Most Trendy and Interesting Halloween 2012 Costumes for Girls

Girls, are you confused about your Halloween costume?

Don’t know what to wear? Unsure on what’s in vogue?

Let the TrendnStylez editors help you by showcasing the most trendy and interesting costumes for Halloween 2012.

The best bet is to take your Halloween costume ideas from hot news and current affairs in politics, sports, entertainment or any other industry.

On that note, let’s draw your attention to the most sensational character in the news, the Big Bird in light of the Mitt Romney and President Obama debates.

Big Bird

Rumour has it that the sales of Big Bird outfits have shot up the sky in the run up to Halloween from the time when the character found itself pushed into the fight for the position of the U.S. President.


The Big Bird now seems all geared up to play a pivotal part in Halloween 2012 celebrations since a lot of stores have reported a colossal increase people’s interest in the Big Bird costumes for Halloween 2012.

Girls, check out all the above outfits that made us immediately fall in love with them. Be tremendously newsy and creative by donning the Big Bird costume in this year’s in Halloween celebrations. Everybody will know just who you are Big Birdy.

Pop Diva Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s distinctive and exclusive approach to fashion inspires many designers. If you too are a Katy Perry fan (like a lot of our editors), then think no further than donning a costume Katy Perry.

And if you do not want to spend too much on buying a fancy outfit this Halloween, you can still look equally sensational as Perry. Go ahead girls! All you need to do is decorate your top with lots of sequins, beads, glitters in different hues, patterns and shapes like hearts, triangles, stars, squares and so much more just as Katy Perry did in the picture below.

Let your creativity overflow and follow your heart while you embellish your top. And adorn your legs with hot pants in a shimmering material. Just let your inhibitions out of the window and get yourself a celebrity bluish lavender wig like Katy Perry’s hairstyle in this picture.

Gothic Charm

Look super stunning in Halloween 2012 with dreamy gothic charm. Haunting yet attractive fashion accessories such as black flower-patterned lace gloves and a traditional ruffled shrug will lend you a sophisticated gothic charm.

Don’t forget to generate those gothic features and porcelain skin using makeup for the perfect gothic makeover.

Disney Princess

When you were a little girl, did you always fancy dressing up as Disney princess? And if you still dream of being the princess and going to a party, all dressed up in pretty costumes, then you’ve got to give yourself a treat this Halloween.

With this year’s super successful, “Brave”, and the Blu-ray release of “Cinderella”, you have another big reason to wear a costume donned by the classic characters and get set to win many a hearts this Halloween.

In keeping with the spirit of peculiar and unusual costumes for Halloween don’t forget to wear thick-rimmed glasses with your Disney princess. It will be a deadly combination of pretty and amusing Halloween dress. Simply perfect for the occasion!

 Girls, we hope you enjoyed these trendy Halloween costumes ideas. We’ll keep you updated with the other latest trends for Halloween 2012 in the coming days.