Lanvin - Geometric Eyeliner

Make-Up Trend Spotlight: The Geometric Eyeliner

Gone are the days when the eyeliner was simply used to draw that subtle and classic line across the lid, with the express purpose of highlighting the eyes, while also complementing the entire make-up. Even the fiercy cat-eyes are being left in the shadow by the newest make-up trends, that are already taking over the streets, the magazine editorials and the red carpet. Amongst them, the geometric eyeliner represents the most bold and dramatic look you can try out this fall, with its multiple variations used to build an exceptional, modern appearance that won’t certainly pass unnoticed. While it’s true that handling the eyeliner in the first place requires some practice and know-how, we can’t exactly promise that putting this trend in practice will be the easiest thing you ever did. But what we can promise you, is that all of your efforts will pay off in the end, when you will be facing the mirror with a brand new and exquisite look. Here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully convince you to try out new things this fall.

Altuzarra - Geometric Eyeliner

Tip No.01: Practice Makes Perfect. As stated above and also based on my own experience regarding the make-up routine in general, no stunning result comes the easy way, ever. But some good old stubbornness, paired with some precious time spent in the mirror failing and then succeeding, will lead in the end towards admirable results, ready to be shared with the public. The geometric eyeliner requires a flawless execution in order for it to be a hit. So take your time, build your steady hand and perfect the art of drawing accurate lines across the lids. You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.

Geometric Eyeliner

Tip No.02: Keep The Lips Subtle. When going for the geometric eyeliner look, keep in mind that some of the rules you usually apply when sporting dramatic smokey eyes, are also applicable in this case. If there’s enough of a make-up statement focusing around the eyes, there’s no need for more distractions, or for you to overdo the look completely. Instead, balance the dramatic eyes with subtle or bare lips, focusing on keeping your make up as clean and as tasteful possible.

Anna Sui - Geometrci Eyeliner

Tip No.03: Play With Color. To make things even more interesting, ditch the classic black color of the eyeliner and switch towards a more colorful, young and artistic direction. Designer Anna Sui offered plenty of inspiration during her Fall 2012 presentation, with her models sporting daring indigo blue paint for make-up. Get creative and don’t be afraid to add unique elements to the mix. A pair of strategically placed miniature dots can make a whole lot of difference towards establishing an iconic look that will permanently stick in everyone’s minds.

Thierry_Mugler - Geometric Eyeliner

Tip No. 04: Mix and Match. If a single bold color is too much of a statement for you, or simply doesn’t work with your plans, you’re free to throw some black eyeliner in the picture whenever you feel like it. Since black perfectly complements and balances all of the other hues, should be easy enough to find a winning combination. Some great colors that will certainly make your eyes pop are teal, fuchsia, emerald, amethyst, burgundy or plum. Keep the contrast alive and have fun with the trend.

Lanvin - Geometric Eyeliner

Tip No.05: Choose a Complementary Outfit. Goes without saying that the geometric eyeliner trend is not meant for just any occasion, and as a result it doesn’t work with just any clothes, chosen randomly and without some previous thought. This dramatic and bold look will perfectly complement a modern, edgy appearance, going great against fashion forward shapes, smart tailoring and futuristic prints. However, the geometric eyeliner could also be used to help create a sleek, classy day look if paired with neutral colors, a relaxed silhouette and a high ponytail for example. It’s all abou making the right choices.

Giorgio Armani - Geometric Eyeliner

When applying the geometric eyeliner keep in mind that it’s best to start with the simple steps and practice towards the more complicated and intricate designs. A great starter point would be given by the double line graphic, that would require you to first apply the eyeliner just like you usually do, and complete the look with a second line drawn above the crease. To make things easier you can apply the eyeliner with a nice pointed flick. Make sure to use high quality products and blunt liner blushes to avoid the smudging and messiness. I can’t wait to spot this trend on the streets this fall, as I’m sure I would be extremely delighted to witness some flawless results. There’s nothing like a new trend to reinvent yourself.