Make up Trends 2012: A Woman’s Reflection

Make up and looking good are some of the most important aspects that make a woman feel glamorous and complete. Make up when done professionally and under supervision, can completely transform a woman’s look.

You must have spotted cine stars at times in public without make up and it is extremely difficult to recognize them. So much so that we start wondering if these are the very same personalities that we see on the big screen. That’s the magic of makeup.

Every woman dreams of looking her best when she wakes up in the morning and looks at herself in the mirror. It can be confidently said that a mirror is a woman’s best friend and that’s where she loves to spend most of her time. Such is the case that you must always keep your eyes open for the latest trends in fashion and make up to stay ahead with the times.

Here are some of the latest trends in make up to help you look hot and sizzling for the last 3 months of 2012.

Eye Makeup trends for 2012:

It is often said that people read your face through your eyes which are so very expressive. Your eyes enhance your face and make it look bright. Here are a few tips to accentuate your look by using the right make up for your eyes:


 Smokey eyes: This is known to last long and involves shades of black and brown. It might seem difficult initially to create the effect but looks fabulous once you get the hang of it.

Bright coloured eye makeup: Everybody seems to be trying bright colours. Vibrant colours are the order of the day. Try dark shades on your eyes. But remember this makeup is best suited for an evening party and gives you the perfect glamorous look that you need.

Shades of purple and blue: Turquoise blue and lavender have always been favourite colours of women and they give you an amazingly feminine look. A couple of shades of blue and purple combined does the magic.

Lipstick Colour Trends for 2012:

Ever thought of what makes your smile attractive? It is your lips and you need to treat them well. Wherever you are, your lipstick does the talking and no makeup can be complete without an attractive lip shade.

Hot Red Lipstick: A hot favourite for most women. It has been one of the most frequently used colours. Red always gets you attention and there is no way you will miss being noticed.

 Plum Lipstick: If you are not too comfortable with red or other bright colours, then plum is an ideal colour. Rated as one of the best lipstick trends of 2012, this is a subtle colour that goes well with your office wear as well.

Peach Lipstick: If you are proud of your lips and want to flaunt them as is, then the natural shade of peach would work best. The best part is, it is easy to colour coordinate this colour with any of your dresses.

Bridal Makeup Looks and Ideas for 2012:

Every woman dreams of looking gorgeous and outstanding on her wedding day when she gets married to her man. She wants to do everything to make him feel that he is getting the most beautiful and special woman on earth as his wife. Your dress and hairdo are important but it is the makeup you use that will help you stand out from the rest.

Here are a few tips to look your best on your special day:

  •  Using light colour around your eyes with a dark eye liner and a bright lip shade helps portray the natural shade of your eyes.
  • Using colour combination for your eyes will bring out the shape and will help them look big and beautiful.
  • Dark colours will make them look radiant.
  • A pink glossy finish lip shade coupled with dark eyeliner and dark mascara gives you the perfect radiant look.
  • Note that a bright lip stick will bring you out of the routine everyday look and enhance the bridal look.
  • Be it your eyes, lips or cheeks ensure you do not overdo the makeup and keep it subtle. Let your natural beauty do the talking.

All my lovely ladies out there, get ready to put these make up trends of 2012 in use and get set to be the diva!