MTV Movie Awards 2013

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet 2013: Worst Dressed, Best Dressed and the Rest

Today we have a look through the celebs during the MTV movie awards red carpet in 2013. Award shows celebrate talent, they celebrate victory and they also celebrate the stars – new and old; but one of the most important things that award ceremonies celebrate is fashion.

For every award ceremony, we stare with bated breath and transfixed eyes at our TV screens as we watch our favorite stars step out from their shiny limousines and descend on to the welcoming Red Carpet.

The MTV Movie Awards was certainly no Oscars, but that didn’t stop Hollywood celebs from showing up in their best ensembles. However, the MTV Movie Awards 2013 had its good and bad fashion moments. Some stars made us proud while some made us want to dig a hole and hide ourselves in it with utter shame. So would you like the take a look at the Best Dressed and the Rest?

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Let’s take one star at a time and at the end, you get to decide who rocked and who didn’t at the MTV Movie Awards 2013.

Presenting to you with much pride the Best Dressed Stars on the Red Carpet at the MTV Movie Awards 2013……..

1. Selena Gomez

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Selena Gomez gleamed in gold in a Julien MacDonald mini dress. She styled herself with an elegant braid and golden earrings. And with her shimmery golden shoes, she left a trail of sparkle behind.

2. Emma Watson

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Emma Watson’s dressing sense always does us proud. This fashionista stepped on the Red Carpet in a Maxime Simoens dress. This unique patterned white and faded blue dress mesmerized us all. And the black heels she paired this dress with are simply amazing!

3. Jordana Brewster

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Quite an unlikely contender and a newbie when it comes to the best dressed list, actress Jordana Brewster stunned us all with her angelic appearance in a white Camilla and Marc dress and white pointed toe pumps.

4. Holland Roden

MTV Movie Awards 2013

They say you can never go wrong in a Donna Karen outfit and Holland Roden stands as a proud testimony to that fact. Holland’s black dress with a sheer silhouette has got all the fashionistas vying to recreate the exact look. If we were on a judging panel, we’d label this dress as THE ULTIMATE dress of the Red Carpet for 2013.

5. Kim Kardashian

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Kim Kardashian knows how to dress up, even when she is carrying a baby around in her womb. The reality star looked resplendent in a black long sleeve Saint Laurent Paris mini dress. She accentuated her baby bump with a beautiful piece of gold jewelry. And adding a unique touch to her look was Kim’s pregnancy glow.

6. Crystal Reed

MTV Movie Awards 2013

A Red Dress is always welcome on the Red Carpet and Crystal Reed added oodles of appeal to her look with a red lacy dress. This intricately crafted dress by Nha Khanh will be difficult to forget for a very long time.

7. Zoe Saldana

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Zoe Saldana always keeps it chic wherever she dresses up for the Red Carpet. Zoe nailed it this time with a never seen before look on the Red Carpet. The star kept it simple with a velvet black long sleeve blouse and paired it with a beautiful high slit floral skirt by Givenchy. We applaud Zoe for the thought put into this look.

Moving on to the Worst Dressed Celebrities for the evening… Get ready to hang your heads in shame.

1. Keisha

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Keisha can only make us wonder, “What was she thinking?” Her ensemble made it seem like MTV Music Awards 1960 and she would still make it to the worst dressed list with her floral bellbottoms, printed tank top, fringed vest and black hat. And why black lipstick for a formal event? We could only wonder why!

2. Hana Mae Lee

MTV Movie Awards 2013

While Hana Mae Lee’s black Marco Marco dress wasn’t all that bad (even though the vague spider web-like cuts seem odd), the cigarette butt for a hat wasn’t a wise idea at all.

3. Kerry Washington

MTV Movie Awards 2013 We wonder why Kerry Washington made a wrong choice for the MTV Music Awards. She is always stylishly dressed for every award ceremony but this black Michael Kors mullet dress with the orange trail skirt brought her to the other side of the list this time.

And although the skies were dull and it was an overcast evening in LA, most of our stars really did shine on the Red Carpet and we were truly delighted to watch. Were you?