Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts Gets a ‘Summery’ Look for Vogue Australia Cover February 2013

After she knocked you off with a serious power packed performance in The Impossible, Naomi Watts is all set to inspire softer emotions in your heart with her ‘summery’ look as the cover girl of Vogue Australia for February 2013.

Against a backdrop of what looks like a million colorful flowers, Naomi looks straight at you in a sideways profile and with her trademark parted lip smile and you will be forgiven for falling in love all over again.

After all, it does seem that spring and summer are right outside. (But we do know the ‘cold’ reality that spring is still a good 5 months away, don’t we?)

Naomi Watts

Naomi’s Look

Naomi’s look was put together by stylist Stevie Dance. The dark green gown from Gucci’s 2013 runway collection with its frilly details is just perfect for the look. For, where there are flowers, can greenery be behind?  Note the minimalist look with no accessories save the bracelet on one arm. It was genius of course to have a back combed hair style, which ensures that there are no distractions when you gaze at Naomi’s face. And what a face..porcelain skin, perfect features!


Naomi Reveals All

Naomi spilled the beans about who she is in real life. And it appears she is just like any of us, wanting to drop her kids to school and wanting to enjoy relaxing time with family. But Naomi does acknowledge that sometimes it is just not possible given the sudden emergence of 10-15 photographers.

Naomi Watts

For all the fashion efforts that have gone into her Vogue cover look, (the dress above has been designed by Nina Ricci. Note the effortless makeup), Naomi admits that in real life, she is happy to step out sans makeup and with messy hair. The media may call her old and tired, and she is fine with that. Now that is refreshing streak of honesty, rarely seen in celebrities.

Naomi – the Pastel Princess

Naomi rounded off her looks for the cover shoot in two gorgeous pastel ensembles- one a lilac ball gown in which she posed sitting down with a bunch of flowers. If earlier summer was outside, now it will appear that summer is inside your home, thanks to Naomi.

Naomi Watts

The second look was a dull pastel skirt and top ensemble. The fitted turtle neck top contrasted with the ballooned out pleated skirt and the floral background finished the look perfectly.

Naomi Watts

Which of Naomi’s looks is your favorite? And do you think she will play the character of Princess Diana with aplomb in her forthcoming movie?