Monochrome Styles – Black + White: Duo for Dazzle

For those who are not fully aware of the latest developments in the fashion world this year, here’s a ‘must read’. The fashion verdict is out and monochrome style forms the staple of one and all in the year 2012! Yes, consider this a good piece of news, really! You might have mistakenly interpreted monochrome as monotonous but that’s so not the case. On the contrary, the scope black and white hold for you and many others is simply beyond imagination. Now let us show you how.

monochrome dresses

Black and white are the two basic pigments that complete a palette and can never fade out from the fashion scene. These two completely contrasting colors have yet again made their presence felt on the ramps and are being strongly advocated by leading fashion designers and stylists. We noticed the same on all the major catwalks this year. So, via this knowledgeable read, you’ll have more than a few reasons to inculcate black and white hues in your spring and summer wardrobe.

‘Mono’ Rules over ‘Multi’ Chrome in 2012

This monochrome trend has been touted as a definite hit among its wearers from models to stars. Don’t for a second underestimate the power of black and white combination. It has the potential to exude an array of styles, from bold to classy and from sophisticated to sultry look. These two colors though stand at two extremes in the color spectrum, can individually and in a combination, provide a stylish look to both genders and age groups.

Unlike other pigments, you do not have to worry much about getting these colors right. Pay attention to this fact: Both, white and black colored outfits give a rich look. Let’s explore some of the fashion trends in monochrome you and others will surely drool over-

This season is all about monochrome style, beginning with black and white formal outfit to sensuality oozing gowns. These colors make a popular choice owing to the slimming and figure enhancing effects they are bestowed with. Not just for clothes, black and white work their magic in accessories too, for example sunglasses, hats, clutches etc.

How to Make Smart Use of Mono Chromatic

Add a spark to your style by opting for an ‘all white’ or ‘all black’ attire and contrasting it with any bright colored, in vogue accessory. Get the classy look in a white or black colored cocktail dress. This is perhaps the most appropriate attire to wear to any black tie event, cocktail party etc. And when it comes to choosing a monochrome dress, you can be certain of one thing- there will be more than plenty varieties to choose from.

sequins dress and accessories

Join the latest fashion trend of solid black colored high waist trousers or usual pants which can be paired with either same colored or white colored blouses or blazers. Many tall women look ravishing and exude confidence in all white trouser suits. If you wish to go more versatile, do so by selecting a sequins top in any shade of white. Such sequin tops look gorgeous when combined with a plain black or white skirt, pants and shorts.

Stripes, Checks or Polka Dots in Monochrome Style

A bandage style outfit with black and white zebra stripes running in either horizontal or diagonal direction can make you look and feel exactly like a celebrity! Such a dress is a perfect example of how designing plus simple yet powerful monochrome colors can transform you into a diva. Follow the ‘thin stripe’ rule without fail. Wide stripes look appealing in polo shirts, not in gowns.

Oh and yes how can we miss out the evergreen check style! This is another unique way of nailing the ongoing trend. Angular or parallel black lines look pretty dramatic against a white back ground making you the center of attention everywhere.

 cameron diaz in white and black polka dots dress

Adopt the latest trend in a fun way with white and black polka dots. Though considered boring, these two colors in polka dot style of the ‘80s look vibrant and flirty. White, big or small polka dots against a plain black strap dress and a daring red colored ribbon will take your style to another level. Pair it with black colored wedge heels and contrast colored bracelet or necklace for a complete look.  A feminine touch of floral prints in white and black combination looks really appealing to the eyes.

We can help you experiment with volume and proportions in monochrome style. For a well fitted white short, there can’t be a better option than teaming it with a sexy black skin fit jeans or leggings. Flared trousers look good too. Go edgy with the above mentioned attire and couple it with a biker jacket. Cool, right?

Accessories can further spruce up any monochromatic outfit. A lot however does depend on the occasion too. Opt for a classy and minimal look with a small pair of gold earrings or bracelet.

 monochrome fashion accessories

If gold jewellery is not your cup of tea, replace it with either silver or platinum based ones. Those wearing a white or black outfit, say, an evening gown, should choose accent colors (any shade of pink, yellow, green etc will do). Do note: Only a slight dab does it all. Overdoing will make you look gaudy.

Try any of the above monochrome trends; they will give favorable results without much of an effort. If you have white or black clothes, your work just got easier.