Color Trends 2013

Make a Colorful Splash with the 6 Most Fashionable Colors of 2013

How colorful is 2013 going to be? We’re sure you will be able to answer this question at the end of this article because today we’re here to tell you the colors that will dominate the fashion scene and take centre stage in 2013.

If 2012 was the year of Red, then 2013 is going to be a year of many more colors. Dull and sober shades clear the path in 2013 to make way for loud, bold and vivid colors. We’ve searched every nook and corner, every store, every fashion ramp and every celebrity’s wardrobe to bring you the trendiest colors that will prevail all through 2013.

So get ready to fill up your wardrobe with all these lovely colors that are going to be hot in 2013.

1. Fuchsia

Fuchsia borrows from red, pink and purple and gives you a fantastic color which spells HOT. We saw fuchsia dominate some major fashion runways, replacing red as the color of the season. Although too much of fuchsia in a single look may make you stand out a bit more than you want to, you can tone it down by incorporating a maximum of two fuchsia colored elements in your ensemble. Color Trends 2013

2. Chocolate Brown

Brown is usually a man’s color but in 2013, there are a variety of fashion items for women that are brown in color or have an element of brown attached to it. There are many ways in which you can have fun with brown. It’s one color with which you can play with and base your entire ensemble on.

Color Trends 2013Although brown has a wide range of shades from light hues to dark, the color for 2013 is chocolate brown. And if you love chocolate, you are sure to love this color in your wardrobe too.

3. Yellow

Want to shine like the sun? Then yellow is the color for you. Yellow is a great color that is sure to be in huge demand during the summer and spring months of 2013. No longer does yellow stand for “sick” or “gaudiness,” rather it is a hot favorite color with a zing of youthfulness.

Color Trends 2013

So if you want to look trendy, modern and youthful, then yellow is the way to go my friends.

4. Electric Blue

Are you ready to get electrified in 2013 and electrify others as well? If you want some tips on how to do so, then we’ll lay it down plainly for you. WEAR ELECTRIC BLUE. It’s a color that’s got style and it’s a color that’s vivid, loud and in your face and most importantly; it is very, very trendy. Although you cannot team up everything that’s electric blue in your wardrobe into one look, you certainly can flaunt one element at a time. And trust us, electric blue shoes will make everyone go weak in the knees, it certainly made us weak.

 Color Trends 2013

5. Red

We can say it with maximum surety that many of you were desperately waiting for red to show up on this list. We’re sure a few of you must have even scrolled down to check if red is on the list before reading the entire article. And here it is. Presenting to you luscious red! You may love it, you may hate it, but you cannot deny that when every other color may fall flat on its face at times, it is red that stands out loud and bold. No wonder red keeps making it to the list of the hottest colors each year.

Red as a color is versatile. Without a doubt, you can trust red to make your hair accessories, jewelry, blouses, t-shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, blazers, handbags, clutches and shoes look chic and classy.

 Color Trends 2013

6. Black

And when every other color fails to charm, it is black that you can fall back on. Black is not only beautiful, but it is classy, chic, elegant and very charming. You can turn the heat on in black and you can also look really cool in black. What’s more? Black goes with anything, for any occasion with any kind of ensemble and it’s always in style.

Color Trends 2013

So 2013 is surely going to be a year of loud and bold colors. You can bury all your sober shades at the back of a closet and bring them out when the trend of sober colors resurfaces. But for 2013, bold, loud and vivid colors are in vogue, so you better stay in sync with these trends.