Lady Gaga outfits from the 2009 MTV VMA

20 Ridiculous Lady Gaga Outfits You Wouldn’t Dare To Try

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga has some completely outrageous outfits, and although you may not be a fan (count me in on that one!), you can’t deny that her confidence within her unique fashion sense is admirable. It takes a lot of bravery to be you and display your originality throughout your style, and in the limelight of fame, what she does is certainly recognizable. Her style speaks volumes to people who are different, and it provides the message that no matter how weird you are, be yourself and do so proudly. Now, I would personally never be caught dead in a dress made of raw meat, but to each their own, right? This lady sure knows how to make a statement on the red carpet. After all, everyone’s always talking about her latest outrageous headpiece, or gown…. Or lack of.

4 picutres of lady gaga in different outfits

A Work of Wire

Lady Gaga wire outfit

For some reason, I feel like Lady Gaga resembles a massive, curly wire. She looks like one, doesn’t she? This outfit really wouldn’t be so outrageous, but of course, Lady Gaga is known for her “Go Big Or Go Home” style and she certainly took the wire appeal to the extreme. The bold neck is decent and could be pretty chic if the rest of the dress wasn’t filled with who-knows-what. After all, the tubes on her outfit had to be created somehow, right? On the bright side, she wouldn’t have to use a purse with this outfit. Maybe that’s what the tubes are really stuffed with… Her necessities.

An Age Old Queen

lady gaga queen outfit

Although this look is certainly something that people wouldn’t often indulge in, it’s a historic beauty! The only difference is that Lady Gaga probably wears this outfit to the grocery store. Honestly. It totally has that old era Queen appearance and who doesn’t want to dress like royalty? I think you can find this identical look in a Halloween store… If you dare to indulge. Her hoof shoes though… Not too sure what to say about the reptile skin, or the chunk and bulk of them. I don’t think the Queen typically wears reptile with her majestic gowns.

She’s a Q-Tip

lady gaga cue tip outfit

When all else fails and your ears are plugged and you can’t find a Q-Tip, call up Lady Gaga’s stylist because she can provide one hell of an ear cleaner. The style is certainly clean and chic, and rather adorable, but the massive hair wig and veil totally make her look like one giant ear cleaner tool that’s looking for a bundle of wax. Gross. Or you could just leave your ears plugged, especially if there’s a certain song on. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.

You Cow

lady gaga meat outfit

This look will forever go down in history for being the most disgusting outfit to ever step on the red carpet. Actually, this is the worst dress that has ever stepped anywhere. Can you imagine the heart attacks Peta people must have had? Lady Gaga is one walking cow. Why would you ever do this? It’s taking the whole animal fashion to a completely different level. That’s not to mention how dirty this is. Hello, Salmonella! Oh, let’s not forget about the tender steak she’s also rocking as a hair accessory. One classy broad, I tell ya.

Kermit The Frog Here

lady gaga kermit the frog outfit

I’m sure there’s some children that would have loved a Kermit toy, and Lady Gaga probably ruined their dreams, all for the sake of fashion. As children headed on their way to Walmart to pick up this green little stuffed animal, they were probably greeted with a giant, “Sold Out” sign. Why? Lady Gaga decided that she needed to dress up as several of them. Who gets it? I certainly don’t know. This just isn’t an outfit. Let me pull my old stuffed animals out from the attic and sew them onto my sweater. Why, Lady Gaga. Why?

Brightly Chic

lady gaga bright outfit

This is probably one of Lady Gaga’s outfits that can be considered wearable. It offers a stunning style and contrast, and almost has a Michael Jackson inspiration with the collar and precise lines. The only difference is that instead of rocking a glittering glove, Lady Gaga put the glam in her sunglasses. This look is one that I would actually consider wearing. Did I just say that?

Love It

lady gaga outfit

Oh, Lady Gaga. You do have some stylish fashion sense, after all! It’s nice to see that Lady Gaga can also show that individuality can be practical for everyday people. This is one of those looks that gives off that exact message. The high waist skirt is a classic, and the bralette and headpiece give off a chic brothel appeal. It’s a sexy look. You can’t deny it.

She’s a Space Shuttle

lady gaga outfit at the grammy awards

The actual dress itself is rather exquisite. The sparkle is stunning for red carpet gowns, and if it didn’t have the addition of spaceorb things, you’d probably see a lot more celebrities working this look. It offers a great fit and really highlights the curves of this confident woman. It’s nice to see her indulge in her feminine side from time to time.

Plastic Girl

lady gaga plastic outfit

Nope. She’s not a plastic girl like a Barbie. She’s more like a plastic bag… Floating in the wind. Oh, nevermind. That’s Katy Perry. Jokes aside though, you can almost see her full boob. Those little x’s of tape covering her bosoms really don’t leave much to the imagination. She looks like a naughty nurse… That really enjoys lobster? The whole entire outfit looks like it’s made out of some tacky, plastic dog cone.

Peplum Too Far

lady gaga peplum outfit

When the peplum trend came back into the fashion scene, Lady Gaga had to find a way to take it above and beyond as per usual. She really put the “pep” in peplum with this look. It’s actually really chic and the girly bow in her hair offers a bit of a sweeter side to this badass leather look.

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

lady gaga full body lace outfit

If we saw it three times, will she disappear instead of reappear because this look is something straight out of a freaky graveyard city. The truly unique thing is that all the individual pieces are rather chic in itself. The lace is stunning. You can never go wrong with some sexy black lace, and the wide shoulders and mask indulge in a bit of fashion from the past. As for that head piece though, I’m not quite sure what to say about that.

Alice and Wonderland

lady gaga in white outfit with stripy hat

It may be the fact that’s carrying a teacup, or her completely odd lipstick, but Lady Gaga looks like she’s heading to audition for a new Alice and Wonderland movie. The dress alone is totally exquisite and even the floppy hat accentuates some phenomenal trends, but her choice of style for her face just ruins it in regards to practicality. This look does show how you can take modern styles and twist them to your personality.

Such a Doll

lady gaga doll outfit

What a great look! Lady Gaga’s stylist must have called in sick because she actually looks like a sweet, Hollywood idol. She’s adorable and this outfit is something that I want in my closet. The shape of the one-shoulder dress is on point, and the added origami pieces add a couture appeal that every lady loves. She looks so chic and again, proves how little accents added to typical style can create individuality.

Ummm… Meow

lady gaga cat outfit

This isn’t a kitty cat I’d want to pet, that’s for sure. I’d be scared that it’s filled with venom or something. Hey! Maybe that’s the look she was going for. Who knows? Aside from the funky ear headpiece, the sweater tunic is adorable, and the monotone clutch is so haute to trot right now with the trends. At least she looks like a cozy kitty cat, right?

A Hairy Peacock

lady gaga red peacock outfit

Not sure where to even begin. The lace detailing is always stunning but when you’re sharing it with the world through your red panties, not sure that’s what was intended for this material. Lady Gaga takes her lingerie out the front door, I guess. She has a rocking body and it’s so hot that she’s comfortable in it. After all, that’s what being a real fashionista is all about. It’s not even the nakedness or the red lace that throws me off. It’s that peacock sun hairy thing. Whatever it is. I don’t like it.


lady gaga outfit on letterman

I can almost see your hoohoo, Lady Gaga. Who cares, right? We’ve probably seen it a thousand times throughout your other outfit choices. This badass biker appearance is not so bad. I just think she forgot to put pants on. Who knows?

Floral Disaster

Lady Gaga Floral Hat Outfit at Philip Treacy Fashion Show

When the floral trend went haute, I don’t think this is what was intended. Lady Gaga is a whole entire garden! There is so much going on, and she’s blossomed into something horrendous. This look butchers the floral trend. The velvet dress makes me feel like I’m back in the 90’s and the oriental leggings have me feeling like I’m in a different country. What is going on here?

Cut Your Head Off

lady gaga full body outfit

That’s not even meant in a weird way. Literally, this dress would be the biggest hit on the red carpet if you cut the head off. It puts a whole new look at the “hoody” appearance. The feather detailing of the gown combined with the gold detailing is so glam. It’s just that damn headpiece.

70s Indulgence

lady gaga 70s style outfit

Whew! Everyone who appreciates all eras of fashion must love this look, especially the 70’s babies of this world. This outfit is on point, and Lady Gaga looks uniquely fabulous! She still finds a way to make it her own, but totally looks fabulous.

Lack of Everything

lady gaga wearing a revealing outfit

She’s naked. Lady Gaga is actually naked. She is wearing a bra and panties with a belt. Does that mean that we can all wear our bikinis or undergarments everywhere we go, as long as we pair it with some fashion accessories?

lady gaga in 3 different outfits

See… Jerks like me are the exact reason why people don’t indulge in more unique styles like Lady Gaga does. Don’t listen to me. I’m a generic ordinaire, and although we all tease and joke about Lady Gaga’s outfits, she is sending an important message throughout each article she rocks. Wear your individuality however you want. My only advice is to maybe opt for more practical outfits that can be worn day-to-day, simply for comfort reasons. Let us know your thoughts below