Mens Bags Fashion

Mens Bags Fashion – Great for any Occasion.

Men, enough is enough! Stop using your girlfriend’s purse as your go to; can you hold my everything, bag. I have to say that I am guilty myself of doing this from time to time. With summer quickly approaching and soon to be invites to pool parties, BBQ’s, and beach outings, our girlfriends will not want to carry all of our baggage.  Best solution to keeping the peace is to purchase your own bag! Now that doesn’t mean you have to go out and go purse shopping, there are many solutions to finding a bag that is masculine, stylish, yet functional.  Here are some great different styles of men’s bags fashion that I recommend.

Mens Bags Fashion

First off is the traditional backpack. Best used if you were to go camping, hiking, or do basically anything that involves walking long distance. With the timeless back to school look, designers are now taking this style and re-working it, making it smaller, more durable, and overall stylish. A.P.C makes a great 100% Nylon backpack that is functional, sleek, and because it comes in black, it will look good with whatever you happen to be wearing. Side note, the color black pairs well with just about anything.

Nylon mens bags fashion

     Don’t want to deal with zippers, and straps on your back, another great style of bag would be a canvas tote. Easily accessible this go to bag is great for day trips to the beach, or even to a friend’s backyard BBQ. Because of the canvas fabric, this style of bag can be easily cleaned if happened to get stained, or dirty. Just throw it in the wash! J. Crew now offers a great variety of canvas tote bags, in an abundance of colors, perfect for that day at the beach.

Jcrew mens bags fashion

      Need a bag that looks a bit more professional? Something you can take into work? Then a messenger bag is the bag for you! With its sleek look, this type of bag is perfect for carrying around paper work, laptops, pens, pencils, and everything desk drawer related. For us OCD people, most messenger bags come with small compartments within themselves that are great for keeping everything neat and organized.  Looking to purchase a great investment piece, Barneys offers a great variety of professional messenger bags, suitable for any job type.

Mens Bags Fashion

     Backpacks, totes, and messenger bags not big enough, need something more spacious? Not wanting to cram everything into a backpack for a weekend trip, or a visit to the gym. A duffle bag is the perfect solution to this dilemma. With nearly any retailer selling them, a duffle bag is great when needing to pack an overnight wardrobe, or a change of clothes.  It’s a great substitute when not wanting to actually use a large, heavy suitcase when traveling. Marc by Marc Jacobs offers a great leather duffle bag. If you are looking for something less expensive, American Apparel sells canvas duffle bags (they call them gym bags) in a variety of colors, that won’t break the bank.

Mens Bags Fashion By Marc Jacobs     So the next time you ask your girlfriend to carry something in her purse, stop and think of all of the bags that are accessible to you! There now is a bag for us guys for practically any occasion.  You just need to figure out what type of bag suits you and your lifestyle. Happy bag hunting!