London Fashion Week: Slick & Sexy Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2013

On one of the last days of autumn, donning stylish leather jackets and tights teamed with danglers and pretty pumps, our team of FashionofFashion editors rushed to the venue where several presentations for London Fashion Week 2012-13 were organized.

Oh by the way, you would chuckle reading this: As soon as we got off the car, some of the photographers started clicking our pictures. Apparently we looked like celebrities. We were thrilled.

We can’t help but look stylish you see.

Anyhow, since we were just in time for the show, we hurried our way in at lightning speed to ensure we don’t miss the start. You know, we like to give you all the latest news that makes waves.

OK so, here’s our analysis of the extraordinary presentation by Burberry Prorsum at the London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week always impresses you with its unique approach to things. And so it did this time around as well. Its shows were held at different venues throughout the town and we have to Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2013 show was definitely an eye-catcher. It was simply one of the best.

 Held at Kingston Gardens with the ramp designed in the form of a tunnel, Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2013 had everything going in its favor.

Trench Coat

Burberry’s first look was a striking off white cloak teamed over a saucy-for-Burberry satin basque. This feature of a hide and seek among the ‘buttoned look’ and ‘reveal a bit’ carried on all the way through till the end.

The trench coat is inseparable from the brand of Burberry. Like every season’s collection, this season too, Burberry remixed it, jazzed it up and showcased it to the enthusiastic spectators.

Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2013 designs include dazzling metallic outfits and clear synthetic and plastic fashion accessories with varied fabrics and attractive footwear. We fell in love with Burberry’s latest fashion statement, the shimmering trench coat, although its glistening shirts, gowns and dresses were a hit too.

 Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2013’s immaculate collection in shimmering purple, navy blue, green and tangerine was spectacular. With its coats in massive sizes, lace trenches and pencil skirts, Burberry astounded us every step of the way.

It was a heady concoction of peplums, blended materials, synthetics, collars, elegant necklines and more. The stylishly designed belts and vividly rimmed glasses were top of the mind recall accessories. Among other notable fashion accessories from the house of Burberry at Burberry Prorsum’s Spring 2013 included clutches, purses and handbags galore.


Burberry’s remarkably patterned footwear collection is worth mentioning. We couldn’t get our eyes off the wedges in a ‘V silhouette’ showcased in a range of vivid shades including our all time favorite white color. With its characteristic style of open toes revealing flawlessly manicured toes, Burberry’s shoes were a delight to watch. The designers creatively designed the wedges to be pointed in front featuring a broad strap on the heel’s rear side whilst keeping it narrow at the front.

With dazzling shoes in V shape and in colors such as silver, golden, blue and red with trademark open toes, Burberry embellished the runway flawlessly.

 It was an exciting SS collection with perfect designs, striking colors, stylish outfits, attractive silhouettes, wearability and so much more.

Remember to make a style statement with your outfit next time you attend a fashion show. Just like us, you might be the next one to be clicked.