Miss America 2013

Miss America 2013 Pageant: A Perfect Amalgamation of Fashion, Beauty and Brains

When the world’s a stage and everyone’s watching, you have got to be looking the best, especially when the stage is set for an event like Miss America. Girls, boys, women and men alike begin to drool when it’s time for beauty pageants; while the women envy the lovely ladies’ looks, the men wished they had a woman like that in their arms.

One of the most alluring aspects of a pageant is the display of extraordinary fashion that we get to relish. The stage is quite an inspiration to many to absorb various fashion trends and incorporate the ideas in their lifestyle. So what fashion did we witness at the Miss America 2013 pageant? Let’s take a look.

Miss America 2013

Miss America 2013 – Mallory Hagan

Mallory Hagan is indeed a truly deserving winner of the Miss America crown 2013. This young 23 year old beauty from Brooklyn walked away with the crown after giving the audience and judging panel an applause worthy tap dance performance and her answer stating that violence should not be fought with violence to the question about posting arm guards in grade schools.

Mallory Hagan wore a stunning one shoulder white dress for the evening gown portion of the pageant. The dress brought elegance to Mallory’s look, making her look pretty ravishing, probably also contributing to her win. It indeed was a perfect choice for an evening look.

Runners up – Ali Rogers and Alicia Clifton

Miss America 2013

At a pageant so glorious, there is bound to be a lot of fashion in the air, with a very minimal chance of any contestant going wrong with their looks.

Runner up Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers had one of the most amazing dresses among all the lovely women on stage. Her glittering white dress with patches of sheer shimmering fabric accentuated her body and brought out her beauty a hundred fold.

Second runner up Miss Oklahoma Alicia Clifton’s elegance and charm stood through perfectly in a black evening gown with a studded neckline.

The Five Finalists

 Miss America 2013

The glorious five shone standing together dressed elegantly in their evening gowns. We love the confluence of black, grey and white that dominated the stage for Miss America 2013. We especially loved Miss Wyoming Lexie Madden’s dress (first from right), the black shimmering fabric and sheer lace neckline made for quite a pretty evening gown.

Miss America 2012 – Laura Kaeppeler

When you walk proudly in your crown for the last time, it calls for being the best dressed ever and Miss Laura Kaeppeler certainly played her part well for the last time. Laura set the stage on fire with her splendid sheer black lacy gown; making a thousand faces light up into a smile, giving them all something to think of at the end of it all.

Miss America 2013

So you must have surely picked up some trendy evening gown ideas from the Miss America 2013 pageant because we did too and we surely know what we’re wearing the next time we have to dress up for a ravishing evening look, do you?