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Tony Stewarts Accident With Kevin Ward Jnr

Tony Stewart killed someone by driving into them. Kevin Ward Jnr appeared to be gesturing towards Tony’s cars when he drove into him. Whether he did it on purpose is not up for debate here. Many will judge Tony Stewart for his involvement in the collision with Kevin Ward Jnr. We won’t and we will let people make up their own minds.

WARNING GRAPHIC Scenes: Video Of Tony Stewarts Accident With Kevin Ward Jnr

Over at Radar Online they got an interview from one of Tony Stewarts ex-girlfriends mothers… (obviously wont see him in a favourable light…

You can read the interview below

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is not facing any criminal charges for fatally striking Kevin Ward Jr. during a race on Saturday. And while authorities continue their investigation into whether Stewart had any ill intentions in the racetrack confrontation that ended with Ward’s death, the mother ofStewart’s ex-girlfriend is speaking out to exclusively about Stewart’s “temper” and “mean streak.”

Stewart is an “egotistical, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic SOB,” according to Karen Kirk, the mother of Stewart’s former girlfriend, Tara Roquemore.

Kirk says, “He was a very, very nasty guy.”

Roquemore and Stewart dated in 2005 and 2006, finally breaking up at the end of 2007. And after getting to know him, Kirk says she was not impressed.

Stewart “didn’t care what [Tara] wanted, and he was very manipulative,” Kirk claims. “He did not treat her right, not at all.”

Even worse, Kirk claims, he had a dark side.

“He could be nice enough when he wanted to be, but he also had a mean streak,” Kirk says. “Everything was all about him. He got mad at me all the time.”

“Tony would say to me, ‘I’m a multi-millionaire! I deserve respect, and you should treat me like that!’” she claims. “I told him, ‘I don’t care who you are! If you don’t try to get along with other people … you’re nobody!’”

Stewart “has a terrible temper,” she continues, “which I saw several times.”

During one family dinner at a Mexican restaurant, she claims, “He got smart with me … So, I said something back to him and he jumped up and took off like a bat out of hell. He drove off in my daughter’s car and left us there!”

Still, despite the fact that Kirk claims to have seen Stewart’s dark side, she doesn’t believe he’s at fault for Ward’s death on Saturday night in New York. As Radar has reported, Ward was killed when Stewart’s car fishtailed into his during a heated exchange.

“To me, it looked like the car in front of Tony swerved to miss the guy, then he went straight,” Kirk says. “But I don’t think [Tony] would have intentionally hit him. Look, I don’t like him personally, but I don’t think he’s capable of murder.”

Still, she says, “He does have a hot head and he needs to go to anger management!”

Empire Super Sprints race director and president Chuck Miller told USA Today that there was “no history” between Stewart and Ward, and that the incident was only an unfortunate reflection of “the competitive nature of the game.”

But Ontario County Sheriff Phillip Povero said Sunday that charges against Stewart could still be in the offing.

Keira Knightley Walks Down The Aisle A La Francaise And Says, “Oui!”

British actress Keira Knightley tied the knot last Saturday with singer James Righton, member of the rock band – The Klaxons. The couple who were engaged for over a year before their big day said “Oui!” to each other in a small ceremony in Southern France.

A little over a month ago, in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Keira Knightley revealed that when she marries her fiancé James Righton, a low key affair is what both would prefer over a lavish wedding. And it seems like that dream came true for the couple with a simple and intimate ceremony in Mazen, a picturesque village in Southern France.

Keira Knightley's Wedding

The wedding ceremony was celebrated in French. Keira Knightley and James Righton stood before  ten to fifteen people from their respective families and Righton’s band as they said both, “Oui!” and “Yes!” to each other.

Keira Knightley’s simple and low-key wedding seemingly involved “something old.” Her wedding dress appeared to be strikingly similar to a white dress that she first wore in 2008 while on her way to attend the BAFTA awards.

Keira Knightley

However, a spokesperson from Chanel confirmed that everything Keira donned on her wedding day was specially created for her by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel. That seems like a fitting treatment for the face of Chanel.

Whether her dress was old or new, Keira didn’t fail to mesmerize. Her short white dress paired with an ivory white jacket made Keira look like a blushing doll. With minimal jewelry and white ballet flats and a simple crown over her head, Keira was all set to begin a new phase of life as Mrs. Righton.

The groom, James Righton, on the other hand, decided to go with “something blue” in a navy blue suit with a baby blue neck tie.

The charming bride had tears of joy in her eyes at the end of the ceremony. As told by Mayor Aime Navello, the ceremony was indeed a very moving celebration that touched everyone gathered there.

The Knightley’s own a farmhouse in Mazen, where the rest of the wedding celebrations continued. The reception witnessed about 50 guests, among whom Karl Lagerfeld and Keira’s best friend, actress Sienna Miller were in attendance.

We really loved Keira’s effortless style and her desire for “the simple life”. We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and never-ending love.

So what’s your take on this latest celebrity wedding?

Who Has Insta-Style on Instagram!? – The Top 10 Fashion Accounts

Take a picture, it’ll last longer! With today’s technological advances, documenting our daily lives, surroundings, and activities has become a regular pastime. Slap me with a filter and describe me with a hashtag. Here I give you my top ten picks on intriguing, fashion forward, public figures that use Instagram on a daily basis. Enjoy!


“So you wanna be a rock superstar? And live large, a big house, 5 cars, you’re in charge”. Rihanna has done just that! Want a glimpse into the world of pop super stardom, great fashion, and amazing trend? Rihanna’s Instagram is one of my go-to profiles for inspirational, urban chicness. Always sporting a unique style, Rihanna is one trendsetter worth following.

rihanna-on-instagram rihanna-photo-from-instagram

 @THEBLONDSNY / The Blonds

Do blonds really have more fun? In this case they do! The dynamic duo, The Blonds, are the go to designers for amazing over-the-top style.  Always serving fierce, glitz and glam these New York based designers are great for that on stage, all eyes on me look.  A wardrobe not for the faint of heart, their style embodies strong confidence.  That being said, The Blonds Instagram is sure to put on a show. No blond moments here!

           THEBLONDSNY-instagram-2 THEBLONDSNY-instagram

 @JWUJEK / Johnny Wujek

Celebrity stylist and creative consultant for America’s Next Top Model, Johnny Wujek is one on trend dude. Currently as Katy Perry’s right-hand fashion man, his playful, fun, pop of style always seems to spark interest. His styling recommendations always seem to be a hit among the top ten list.  With an Instagram full of creativity, art, and design, this is one profile that will truly inspire you to break free from the ordinary.

             Johnny-Wujek-instagram JWUJEK-instagram

 @ANNA_DELLO_RUSSO / Anna Dello Russo

Editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo is not shy when it comes to her wardrobe. With her love of wearing on-trend haute couture, Anna plays dress up Barbie to many fashion designers. Her chic, over the top style is sure to catch any fashion bloggers attention. With an Instagram that stands out, just like her wardrobe, Anna Dello Russo gives great insight and a front row seat to the spectacular world of fashion through her photography.

           Anna-Dello-Russo-instagram ANNA_DELLO_RUSSO-instagram

@JLOGANHORNE / Logan Horne

The lifestyle of a stylist. For Logan Hornes photography posts on Instagram, he surely gives his iPhone camera justice. With great eye-catching, fashion forward imagery Mr. Logan Horne is responsible for styling some of the top dressed celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Jessica Stam. He is one not shy to push the fashion boundaries. When it comes to Red Carpet worthy style, he surely has a few tricks up his sleeve.

           JLOGANHORNE-instagram Logan-Horne-instagram

@AZEALIABANKS / Azealia Banks 

“Hey, I can be the answer. Im ready to dance when the vamp up.” Straight out of the the 212 Azealia Banks serves up urban chicness with her Instagram account. Having unique style and urban trend, Azealia Banks is one not shy to pushing the boundaries, and that is why we love her! As a great musician and songwriter, Azealia does not follow any trend, and instead sets her own, and we applaud her for just that!

           Azealia-Banks-instagram AZEALIABANKS-instagram

@PRABALGURUNG / Prabal Gurung

Designing fashions for people like First Lady, Michelle Obama, Prabal Gurung is an amazing fashion designer to follow. With his eye-catching and inspirational imagery, Prabal is on top of his game. Recently doing his own line for Target, Prabal Gurung designs for that urban city gal, who wants to look great and stand out from blending in. His wearable pieces are always on trend, same goes for his Instagram account.

            PRABALGURUNG-instagram Prabal-Gurung-instagram

@CHANDELIERCREATIVE / Chandelier Creatives Richard Christiansen

Innovation for all over the nation. Chandelier Creative is a full-service creative agency with offices in New York, Milan, Shanghai, and Beijing. Serving out of the ordinary ideas that end up being extraordinary, Chandelier Creatives Instagram account is full of great, inspiring photographs from all around the word. This is one account that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

           CHANDELIERCREATIVE-instagram Chandelier-Creatives-Richard-Christiansen-instagram

@formichetti / Nicola Formichetti

A creative force not the be werkend with. Nicola Formichetti has served as head of creative direction for companies such as DIESEL, MUGLER, and Vogue Hommes Japan. With a mind mentality for out of the box thinking, he directs, and serves great over the top ideas. Nicola’s Instagram is full of color, design, and fashion. Whats not to love!?

           Nicola-Formichetti-Instagram formichetti-instagram

 @AMANDABYNES4386 / Amanda Bynes

From Nickelodean childhood star to fashion forward N.Y.C. chick, Amanda Bynes style has evolved and gone from ordinary to out of the ordinary / extraordinary. Through her controversial tweets on twitter, she makes it apparent that she owns her style and decisions. Having confidence in what you do, and what you wear can make all the difference in how you carry an outfit. Fashion is all about experimentation and change, two things she surely gives justice.

 AMANDABYNES4386-instagram Amanda-Bynes-Instagram


With myself drawn to photography and capturing imagery, Instagram tends to be one of my go-to applications when trying to draw inspiration. From contrasting your photos, giving filters, and talking in hashtags, many people on Instagram are now sharing inspiration, style, and design, to those all over the world.  So go out and slap a filter on life and share it to the world! We’ll be viewing.

To see who else I am following and for more up to date photos, eye-catching design, and fashion imagery, you can follow yours truly, Justin Milsk, on Instagram @GOTMILSK. Who are you following…? Let us know below if you think we should add anyone to the list…

justin-milsk-instagram-photo justin-milsk-instagram-photo

Chris Cheats, Rihanna Doesn’t Understand Love – Chris Lets Her Cheat!

We’ve all heard about the dramas in Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s on and off relationship. Just when you think, “This one looks like the last,” another drama unfolds right then.

So what’s new with this controversial couple?

Let’s refresh your memory a bit. Chris and Rihanna got together. He then beat her, they split up. Chris apologized, they got back. It seemed like it was going to be bliss forever. But bliss was a far cry.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

The rumor doing the rounds these days about Chris and Rihanna is that the two have split up due to someone’s supposed “infidelity”.

During a radio interview, Chris Brown opened up about his “unconventional” relationship with Rihanna and confessed about dating two girls at once. While the mistress’s name wasn’t revealed during the interview, people have reasons to believe that the girl in question is Chris’s ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

Chris’s confession seemed to be a strong enough stimulus for Rihanna to open up about her relationship on stage during her latest concert. She went on to ask the audience if they understood what love is and admitted she’s one of the many who is in love, hates love and doesn’t understand it.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

The painful reference to Chris Brown and her turbulent relationship with him was quite obvious because if the rumors are to be believed, the two had already broken up by the time of Rihanna’s performance.

Chris on the other hand, who was spotted with a mystery woman earlier this week at a nightclub in LA, admitted that he’s worried about Rihanna cheating on him.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

When he was asked about allowing Rihanna to date someone while with him, he went on to admit that if Rihanna cheated with a girl, that would be real cool, but a scenario of infidelity with Rihanna and another man would certainly not be accepted.

So it seems like Rihanna has Chris’s blessing for a lesbian romp, but we wonder how Rihanna would respond to the deal.

Rihanna’s fans have always wondered why this fabulous singer “settled” for the love life she has. Many of her fans consider this relationship “already doomed” and something that will fizzle out soon or probably already has. And even if they have broken up, will they get back once again?

Considering the tumultuous hardships she has faced and is facing in her relationship with singer Chris Brown, we can only wish that Rihanna’s love life soon finds the bliss she’s always wanted.

Who’s Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend? Is he Dating Jessica Zemken?

Does Tony Stewart have a girlfriend? Who is she? Is she Jessica Zemken? Or is it someone else? Let’s find out!

Tony Stewart has made a big name for himself in the United States for his successful car racing career. This racer has won multiple awards for his performance on the tracks and earned a number of titles to his name, one of them being “the finest racers” in the United States of America.

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

And just like most celebrities who are open to the press only about their professional lives, Tony Stewart loves to keep mum about his personal life. Doesn’t it make you wonder why, especially when he is rumored to be dating one of the prettiest ladies from the car racing world? So who is this mystery woman? Is it really Jessica Zemken?

Tony Stewart Girlfriend Jessica Zemken
Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend Jessica Zemken

Jessica Zemken comes from a family of race car drivers. Backed by her father with his 28 years of racing experience, Jessica took her first steps in the world of race car driving at the tender age of 8 and joined the league of professional race car drivers on a competitive level when she was just 17 years of age. Now wouldn’t she fit the role of a “perfect girlfriend” for Tony Stewart?

Jessica Zemken’s (not quite the mystery woman) “supposed” relationship with Tony Stewart is one of the hottest talks of the town these days. Blogs, magazines and gossip columns have been trying to crack the dynamics of the relationship between these two celebrities in the world of car racing.

Jessica Zemken often makes an appearance at Tony’s races and it is her presence at his races which led to the speculation that these two race car drivers might be lovers indeed. She often spends time with Stewart on the court before and after his races and is always seen cheering for him. Wonder if that’s what drives Stewart to cross the finish line first!

Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken
Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken

Now Tony Stewart does have the notoriety of being the heart breaker and his relationships also have the reputation of being the shortest lived ones. But if these two are in fact together, then it seems like they have been going strong for a pretty long time.

We wish either one of them or both would confirm the rumors doing the rounds about them. But all we can do now is wait and watch for more signs if their “car” will win the race or not make it to the finish line at all. Either way, we’d really like to know, wouldn’t we?

Justin Bieber ‘Snaps’ at Paps – Are the Pressures Getting to Him?

You have to excuse the pun in the title…it was just begging to be written. While paparazzi usually snap celebrities, in a role reversal of sorts, Beebs lost it and snapped at a photographer recently in London, where he is on tour.

Celebrities have always had a tough relationship with paparazzi, but it is part of parcel of the life they lead. We don’t know who initiated the altercation. Very possibly the photographer in question did, but does that justify Justin’s threat to beat the guy up? Apparently Justin had to be restrained by his bodyguard and literally forced into his car!


Justin Under Tremendous Pressure Right Now

Justin has everything going for him, a successful career at such a young age, millions of fans the world over, who hang on his every word. But still things are not sailing smooth for him. His break up with girlfriend Selena Gomez seems to have affected him more than he would like to admit, even to himself.


And it surely does not help to see that Selena has apparently moved on. The pressures are intense and taking a physical and mental toll on J-boy. In fact during his concert in London, Justin collapsed on stage and had to be hospitalized for breathing difficulties.


Of course, the true professional that he is, the show will go on as scheduled. Bravo Justin!

Justin Turning to Divine Assistance to Maintain Calm

Apparently Justin has been turning to God to help him out in his darkest time ever, according to his friend and mentor Judah Smith. Judah assists and encourages Justin in his endeavors to reach out to God and make the right decisions. According to Judah, Justin often talks to God asking Him to intervene.


Either God was on break in London, or perhaps Justin was just too incensed to drag God into it this time. Which one do you think it is?

Are the Pressures Getting to Justin?

Justin is going through tough times right now. His friends and family are with him. His fans are with him. But driving away inner demons and insecurities is not very easy. It is just as well that Justin is seeking divine assistance to help him out. That only means he knows he needs help, which is always the first step to getting help.

In the meantime, it would be interesting to know what Selena thinks about the whole affair, wouldn’t it?




Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Finally Getting Back Together?

Everybody’s favorite couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hit a rough patch sometime back. While the reasons for split are well known (and involves a certain Rupert Sanders), the fact remains that Rob and Kristen are very much in love and fans want them to get back together. Perhaps that is what they want too. Getting past a rough patch in the relationship is tough no doubt, but love generally can work things out. And this is exactly what seems to be happening with ‘Robsten’.


Rob Communicating with Kristen Again

Rob has been extremely busy with work and is currently shooting for The Rover in Australia. So obviously the couple is not together geographically. But apparently they are making light of physical distances with Rob texting and calling Kristen from abroad. Ah…thank God for modern technology. Many a romance would have been crushed and died wordlessly in an age where cell phones and computers did not exist.


A source close to the couple recently told E News!. “Kristen misses Rob and is counting the minutes till he comes home”. The source confirmed that the couple has been in touch recently. Great going indeed.

Kristen Missed Rob at the Oscars

At the recently held Oscars ceremony, Kristen was on stage as a presenter with Daniel Radcliffe. This was no doubt exciting for the young actress, but she was unable to enjoy her ‘big’ moment as Rob completely ignored her.


Though Kristen kept checking her phone every now and then, there was no congratulatory message from Rob. Was this Rob’s revenge? Nah..he is too sweet for that. Perhaps he was really busy with work and the time difference can get to the best of us, right?

But anyway, now the two are communicating, and that’s a good sign.

In the Meantime…Someone has been Texting Kristen

While Kristen has been desperately waiting to hear from Rob, the Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has been desperately trying to get in touch with Kristen. Now that his wife has filed for divorce, Rupert apparently wants to get together with Kristen. Kristen is wisely ignoring him. Get the message Rupert, she does not want anything to do with you. In fact a source reveals that she thoroughly regrets the entire episode and obviously wants to take no chance in losing the love of her life –obviously Rob- again.


Do you think Kristen and Rob will get back together? And do you want that?



Bring out the Pink Balloons: It’s a Girl for Kim and Kanye

Come July and reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will become parents to a baby girl. A source close the couple confirmed this news to “Both Kim and Kanye are over the moon with the news”, added the source.

And why not. After all “Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

“Kanye Always Wanted a Girl Child”, Says Source

The happy parents-to-be are extremely excited. Apparently Kanye always wanted a little girl. Kim was earlier unwilling to reveal her preference for a boy or girl, saying that she just wants a healthy child. But now she is just as excited.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

And we are so excited for the little one too for this little girl is sure to be one fashionista. Between mum’s fashion line and dad’s keen fashion sensibilities, little Miss Kimye is going to a fashionable and well dressed young lady from her infant days ups.

What are Kim and Kanye Going to Name Her?

The name suggestions have started flowing back and forth. Is it something that will start with ‘K’? Or will the name be totally different?

Name suggestions for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter

Secondly, sources close to the couple have said that Kanye always wanted to name his daughter after his mother Donda who he was very close to. Donda tragically passed away in 2007. In fact Kanye’s art collective is named after her. Will Kim agree? She probably will as clearly she loves Kanye and would want to see him happy.

The Kim and Kanye Story

Kim and Kanye started dating last Spring and announced the ‘baby news’ in December. Earlier Kim had said that she couldn’t wait to get pregnant as it would mean that she could eat anything. But recently she said “I don’t go overboard at all. I just want to eat as healthy as possible”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Reportedly Kim was also freaked out the about the extreme body changes that have occurred since pregnancy, particularly the weight gain.

But then Kim, “mothers (being girls) are also made of sugar and spice and they look round and nice”

You Won’t See Little Miss Kimye Soon

Both Kim and Kanye have confirmed that they will not allow their daughter to appear on TV. They reportedly turned out $3 million offered by a magazine for the first baby pictures. It is only natural that they want their privacy.

We respect that. So it appears that it may be some time before we get to decide whether the little one looks like her dad or mum!