Kelly Brook- What’s Wrong in Being Called a Bimbo!

It is a well known fact models or girls or any woman detests being put into the bimbo category. Let’s face it, no smart and sensible guy will choose beauty over brawns. So, a bimbo tagged girl is surely going to have to wait a really long time till a guy actually decides to hook with her. However, every story has exceptions to it. So does this tinsel town girl, Kelly Brook.

 Kelly Brook simply loves being called a bimbo and doesn’t mind it at all. Kelly Brook says that she has been taken all around the world because of this tag and she doesn’t wish to lose it. Kelly started off as a model but is trying to step her feet into the acting bug. Kelly at 32 insists that she has seen all the sides of fame and fortune with her bimbo tag. The media has judged her solely on the basis of her looks and calls her the ‘smiley, girly, booby girl’.

The model turned actress stripped down to her underwear to do a photo shoot for a magazine. She is promoting her new film Keith Lemon- The Film.

 Kelly Brook also spoke up about her being fired from the job of a judge on the reality show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Kelly Brook was sacked barely a week from the judge’s panel by the show’s creator Simon Cowell. Cowell however claims that he sacked Kelly solely because the show’s format did not support a fourth judge to the panel.

Kelly Brook however was undeterred in spite of the showdown of such events. She stated that after this uncertain event she met Simon Cowell once but refused to acknowledge him to which he gave her a sulking look. They both were seated together and were mistaken by the media to be friends again. Kelly Brook soon took off to the LA with her boyfriend Thomas Evans to meet the Hollywood casting agents and industries to launch her after the movie Keith Lemon- the Film.

 Kelly Brook is a model turned actress and a business woman. She has been on the cover page of many top seller magazines such as Love, Cosmopolitan, Red and GQ.  In 2006 she was the top most swimwear model and started her own individual swimwear range which rules the markets a great deal.