Punch in Style with Mesh Trends in 2012 – Jackets, Skirts, Dresses, Tees, Footwear & More

This year it is all about staying light and fresh be it in terms of fabric, colour and style. To help you breathe nice and easy as well as be ultra chic, fashion designers pulled out the perforated or open weave leather trend out of their infinitely huge goodie bag! The mesh or perforated leather trend has been popular in the recent past and is again back to make you look sporty in a stylish way. The light weight mesh has great breathability and instantly makes you look different from the usual fashion crowd. Some like it for its sporty, leather look and some for the comfort it offers.

This Trend Fascinates Everyone!


 It is bound to cast a spell on all girls and men too. Take a look around and you’ll notice how omnipresent the perforated or mesh look has been since the beginning of this year.  Be it trendy jackets, skirts, dresses, tees or footwear, mesh has penetrated every fashion related item. What’s interesting to note is how mesh or perforated trend in leather fabric or otherwise gives you so much freedom in showing off some skin that renders a sexy look without overdoing it. So, your work is half done by simply purchasing a mesh top or dress!

Fashion Tips to Not Mess the Mesh Look 2012


The all mesh look is something that’s hard to nail. So why not incorporate a few elements of mesh clothing like Beyonce. She totally pulled off the perforated style by wearing a sleeveless, metallic top bearing meshes with a pair of velvet fabric pants which also had a component of silk in the thigh area. You can do the same for rocking end results at any casual event. Get a taste of this trend by purchasing outfits that have a touch of perforated fabric either in the form of side panels or the moderately wide one running across the chest area.

 How outstanding that unconventional touch will look on you! Even with formal attires such as blazers and high waist trousers, mesh can and must be added. Kate Winslet and Jane Fonda made use of two trends, namely polka dots and sort of see through mesh that made them look WOW. You can follow them blindly as far as this mix of trend goes. Here is something similar to what they wore, try it on! Do not under any circumstances do what Kim Kardashian did and make it a point to buy nude pantyhose while wearing such dresses with long and wide meshy side panels.


Accessories Have Mesh Too!

Mesh style got to them too. Wear either sleek head pieces with mesh style to them or carry tote leather bags with cute, little meshes on them. Did we just mention totes? This trend looks equally refreshing on small or large envelope clutches. Even the straps of watches for both men and women have that look on. Look how sultry the neckpiece looks and even the elongated metal cuff with the mesh apparatus.

We love the look of the year. Do you?