Nail Art Emerges at the Top in London Olympics

One of the greatest fashion trends that has been gaining attention in the London Olympics is the intricate nail art that most athletes sported. The flavour was largely about team spirit and patriotism with national flags and team emblems finding place in the niche ends.

Who could have thought that nail art considered as a hobby of teenagers and clubbers will find such limelight? Had it not been for British swimmer Rebecca Adlington, nail art may not have found such support. While the world knew about Rebecca’s fondness for shoes, it came to know more about her tastes in fashion on Sunday night as she lifted the bronze medal for all to see. In addition to the bronze medal, she managed to capture the attention of all to her very nicely painted nails depicting the British national flag on all five fingers.

Rebecca however was not the only one with painted nails. The Aquatic Centre saw an explosion of nationalism on the nails as more than one swimmer sported the trend. Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania proudly wore the colours of her country on her nails. So did Stefania Pirozzi of Italy. American Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt showed a combination of national colours, flags and stripes on their well done nails. Truly, the Aquatic Centre did better than most nightclubs around the world when it came to nail art.

The trend which seems to have been started by the swimmers however did not stay confined to the Aquatic Centre and painted nails showed up in more than one place. British Archer Amy Oliver displayed her true colours on her nails as did Australia Elisa Barnard. Ace American tennis player, Venus Williams did the best with striking blue, white, red and gold.

Laura Trott, champion British cyclist decided to go with a pink coloured union jack on her thumb while the Olympic stripes adorned her ring finger. The rest of the fingers bore the union jack bringing on a colourful effect as she gripped the handle bars. Michelle Carter had nearly the same effect as she showed off her perfect manicure complete with stars and stripes as she clutched the shotput.

However, gymnast Lynne Hutchison stole the show with her golden rendition of the Union Jack on her fingernails. And for those who thought nail art was all about female athletes, there was a Canadian who proved them all wrong with maple leaves adorning some very masculine hands.

It can therefore safely be said that nail art managed to cross more than one kind of boundary.

Nail art allows these Olympians, who are all really young women, have adopted the latest fashion trends of their generation to showcase their support for their countries. That small amount of paint adds that extra bit of glamour in a serious environment and helps them make a statement of their own. The sparkle on their fingers does manage to add a sparkle to their game too.

With athletes taking care of their nails and bringing on the nail art, fans and followers are doing pretty much the same. The flowers and prints in nail art are being constantly replaced with symbols that are synonymous with the Olympics. From Olympic flags to the colours and even the five Olympic rings, nail art has suddenly found new takers. For those who like to take nail art to the next level, there’s a whole collection of Olympic Art from London’s very own nail artist Sophy Robson. She brings out an entire range of flag designs, a total of 214, to choose from.

The Olympics truly has brought out a new winner!