Look Super Stylish During Your Holiday – The Top Holiday Trends 2012

By the time you read this, your holiday plans are most likely finalized.

Whether it is the beach you are headed out to or it is a city vacation to take in the sights, make sure you pack right. And by right, we mean stylish and ‘with it’.

Just for you we have put together the top holiday trends in 2012.  The must-haves for your 2012 holiday are right below. Read and apply and oh yes, have a fabulous holiday.

  1.  Play-suit/Jumpsuit Trends 2012

Holidays are the time for rest and relaxation. After all the hectic thinking of ‘what to wear for work’ and matching skirts and jackets, nothing could be a simpler holiday clothing option than the all-in-one play suits (and jumpsuits). One single piece…. slip it on and you are done. Perhaps that is the reason, play-suits are a popular holiday trend and 2012 is no different.

A Range of Options

2012 offer a range of options for you to choose from.

  • Printed

printed playsuit

printed playsuit

Printed play-suits add a dash of color and brightness to your day about the town

  •  Plain

Keep things sophisticated and elegant with plain play-suits and jumpsuits.

 plain playsuit

Accessorize with bracelet, boots or handbag for a classy look for evening events

Play-suits are ideal for your holiday, whether you are lazing on the beach or soaking in the culture of anew city. And did we mention, they make the best beachwear cover-ups just like this one here

pink playsuit

Turn up the heat on the beach with the hot pink play-suit

The color trends for play-suits in 2012 are essentially, what you like. Lighter shades and pastel hues are as popular as darker tones this year. So go ahead. Have fun.


  1. Hot Pants Holiday Trends 2012

No summer holiday wardrobe can ever be complete without the stunning and sexy hot pants. An original 1970s fashion trend, hot pants are back in a big way in 2012.

We know you have worked hard to lose the flab in preparation for your holiday. Now is the time to show off those slim legs with hot pants.

  •  Denim Hot Pants

 denim hotpants

The classic denim hot pants remain hot in 2012.

  • Prints are in too

printed hot pants

printed hot pants

Team up the printed hot pants with plain tops for a truly sensational look

  • Bolder Colors

While the black and white hot pants are timeless fashion classics, 2012 trends veer towards bolder colours like pink, yellow and green.

black hot pants

Black is trendy in 2012

red hot pants

yellow hot pants

You won’t go wrong with bold colors this holiday season

  1. Crop Tops Holiday Trends 2012

All those hours in the gym are finally going to pay off as midriff baring crop tops are ‘in’ in a big way in 2012.  An original 90s trend, we knew crop tops would be big this season, when Dolce Gabbana unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 range.

 And the trend was visible on the red carpet in a big way this year. And since you are no less a celebrity, crop tops are the way forward this holiday season.

  •  A Kind Trend this Year

We are calling this a kind trend because you don’t need to expose much to carry this one off. This is especially important since not all of us have the toned flat abs of models and celebrities.

Crop top trends 2012 allow baring the slightest band of skin to give a sexy and stylish look. So you are trendy as well as comfortable. Fashion experts are recommending pairing crop tops with maxi length skirts and high-waist bottoms to achieve this effect.

crop top

Barely visible midriffs, yet a fashionista

Another crop top trend option in 2012 is to wear a sheer/solid camisole underneath to carry off this style. And of course ladies, if you have it, you had better flaunt it. Crop top trends 2012 let you reveal your sexy side this holiday season.


  1. Maxi Dress Holiday Trends 2012

While hot pants and play-suits are ‘in’ this holiday season, the maxi dresses are also big in 2012. Contrasting, you say? But then fashion has never claimed to be simple, has it?

As with the play-suits, you have a range of options to choose from.

maxi dress

Printed maxi dresses bring in the flavor of the holidays like nothing else

For a night about the town or a glamorous event, glamorous  maxi dresses are ideal.  Maxi dress holiday trends are favoring all hues and colors. So you can choose colors and styles that flatter you best. Rarely fashion meets practicality like this. Go ahead and take advantage.


  1. Sandal Holiday Trends 2012

Now that you know what to wear, it would be disastrous if you team it up with footwear that are ‘oh-so-last-season’. Yes, non-trendy footwear can ruin the entire effect. So listen up and pay attention to the holiday sandal trends for 2012.

The good news is that comfort is in. All 2012 holiday sandal trends are flat and of course, you can add as much heels as you are comfortable.

  • It is a “strappy” summer this year

Straps are back in 2012 holiday sandals. And as always, the color and design options are endless. In 2012, straps are not only for the dresses. The lack of heels. Absolute comfort.

Shiny Sandals

Jewel encrusted sandals are a top trend this holiday season Choose colors that match (or contrast) with what you are wearing to complete your holiday ensemble.

sandal trends

Shiny feet..Stylish feet


Holidays are the time to relax and spend quality time with the family (or with yourself, as the case may be).  Follow the above trends and do that in style.

Happy Holidays…