Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus does it Again with the Wildest Outfit so Far

What’s up with Miley Cyrus going all out to shed her girl next door Hannah Montana image these days? It seems like she doesn’t like the links drawn between Miley and her character anymore and so is trying her best to make her fans forget her much famed start.

Well, it certainly looks like Miley is on a mission to get scantier by the day. The singing sensation has been sporting a shorter haircut than before these days and what’s more, she turns up in a skimpy S&M styled outfit for a Christmas show in Hollywood on Sunday.

Miley and DJ Borgore at Christmas Creampies Concert

Miley Cyrus performed with Israeli dub step DJ Borgore at a concert held at the Fonda Theatre, called “Christmas Creampies” on the 10th of December. Miley Cyrus has worked on the song “Decisions” with DJ Borgore before.

We could easily nickname Miley Cyrus as controversy’s favorite child. When it comes to her outfits, it seems like each one of them has led her into a new controversy. Her visible lingerie, bra tops and denim jumpsuits being some of her controversial outfits; her latest look seems to have topped it all.

 Miley Cyrus Christmas Creampies

Miley Cyrus sported black high waist, skin tight pants, which she paired up with a bra top – the subject of controversy here. Miley’s bra top left very little to the imagination with a no hide and only seek show of her cleavage. She accessorized her look with knee length snake skin boots and gold accessories and her hairstyle was even shorter than before.

As soon as Miley stepped on stage for her performance, she was greeted by loud cheers and cell phone camera flashes going out from the audience. She surely must have bowled everyone away with such a raunchy, never seen before look.

As Miley performed, we wondered whether she was headed for a wardrobe malfunction with her very much on display flesh popping out a bit too much. Nevertheless, Miley needs to thank her stars; that didn’t happen. What’s even more jolting is the fact that a few topless pole dancers joined Miley Cyrus on stage mid way through her performance.

 Miley Cyrus

It looks like a fever has been catching on with pop stars these days, with every songstress trying to top it up a notch and compete with each other. While Miley Cyrus pole danced on stage once before, Rihanna goes ahead and posts a half naked picture of hers on Twitter and don’t even get us started on Lady Gaga, she’s either fully naked, in her underwear or covered up in something outrageous, you can’t even imagine.

As for Miley Cyrus, she keeps achieving different levels with every outfit of hers and with this raunchy black peek-a-boo outfit, we wonder what the next outfit is on the pop star’s agenda.