Movies-Inspired Halloween Costume Trends 2012

Are you unsure about what you’ll be wearing at the Halloween bash 2012? Fret no more, for we are going to spill the beans on the most stylish and trendy Halloween costumes for 2012.

For the October 2012 celebration there is a wide variety of Halloween costume ideas trending this season, including creepy, hilarious, sexy, artistic, smart and more. So we have decided to give you the best of all in the coming days.

Today, let us focus on all the Halloween costume trends that are inspired from the blockbuster films and are catching pace like wildfire, with costumes being bought from the stores like pancakes.

Millions of pounds are spent every year on Halloween costumes. Maybe our fascination for Halloween originates from our fancies, desires and flights of the imagination. In any case it is that one night wherein we can let our imagination overwork and wear any loud, out of the worldly costume in public and receive great comments instead of getting hauled off.

OK so we have just a little over 15 days to get the best Halloween costumes for 2012.

Halloween Costume Trends from 2012 Films


This year for children, teenagers, adult men and women and everyone else, there is one genre of Halloween costumes that seems to be running in style – yes it is our craze for movies. Due to the immense success that 3 superhero films met, children seem to be in love with those characters and their costumes. Men and women couldn’t remain unaffected by the unlimited charm of these superheroes. The superhero craze will be seen in several costumes for men, women and children in the forthcoming October 31st gala.

In 2012, a majority of adult males, teenage boys and young lads, will be seen in various Halloween costumes inspired by the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ & ‘The Avengers’. Incidentally, costumes from the film Top Gun continue to rule the roost with the jumpsuit being an all time favorite among adult men.

And you will see a lot of adult women, teenage girls and young lasses donning the Princess Merida inspired Halloween costumes from the Brave film.

Our sources also tell us that many women are expected to wear costumes inspired by London 2012 Olympics. Our sources also tell us that ladies are also going to dress up like the leading ladies in the films the ‘Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Catwoman’, ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ & ‘The Avengers’.

Costumes representing the characters from hit 2012 films such as ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ are also hot. It is touted that a lot of celebrities too are going to be seen donning Halloween costume based on their characters in the films.

All you women out there, get ready to be the queen from ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ by flaunting the queen’s costume this Halloween.

Equipped with all these exciting trends are you all set to hit the market or online shopping sites for your favorite Halloween costume for 2012?

And as we always like to say, don’t be afraid to set the trend yourself. You don’t necessarily have to go by the Halloween costume trends that are in vogue. You can use your creativity and stylize yourself in a completely out of the box style you want. Just be sure to carry it with panache and you’re sure to garner comments galore.

Make Halloween 2012 a fashionably different and unique event.