Top 7 Hottest Nail Trends for Spring 2013

nail trends spring 2013

You’ll never guess what the hottest new accessory this season is?  Glammed digits! The days of the single-tone polish are long behind us, and it’s high time we all channel our inner Michelangelo because the nail trends this season are nothing short than works of art. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj have been donning funky nail designs for months now, so if you’re siting there, staring at your nails in desperate search for a muse, here are a few fab nail design ideas that should get the creative juices flowing:

1) The Reverse French Manicure

At the end of the day, when all else fails, the French Manicure is a classically sophisticated look and time honored tradition for any special occasion. But have you ever heard of the ‘reverse French’? Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a nail style, we swear! Little half moons are painted onto the top of the nail, and the rest of the nail is neutral in color, voila, Reverse French!

nail trends spring 2013

2) Coming Up Roses

Floral prints are always a hot trend for the spring season, as far back as we can remember, so naturally, floral prints in the form of nail art is fashion favorite. Despite the way it looks, this is actually quite an easy design to do, and with so many different color and floral combinations, if you’re not careful, you may end up spending all your afternoons ‘flowering’ your fingers.

floral nail trends spring 2013

3) Good Ombré

Well if your hair can do it, why can’t your nails? Ombré is one of the hottest trends this season, and nail art enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to translate it into some of the most creative color tone combinations. This requires a little more effort, and an appreciation for tone blending, but it is undoubtedly one of the chicest nail styles.

ombre nail trends spring 2013

4) Glitterade

All that glitters…well, it may not be gold, but it’s definitely a hot nail trend! Make those date nights dazzle just a tad more with a little glitz on the digits. Mix and match colors, paint the whole nail, or just use a little glitter to enhance a tone. With the Gatsby crazy upon us, too much glitter is just enough!

glitter nail trends spring 2013

5) Dramatic Monochromatic

Black and white. Is there ever a time when those two tones don’t work? Nope. So it’s a no brainer that blending them together to create beautiful, coordinated looks.

monochromatic nail trends spring 2013

6) Metallic Mania

Party like a rock star with eye popping metallic tones like silver, gunmetal and gold. This may be a bit extreme for girl chat around the water cooler, but it’s the perfect look if you’ve got a saucy night out on the town planned on the ‘ol calendar. Make the look stand out more by wearing simple black, white and grey tones, and keeping your accessories to a minimum, you don’t want to blind anyone now do ya?

chrome nail trends spring 2013

7) Bejeweled

Nail jewels are certainly not a new trend, but it seems that it’s a look that is reaching a fever pitch and fashionsta’s truly do see their nails as an extension of their ensemble. Go extra glam and bejewel every nail, or keep it more demure, and just accent a few nails with jewels. Use muted jewels for the day and brighter, bolder tones for the evening.

jeweled nail trends spring 2013