Olympics Closing Ceremony – Greatest Fashion Show on Earth

Fashion dominated the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony London 2012 without a shred of doubt. Apart from the music of course! The Spice Girls simply rocked and supermodels snatched the gold for themselves as they walked the ramp in simmering shades of the precious metal. The musical extravaganza went on for the night as famous faces made their appearance one after the other.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox came out in her best witchy self in a red and black gown that added oomph and drama to her power packed performance. Could she have looked a little more demure, yes perhaps, but we accept her just as she is.

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande showed us not one but two costumes during her performance and we simply loved both of them. One was a nice ensemble of a tie and dye printed red and black skirt with a black top and jacket while the other was a chic green dress.

Russell Brand

We can’t even begin to describe what Russell Brand wore for it seemed that he had everything that he owned on. From a blue and black striped pants to a tophat, he managed to squeeze in a purple coloured vest, a shirt with floral designs and coattails with a lining to match his striped trousers. It does not matter what you wear Russell, we simply love you anyways! And we would not have you wear any of the regular stuff either!

Jessie J

Singer Jessie J wore Vivienne Westwood costumes that were basically leotards in skin tones with lots of glitter, glitz and patterns in predominantly black. Did it remind us of the rhythmic gymnasts, we wonder.

Duchess of Cambridge

A mention of the Duchess of Cambridge is a must when it comes to the Closing Ceremony which she attended with Prince Harry who looked every bit charming as he wore a navy blue suit. The Duchess herself seems to be in love with the colour blue as she could be seen in another blue dress that was knee length and had long sleeves.

Marisa Monte

Marisa Monte, Brazilian singer enthralled audiences with her voice and her costume that was as striking as her. A float of swirl patterned brollies were a part of her blue and white gown which simply goes on to say the next Olympics to be held in Brazil would definitely be a visual treat. All we can say is we like the innovative idea and hope to see more.

Eric Idle

Eric Idle generated quite a few laughs with his skit and his costume. He wore something unusual that was made out in cream and bronze. Could he start a fashion trend with his futuristic dress? Well, anything is possible!

A special mention to singer George Michael for his golden voice and belt buckle, a crystal skull, that reminded us of WHAM in a big way.

The Closing Ceremony was a terrific mix of the retro and the modern, lots of innovation and vibrant colours. From Spice Girls to Graham Suggs McPherson, everyone looked their best and we simply loved them all.