Men Sunglasses Trends 2012: Sun is Fun with Cool Eyewear!

The modern man is prepared to give female trends a head on competition. Oh yes, a drastic change in style and appearance has been noticed among males’ style statements in the recent years even when it comes to fashion accessories. Men of all age groups have always considered sunglasses indispensable part of their style code and lately have taken this trend to a ‘bigger and better’ trendier notch this year! So, heads up all you fashion conscious men out there!

Here comes the ongoing spring and summer sunglasses trends 2012. There are designs which can and are being sported by both the genders with flair in 2012. Spring and summer time in UK equals to brighter, prolonged days with more than a fair share of sunlight. You cannot glare whilst striking a fashion statement, right? Follow any of the below mentioned eye-wear to infuse a much needed final touch to the attire sans effort.



Over sized Sunglasses– This particular one has been making it to the style list on and off but is definitely ruling this year. It’s hard to get away from the mystical effect these bigger than usual glasses render. As far as the matter of sun protection goes, these quite obviously offer more coverage. Over sized sunglasses thus serve both function and aesthetics perfectly, making sunglasses an addiction many of the celebrities cannot seem to get rid off!  Big coverage area and better protection ability from the harsh sun rays as well as the paparazzi helps them. Brad Pitt is an ardent user among many others.

Top manufacturers such as Burberry, Oakley, and Marc Jacobs etc can be trusted. As far as the shape goes, you won’t be disappointed- Circular, rectangular, oval and the very popular bug eye shaped sunglasses should be sported in 2012.

Petite Sunglasses– This small lens eye-wear is undoubtedly picking up pace as well as favorable responses. All of that rapidly! If you wish to flatter your masculine facial features but at the same time stay in tune with the latest, Petite eye-wear is perhaps the best for you. It is a solid purchase for men with small or medium frame work. Reveal your chiseled features for all girls to drool over!

Aviator Style– These originated in ‘40s and came to notice with the flick ‘Top Gun’. These have ever since received universal recognition and are regarded as a safe yet trendy option for all men. Aviators, no doubt make all men look hot!

This year they continue to prove that old school is forever in demand. Choose any thin wired, tear drop shaped eye accessory-the variety is indeed beyond imagination with varied frames and colors. Imagine how desirable you’d look with the dark, mirrored lenses and thick or thin frames. Polarized ones can spruce up any man’s attitude. Aviators from Armani look amazing and not to forget, the original makers who still rein Aviator style- Ray Ban! Be it a college going youth or an established industrialist, you’ll spot every second male donning these.

vintage sunglasses

 Vintage Style Eye-wear

Looks decent and style oriented right?

This is another style that won’t be out of fashion for a considerable time span. The mainstream eye-wear stores are providing many brands that have launched vintage inspired sunglasses. These have the potential to define your personality wherever you go. Look handsome wearing them either with casual or vintage clothing. Now that the entire world has re started inculcating fashion styles of the past in the current year, why should you be left behind?

Out of the Box Shaped Sunglasses– These are perfect additions to your collection this year. This shape compliments guys with elongated and narrow faces. The trend of sunglasses with wooden rims is on the rise in 2012. Also, huge, squared sunglasses must always be kept an eye on!

sunglasses with wooden style frame

Wayfarer Sunglasses– Here comes a fresh way to stand out! These sunglasses fulfill all requisites of being modern day eye-wear items but with a contemporary twist. You are bound to get instant attention from your friends and your date too. Although Ray-Ban introduced them, many brands are now manufacturing them in prints and varied colors suited for men.

Wayfarer men sunglasses

A Quick Guide

Many choices are available and one must be careful while opting for the perfect pair. Men with full cheeks and a rounded chin must try rectangular styles to give the illusion of a longer and thinner face. Do avoid small frames as they will look out of proportion. Broad forehead and high cheek bones go well with broad glasses and tall frames.

The color range of 2012 is diverse, to say the least. Get highlighted with colors like those of blue, red and yellow. Welcome spring with colorful options and printed styles. So, go ahead and try on the current trend with confidence!