is back with a bang with her new look. Though she is all covered up in a leather cat-suit, the attire seamlessly outlines her shapely figure, with a low cut neckline that is barely able to hold back her chest.

Kelly Brook Metal Hurlant Chronicles


Metal Hurlant Chronicles takes its inspiration from the French comic book Metal Hurlant. This science fiction and horror series which was re-branded in the US as Heavy Metal is known to feature erotic content and imagery.

The TV show is all set to make its debut this week on French screens. With 24 episodes of 30 minutes each to be showcased, the TV version traces a warrior’s quest for a secret race.

Brook portrays a superhero in this action packed TV show which also showcases her performing a number of stunts in a provocative fashion with a gun clutched in her hands. Her posters for Metal Hurlant Chronicles sporting the leather cat suit, with a plunging neckline, a large gun in her hand and knee-length black leather boots are creating waves online.


Kelly Brook - New French TV Show

The actress who started off as a model at the age of 16 and turned television presenter, began her acting career in 2000. Starting off with minor roles, she went on to take up leading roles and has been noted for her vivid performances. Her latest performance was her cameo appearance earlier this year in ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’, where she played herself. Metal Hurlant Chronicles is Brook’s latest stint in her acting career.

While the men out there are sure to have their eyes glued to the TV screen in an unblinking stare, the women now have a new character to emulate at costume parties (including the much awaited Halloween 2012 gig) with Brook’s new striking look in the TV show.