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Olympics and Fashion Go Together, Forever

Fashion played its role to perfection in the London Olympics fusing itself well with the seriousness of the greatest sporting event on earth. However, London Olympics is not the start of fashion as it had remained in quiet undertones for all the past Games. The styles were different and the trends were timed to the past but nevertheless, fashion remained a winner.

Over the years, little by little, the loose shorts changed to lycra and then technology took over as sportswear became highly sophisticated performance enhancing garments. The colour white that was a predominant colour where sports were concerned became pushed to a corner as blues, greens, reds, yellows and the entire rainbow of colours took over.

The London Olympics rules the roost when it comes to fashion with an explosion of vibrant colours, innovative use of the national colours, nail art, hair styles, team kits and much more. If you thought it was the Olympic women who were being fashionable, you must have missed out on the men. Athletes with their honed and toned bodies look extraordinarily good and when they bring out some of the trends, the effect is an altogether different one. Fashion remained the best friend of the athletes from head to toe.

Hair styles made a quick debut with shorn sides and a neat crop on the top of the heads – very workable indeed especially for activities such as gymnastics. No wonder that American gymnast Louis Smith and German Marcel Nguyen looked their best in it. When it came to accessories, the reflective spec remained on top. Swimming trunks are back in action and in some of the fanciest prints too. So go ahead and get yourself one if you dare. The Games has given the world of fashion a new colour to go by and it’s not yellow. It’s cobalt blue. From water polo to gymnastics, the colour dominated and shone throughout.


The Stella McCartney designed kits for Team GB has drawn rave reviews for their colour schemes and designs. A trend that seems to be emerging is the graphic outlining that she used elaborately on the outfits she designed for the various sporting events. Fashion pundits predict that the trend of graphic outlining is going to remain especially in men’s outfits. Tennis brought back the sweatbands in perky colours and it is definitely in.

When we talk about fashion, can we leave out the trainers in Olympics. Having seen every kind at work, it is the metallic colours in trainers that emerge as a winner. A trend that is sure to continue even as the Games close this weekend.

That brings us to the much awaited closing ceremony and who is going to be attending it. The guessing games are pretty much on and that is surely making the cat die out of curiosity. There are rumours of the entire British fleet of supermodels to make an appearance in some of the best designer creations of the country. From Kate Moss to David Gandy, that would be one big treat.

But Britain and most of the world is eagerly awaiting what could be a one of a kind event – the re union of the most popular girl band Spice Girls. Those following the tweets of Posh Spice, er, Victoria Beckham, believe that there is going to be an appearance of the spiciest girls in the world. If rumours are to be believed again, the Spice Girls are to wear outfits designed by Giles Deacon. Dean Piper, celebrity columnist with The Mirror confirmed in his tweet last Thursday how Spice Girls are rehearsing for the Olympics in London. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding what, how and when but audiences and fans have no option but to hold their horses till the the Games come to an end.

The Olympics are drawing to a close, but the style trends are sure to remain. From metallic trainers to nail art, some very interesting fashion trends found the limelight that they deserved. If you haven’t got yourself into the fashion trends, it is high time that you did. The Olympic wish list is chic and smart. From no nonsense one piece swimsuits to reflector glasses, take home one for the memory. If you are into jewellery, get yourself one from Tatty Devine with a medal pendant that’s a winner all the way.

You won’t regret the decision, that is for sure as fashion and Olympics go together.