Keep Your Feet Stylish and Happy With these Latest Trends in Footwear - Pumps

5 Latest Footwear Trends for 2013: Keep Your Feet Stylish & Happy

Even though your feet are right at the bottom of your body, your shoes are one of the most noticed aspects of your attire. Thus, it goes without saying that your shoes should not be a little bit here or a little bit there, they should be just right. The world’s a stage and everyone’s looking at your shoes!

Since time immemorial, shoes have protected and adorned our feet. Trends have developed, styles have changed and today your shoes can alter your entire image, which is why nothing else can beat what’s on your feet except for fashionable shoes.

Selection of shoes

Follow these latest trends in footwear for 2013 and keep your feet trendy all year long.

1. Gladiators 2013

Gladiators are one feisty pair. Its causal and rustic look will instantly remind you of the Greek Gods who strutted about in them. The multiple straps that gladiators consist of provide firmness and comfort to your feet.

The ancient Greeks preferred their gladiators to lie flat on the floor. However, we live in the 21st century and our styles and fashions adapt with today’s day and age. Flat gladiators haven’t gone out of style, but modern variations like boot styles gladiators, funky coloured gladiators and gladiators with heels are highly popular and in huge demand.

Selection of Gladiator shoes

2. Casual Boots 2013

Boots do not necessarily have to look formal and made out of black or tan leather and knee length. Boots can now complement a casual look, with boots that are meant for the streets. Casual boots are a great variation for those who love wearing boots but can’t wear them for every occasion. They allow you the freedom to pair them with clothes of your choice, formal or casual, wherever you go. Casual boots are sure gonna be a hot trend in 2012-13.

Ankle Boots


3. Pumps 2013

While gladiators are great for summer/spring and boots are the perfect shoes to protect you from the winter chill, pumps are versatile and can be worn all year long. Their versatility extends not only to when you can wear them, but also to what you can wear them with. Whether with dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers or trench coats, pumps go with anything.

Pumps are the trendiest shoes in fashion and their popularity makes them seem like shoes that will always stay in fashion. It’s great to invest in a pair of pumps if you want to avoid buying a new shoe for every occasion. Pumps look elegant, stylish, chic, sexy and extremely fashionable.

Latest trends in pumps include a variety of colours they come in, especially bright and vivid colours like orange, pink, red and electric blue. They are also now embedded with glittering studs. And some also feature ribbons, flowers and bows on them. Peep toe pumps are a smart choice if you want to showcase those lovely manicured nails.

High heels


4. Ballerinas 2013

We love our ballerinas for the fact that they are not hard on our feet, which makes them must haves. Ballerinas appear cute and trendy and are great to give your feet some relief after wearing heels. You will find specific ballerinas meant for casual wear and those meant for formal occasions. While you can pull off formal ballerinas with casual attire, ensure that you do not wear casual ballerinas with formal attire. You will avoid a major fashion disaster by following this tip.



5. Wedge Heeled Shoes 2013

If you want the comfort that ballerina shoes offer as well as the extra height that pumps provide you with, you can opt for wedge heeled shoes. Wedges are great for style as well as comfort. Knowing what we saw on the runways for 2013, it is latest trend in shoes that is rapidly picking up with women across the globe. This means that you MUST have at least one pair of wedges. Wedge heeled shoes come in a variety of styles and trends like the back strap, funky colours and pump-styled wedges as well dual colours for the heel and body of the shoe. Wedge styled boots are now in fashion for winter 2012 too.



Shoes are a great investment to enhance your style, beauty, comfort and your overall image. Following shoe trends is a great way to keep current with changing fashion. A great pair of shoes can pick up the dullest outfit in your wardrobe and bring grace to the wearer, enabling you to stand tall everywhere. Thus, never, and I repeat never, resist the urge to splurge on some lovely shoes.