Modern Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2012 – Basic Short to Funky Spiky

Men’s hairstyles are undoubtedly influenced to a large extent by Celebrity haircuts. It is also acknowledged that Men’s hairstyles and trends evolve over a period of time. Whereas Women’s hairstyles are continuously changing and evolving.

An overview, of some of the latest trend setting haircuts and hairstyles are highlighted below to set the pace for your next makeover. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Men’s Haircut Trends in 2012:

A Basic Hairstyle: From layered, to long drawn at the back, to short scalp hugging and longer front bangs you have a host of choices.

The Classic Hairstyle: A formal look of straight hair slicked to the side with a well defined parting, makes for elegance.

Retro Hairstyles are back in fashion: Retro hairstyles faux hawk, surfer hair, shag haircuts, emo hairstyles and the like.

Celebrity Trends: include a long list from a classic to sliced back undercuts, brit rock indie, rockabilly, classic quiff and on to short waves and short curls.

Funky Spiky Looks: Layered and Spiky trends aided by waxes and pomades are very much in fashion, with celebrities, teenagers and men on the right side of forty!

The BASIC Short and Even Haircut an Evergreen Style Setter

An evenly short hair cut, it is a popular men’s hairstyle. This clean-cut makes for a charming and pleasing personality. Easy to manage with minimal grooming it makes for a quick getaway too, on those rushed office days.

Longer front hair is ideal to cover for the start of hair loss. A scruffy look on a rounded and mild face makes for a positive impact.

 The CLASSIC Pompadour and its Modern Rockabilly Version

The pompadour popularized by Elvis is being revived, in a slicker avatar. This toned down version is not just for catwalks. Office parties and even Board Rooms are being invaded.

With your front strands spiked after applying a mousse brush hair back a little, get set to achieve a classic look.

For the trendy feel a refined quiff with a big lift will give you a pronounced lift too!

 For The Curly Burly Guys

Men with curly hair may well prefer this style. Hair cut shorter on the sides, allows the curls to stand out. Others may prefer a buzz cut and peaked front.

A longer set of locks all around is another variation that may suit your style.

 Funky Spikes

Short spike, long spikes take your pick. A leap of faith for the truly trend conscious trendsetters.

 Retro Chin-Length Layers

Long natural hair, is the trend models are adopting on the ramp. Straight hair naturally lends itself to this hairstyle. Medium or long hair layered by a good hairstylist will suit the not so young too.

A surfer’s looks can be achieved by longer hair and a rough parting. You need to maintain control of the long hair with periodic grooming to avoid the scraggy look.

 Celebrity speak the double slick – Indie-Rock Front

With medium length hair, now being a popular trend, a center parting preferably, with your fingers, provides the wavy look.

An alternative is shorter side hair with medium length hair on top to give you a far sharper look.

As an individual, YOU yourself need to choose the haircut that suits your face, mood and current lifestyle. Check out the latest fashionable hairstyles worn by others, no need for a trial and error method.

If you want to make an impact, you will need to find the right hairstylist who understands your look, can perceive your mood and bring to the fore the personality traits you wish to portray.

Go for it, there is no room for uncertainty now.