Make a Style Statement with Trendy Neckpieces for 2013

Accessorizing your look the right way can add oodles of grace and elegance. Jewelry pieces are important accessories that can completely transform your look. While bracelets and earrings are jewelry most often discussed, it is the neckpiece that actually steals the show.

Perhaps one reason for this is that neckpieces are not worn as commonly as earrings and bracelets. Just think about it, for everyday to office, you probably put on earrings and maybe occasionally a bracelet. But rarely do you dress yourself up in a fancy neckpiece, unless the occasion is special, isn’t it? And when you do don your neckpiece, it sends your style and glamour quotient soaring sky high. Provided, of course, you are following the right trends of the season.

The neckpiece trends for 2013 are here and what exactly they convey, we shall see in a bit.

Stylish and Happening Neckpieces for 2013

1.  Floral Design Neckpieces 2013

The floral motif is firmly associated with women’s fashion trends. (Though of course, now floral prints are appearing predominantly in men’s fashion too). So it is hardly surprising that floral neckpieces were showcased at the Milan and New York Fashion Week. And when we say flowers, we mean flowers and not tiny little florets. All floral neckpieces exhibited big and bright colors. Gucci paired the look with matching earrings, while Oscar de la Renta and Badgley Mischka left the ears nude. The latter presented an interesting and unique open ended neck ring design, rather than a necklace.

Neckpiece Trends

2. Elaborate Neckpieces for 2013

You probably associate neckpieces with formal occasions. (I know I did). However, Red Carter showcased elaborate neckpieces as the perfect accessories for their swimwear during their

Spring Summer 2013 swimwear collection presentation at the Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week.

Chunky beads, ‘linked in’ strands, and spiky metallic neckpieces added extra oomph and glamour to the outfits. Get ready for some extra fun in the sun with these neckpieces.

Neckpiece Trends

3. Coral Neckpieces for 2013

You have to hand it to the Italians for sheer timeless elegance and classic style. And they make it seem so effortless. One of the best neckpiece trends to emerge on the 2013 catwalk shows has to be the coral neckpieces showcased by Gucci at the Milan Fashion Week. Pairing it with virgin white dresses and footwear was creative genius. And the best part? This is a look you can easily replicate.

Neckpiece Trends

4. Maxi Neckpieces for 2013

Another neckpiece trend that looks set to be extremely popular in 2013 is the maxi neckpiece. These are big and bold neckpieces, usually set as collars as opposed to necklaces. They should be ideally worn with simple dresses, plain tops, cotton T-shirts and will produce an amazing effect. Celebrities have already caught on to this trend.


5. Fringe Neckpieces for 2013

Fringe is not only for your hair and can extend to your neckpiece too. Fringe style neckpieces were seen on the ramp in 2013 and they looked edgy, contemporary, and definitely hot. You must try this one out.

Neckpiece Trends

6. Neon Neckpieces for 2013

Neckpieces in 2013 are bright and bold, completely unapologetic. Neon neckpieces were showcased in the Red Carter Swimwear 2013 collection. The star motif accentuated the neon shades to create quite an electrifying effect.


So in 2013, neckpieces have arrived and how. No more sleek elegant pieces of last year. Elegance in neckpieces in 2013 is spelled B-I-G, with an alternative spelling B-O-L-D.

Of course the best way to show off your neckpieces is to pair them with collar less open neck outfits. And as far as possible, keep the earrings delicate, so that your neckpieces attract all the attention they deserve.

  • JoyD

    It takes panache to wear pieces making this much of a statement but the evolution over the past five years has taken us to big and bold. And there will always be women who will wear the statement necklace irrespective of the trend.