Match Your Party Spirit to Our Favorite Party Clutches

It’s that time of the year already when you must split your time between planning fancy dinner parties, start thinking about the elegant corporate festivities and fun family get-togethers you’ll be attending, and basically getting ready for all sorts of fashionable events that involve good music, great conversation topics and sparkling outfits. If you already took care of the dresses and statement accessories, it’s highly recommended for you pay the same amount of attention to some other fashionable aspects regarding your future looks, like the clutches you will be wearing for example.

Because no matter how versatile and beautiful you think your bag is, we highly advise you to go full on glamour this Holiday season, without leaving out any styling details, no matter how insignificant they look at first. A stunning clutch can emphasize and complete your outfit just as much as a statement piece of jewelry would. If you haven’t though about this aspect yet, don’t worry because we gathered the most fancy party clutches to serve you as inspiration.


01. Talullah Tu Baroque Purple Crystal Clutch Bag. Sporting one of this season’s most extravagant trends, the Talullah Tu baroque crystal clutch in dark hues screams high-fashion and instant glamour right at the first sight. The mesmerizing party bag embellished with purple jewels and purple swarovski crystal edging, is maybe the most loud statement you could make this Holiday season. It’s all about opulence and effortless glam.


02. SERPUI MARIE Divine Minaudiere Clutch. Sparkling in thousands of iridescent sequins, the Serpui Marie Divine Miniaudiere clutch would make for the perfect party accessory during the Holiday season. Easy to mix and match due to its modern gold undertones, the glittering sensation is a full fashion statement on its own. It features a removable silk tassel and a detachable chain strap, as well as enough room for your evening essentials.


03. River Island Black Embellished Box Clutch Bag. If you’re idea of glamour is based upon mixing beads, pearls, rhinestones and gems than you’ll absolutely fall in love with the River Island black embellished box clutch this season. The flamboyant clutch carries a certain retro flavor that will elevate and perfectly complement your party attires.


04. Diane von Furstenberg Small Lytton Lace On Leather Clutch. Designer Diane von Furstenberg perfectly evokes her elaborate aesthetic in this elegant black lace clutch that is sure to become a wardrobe staple. Its classic feel and understated richness ,collides with the opulent lace detailing and the intricate silver-tone branch closing clasp. The Lytton clutch will complement any ravishing appearance you have planned for the Holiday season.


05. The Glitter Box Clutch by Magid. We absolutely love the pink sparkling sensation, mixed with the gold lining featured in Magid’s glitter box clutch. It’s young, it’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s most definitely not what you would normally call boring. The bold and quirky accessory will not pass unnoticed, regardless the location of the party you plan on attending. Totally unexpected.