Marc Jacobs’ Satirical & Quirky S/S 2013 Collection is a Hit: Don’t Miss It!

Marc Jacobs is a hot property nowadays. Every person wants Marc Jacobs. What makes him so special? Of course, his designs. But we mean to ask ‘what is it that makes his designs, his creations so irresistible’?

FashionofFashion delves into and presents to you an analysis of Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 collection, to disclose the answer.

Like us, did you too think that socks and sandals were the eventual fashion blunder? After reading this news analysis probably you too will agree with us that we might be wrong! Seriously! With his collection, Marc Jacobs S/S 2013, Marc breaks all norms and all the laws in his characteristically fresh approach, with an eclectic and vibrant blend of layers, designs and materials for his collection.

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Stripes, Checks & Colors

Jazzing up the runways with a heady mix of vivacious colors, attractive stripes, checks and ideal outlines, Marc Jacobs’ collection caught everyone’s eyeballs this time too. So why was this presentation successful and why did it please almost every person looking at Marc’s collection?

No doubt his outfits were inspired by a carefree, optimistic, easygoing and lighthearted spree to the jumble-sale, but what was that exquisite element that added oodles of elegance to Marc’s collection? It was the scarf!

Marc and Scarf

If you closely looked at his models, you would realize that each of his female models adorned a scarf. A multihued fashion accessory, the scarf characteristically beautified every female model that walked the runway for Marc. The scarf was creatively and intelligently used by Marc. At some instances, you would see the scarf freely curled around the model’s neck, while at other instances you would see her waist draped with the scarf in an informal, relaxed and laid-back manner; or strapped in a casually cool turban. Experiment, creativity and style galore, that’s what makes Marc clearly a cut above the rest!


 Marc’s male models were dressed in mischievous paper bag trousers and loose fit blazers with turned up sleeves, teamed up with chic and cool glasses and hats. On a wintry rainy morning, this ensemble is going to pump up your spirit and change your mood from grumpy to cheery. This collection offers sheer optimism, style and sophistication.

Marc’s awesome ensemble, courtesy Edie

It seems Marc refuses to fall short, he continues to succeed and be everyone’s favorite including celebrities. His first part of the presentation is a delightful, suave and modern take on Edie Sedgwick’s look. The talented and smart designer showcased trouser suits, dinner suits, midis, A-line coats, tees, and long, overflowing dresses and gowns in graphic patterns and stripes galore in almost every silhouette and dimension one could possible think of. Marc’s models looked every bit ravishing as they decorated the stage adorning kitten heels, awesome ensemble and Edie hair, with so much style in the air.

 His cropped Mickey Mouse jersey was oh so appealing.

Marc Jacobs’ humorous takes on the blast from the past help characterize his very own noticeably individualistic signature style and fashion sense. Perhaps that’s the reason women folk from all parts of the world simply adore his unusual and peculiar collections.