How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans – 20 Stylish Options

The boyfriend jeans have been around for far less time than their skinny or slim-fit counterparts, yet they have reached the same levels of devotion from fashion aficionados everywhere. And, just as skinny jeans are pretty much immortal by now, boyfriend jeans are also on their way to achieving this status – they will be forever in style!

Read on for a few tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans:

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans #1:

Dressing Them Up

Dressing up your boyfriend jeans can make you feel both put together and comfortable at the same time. In fact, you could sneakily style them in such a way that they become appropriate for work – why not?

A) With Pumps Or Stilettos

Pair boyfriend jeans with a sweater and with pumps or stilettos for the quintessential fall ensemble. Add a (preferably) oversized coat on top to transition this look into the upcoming winter.

boyfriend jeans heels coat

B) With High Heel Sandals

This is the perfect combination for summer days! A pair of boyfriend jeans looks effortless even with high heel sandals. As for the upper part, a band or vintage T-shirt add that extra dose of chicness.

boyfriend jeans black white sandals

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans #2:

Dressing Them Down

We might as well call this the lazy girl’s guide to effortless dressing, since these are obvious (but oh-so cool!) pairings.

A) With (Ballet) Flats

Ideal for extra-long shopping sessions or for any activities that involve a lot of standing and walking. Consider pairing boyfriend jeans with flats when you are exploring a new city on foot and you want to look fabulous in EVERY picture.

boyfriend jeans valentino flats

B) With Sneakers

Are you into the whole normcore craze? Then this combination should be way up your alley. Worn with slip-ons or sneakers, boyfriend jeans are casual enough to look unpretentious. To polish things up just a bit, add a tee and a blazer – easy and sooo comfortable!

boyfriend jeans animal print flats

Get Her Colorful Look – Lupita Nyong’o Style!

Recently named “The Most Beautiful Woman” by People, the Oscar-winning actress has more qualities up her sleeve than just beauty and talent. Namely, her bold fashion choices, which are wildly admired whenever she makes an appearance on a red carpet or at events across the globe.

Lupita Nyong’o is one of the few people you’ll never see wearing something dull or repetitive. She often wears bold pieces in expert color combinations with an effortless attitude and otherworldly grace. And this particular look is no exception. While attending the opening of the first Bally flagship store in London, Lupita opted for a mix of fresh colors topped off with a burgundy coat and peep toe sandals.

bally lupita nyong'o via rcfa 01
Lupita Nyong’o looking fresh and fabulous in London, October 2014; photos via
bally lupita nyong'o via rcfa
Lupita Nyong’o looking fresh and fabulous in London, October 2014; photo via

For the occasion, the actress wore a total Bally spring 2015 look in shades of burgundy, pale pink, green and yellow. It may sound like a lot, but it clearly isn’t. The burgundy and the pink dominate the look, while the single yellow and green touches shake things up just enough to reveal a fun, yet polished look.

The Lupita Nyong’o Style Tip:

Build your outfit starting with one or two main colors. If you feel like it, add some accessories in one or two secondary hues (a belt, earrings etc). However, try to keep the maximum number of colors in your look around (or under) 4. Otherwise, you risk overcrowding it – not fun!

OK, so will you give the Lupita Nyong’o style a shot? Get her bold look here:

lupita nyong'o style

You can also check out each item individually in the gallery below:


Skirt: Ted Baker via



Belt: Liebeskind via

Tote Bag:

Hats For Fall 2014 – What And How To Wear

What’s the no. 1 cold weather accessory you should never be without? If you answered hats, you’re right! Clearly, scarves and gloves don’t fall back behind, but there’s nothing like a chic and cozy hat (or beret!) to keep your head from freezing over during those early fall mornings.

fall hats 2014

So let’s see which are your best choices for fall. Ahead, three types of cold weather hats that successfully tick off both the coolness and the practical requirements on the list.

Hats Fall 2014: Beanies

What a no-brainer, right? Beanies are ridiculously easy to find and to incorporate in an outfit. You can pair them with dresses, jeans, heels or sneakers for an instant boost of coolness. Choosing a black beanie is always a safe bet, but only unusual colors will truly make you the center of attention. A neon beanie, for example, looks fantastic when paired with a dark or gray ensemble. Also, for a bad-ass look, pair any type of beanie with leather leggings and an oversized cardigan or blazer.

neon beanie kayture

Hats Fall 2014: Structured Hats

From wide-brim hats to fedoras or boater hats, the options are pretty much endless. A simple, structured hat goes perfectly with high heels or with sneakers and it adds a feminine touch to any outfit. For an out-of-the-box look, wear a red fedora with a matching lipstick and keep the rest of the ensemble easy and simple. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, a fine fedora, some kick-ass leather leggings, high heels and a faux fur should do the trick. Bonus points if the result is an all-black look. Hot!

offduty model chic

Hats Fall 2014: Berets

Berets might have been MIA until now, but they are surely coming back in style! For the Fall/Winter 2014 season, numerous designers (Rodarte, Ermanno Scervino, Ralph Lauren) have sent berets down the runway and the result was stunning! Paired either with skirts of with trousers, we have to give it to them: berets definitely look modern and cool again. For a day-to-day look, pair your beret with a skirt and a sweater – so easy, right? Add a leather jacket to the mix to balance out the look and you should be good to go. Paris, here we cooome!

beret modern look for fall

The Natural Makeup Look: 5 Steps To Perfection

Always in style, the natural makeup look is, in most cases, harder to prepare than other daytime or evening looks. Why? Because it takes quite a bit of time (and effort!) to perfectly conceal any trace of visible makeup so that the end result it a natural, almost barefaced, I woke up like this look.

natural makeup runway look

The 5 Steps To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look:

Step 1: Start With A Flawless Base

A perfect makeup starts with a sound base. A natural makeup look is no different, but keep in mind that you will add very little on top of it – so take special care at this step. In order to get that natural-looking skin, start with your usual moisturizer. Apply it to your clean face and let it set in. Then go over with the tiniest amount of foundation and add more if necessary. Remember you can use your fingers instead of a brush for a more credible result. Finally, gently conceal any spots for an even-looking result.

natural makeup look no makeup

Step 2: A Little Bit Of Brow TLC

Even if you are going for a natural makeup look, do not ignore the brows! Comb them in place and fix them with a transparent brow gel. You might want to skip going in with color, but this is totally up to you. If filling in your brows is part of your regular routine, feel free to lightly, lightly do it now as well.

natural makeup valentino hc 2013

Step 3: The Eyes

The most important step, the eye makeup (or lack of it thereof!) will make or break the look. To make them stand out without any visible effort, tightline them carefully with a brown or black eyeliner, depending on the color of your natural hair. Then, finish off with a fine swipe of mascara – one coat, just one coat. Remember, you don’t want it to look like you’ve actually put any effort into it at all. Wink!


Step 4: The Lips

For the natural makeup look, the lips are better left bare. A bit of transparent lip balm should suffice to give them some sheen. If you want to even them out and make them match your skin tone, you can dab a small quantity of concealer before applying the balm: simple and subtle! Of course, a “your lips, but better” lipstick can also look good – just keep the color light and almost unnoticeable.

natural makeup look lips

Step 5: Highlight

No makeup is complete without a dab of highlighter, and this one is no exception. Use a liquid highlighter to add a simple glow to your cheekbone, nose and brow-bone areas. Remember to carefully blend and smooth everything out and to go in with a light hand at all times. Keywords: dewy and effortless – these are very essence of the natural makeup look.

defined natural makeup look bianca balti

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the gallery below:

Nicole Richie Style – Daytime Chic. Get The Look!

Sure, we all love emerald. But, when it comes to integrating it into daily wear, it can be quite a challenge – if you’re not Nicole Richie, that is. Besides her candy-colored hair, the star is also famous for her impeccable fashion taste (she does have her own successful fashion house after all!) and here’s a look to prove it:

Nicole Richie is Candidly Chic
Nicole Richie shines in an emerald shirt and black chevron striped pants; photo via

This October, Nicole Richie shows us how daytime chic is properly done with a look that is laid-back and elegant at the same time. To start off, she paired a simple silk top in a flashy color with a pair of black pants with fine golden detailing. Next, she chose a classic pair of black court shoes to add a feminine touch. As for the accessories, she kept them low-key. A simple cocktail ring with black details graces one of her hands and a tiny silver cuff is barely visible on her ear.

And now, the final tip to achieve the Nicole Richie style: a covered up look like this one may seem overcrowded at times, especially if it includes a long-sleeved turtleneck blouse like Nicole’s. To prevent this, pull all your hair back in a slick bun. As a beauty trick, go for a bold cat eye, to make the look even edgier.

Get the look below:

nicole richie style

You can also check out each item individually in the gallery below:

Blouse: Vionnet via

Pants: Étoile Isabel Marant via

Black Suede Court Shoes:

Cocktail ring:

Ear Cuff:

Fall Coats 2014: The Season’s Hottest Picks

Oh, let’s admit it: when autumn comes around, we all want to look as cool and stylish as we did in summer, while also keeping ourselves warm.

So you should be happy to hear that, this season, coats are in the spotlight. Whether we’re talking about capes, faux furs or boyfriend coats, they are all statement pieces that are hard to resist! Without further ado, let’s take a close look at the season’s hottest picks:

Fall Coats 2014 Trend #1:


The mixed-media coats boast a mix of fabrics that can be surprisingly diverse and colorful. Faux fur and wool or leather and wool are combinations that feel very fresh right now. As with all other wardrobe essentials this season, don’t shy away from color! You may not believe it, but a powder pink coat that features both faux fur and wool is actually the piece that you need to spice up your season.

fall coats 2014 mixed media

The mixed-media coats are from: Sander via

Fall Coats 2014 Trend #2: Faux Furs

Love it or hate it, fur is in, in, in again! However, this season, it gets a colorful update. For fall 2014, crazy-colored furs steal the spotlight with their daring hues. Don’t be afraid to go for bright red and orange or even for a color-blocking pattern. Still, if you’re a fan of the classics, black or natural-colored furs will also be available this season. Whichever you choose, remember you can stay warm and cruelty-free in a chic faux fur.

fall coats 2014 faux furs

The faux furs are from:

Fall Coats 2014 Trend #3: Capes

Fashionistas everywhere are crazy about this trend, and it’s no wonder why: this classic piece is incredibly versatile and easy to wear on a daily basis. Shorter capes can successfully complete a daytime look, while longer ones will look fab with an evening dress. For maximum impact – again – go for color! Pink, red, blue or green are all fantastic options which will help you achieve an effortless, fashion-forward look, day after day.

fall coats 2014 capes

The capes are from: Mango via via the outnet/Ted Baker via

Fall Coats 2014 Trend #4: Pastels

Whatever we do, it seems that pastel-colored coats are never out. But that’s great news! If the previous seasons were all about pink pastel outerwear, this fall the offer is more diverse: soft shades of baby blue, peach and purple. It may look like they are too shy, but pastel coats can make quite a loud statement when paired with all black or dark outfits.

fall coats 2014 pastels

The pastel coats are from: via Havana via

Fall Coats 2014 Trend #5:

The Boyfriend Coats

Perfect for bundling into, the boyfriend coats are probably the most versatile fall coats. Their slouchy nature and relaxed vibe make them an ideal match for everything in your closet, from skinny jeans to sexy dresses. You can just throw them on and go – what more could you wish for?

fall coats 2014 boyfriend coats

The boyfriend coats are from: via

Top 90s Fashion Trends That Are Back In Style

Slowly, but surely, some of the most beloved 90s fashion trends have been making a comeback. At this point, we can pretty much say for sure that scrunchies or tiny butterfly clips will not be coming back in style – ever. But a few trends like slip dresses, chokers or high-waisted jeans are surely returning in style.

90s fashion trends grunge 01

Keep reading to discover five 90s fashion trends that are now chicer than ever before.

1. The Slip Dress

The off-duty look of choice for all the major 90s models – we’re looking at you, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss – is back in tip-top shape! The careless, effortless vibe that a slip dress gives off is pretty much unparalleled. This is why slip dresses can nowadays be seen everywhere, from red carpets to street style shots. Pair it with a pair of heels to update this sexy 90s trend.

2. Crop Tops

Crop tops might have been huge in the 90s, but they are even bigger now. Today, they are already deeply rooted into our wardrobes and they’re worn by everyone, everywhere. From elegant evening looks to party-ready ensembles, crop tops are surprisingly versatile. For a 2014 version of the crop top look, make sure you pair the top with a high-waisted skirt or pant. No belly-button in sight – you want to keep it chic, chic, chicer!

3. High-Waisted Jeans

Speaking about crop tops, their best pals from the 90s, the high-waisted jeans, are also back in the game! Wear with simple tops, and let them make a statement on their own, or pair with romantic blouses for a modern update. You can even wear them to the office if you add a belt and a blazer. This versatile piece is, without a doubt, the most loved of the 90s fashion trends today.

4. Chokers

Hello, nostalgia! Remember the tattoo chokers everyone and their mother had in the 90s? Well, they are back in style now. So are metallic, crystal or otherwise unconventional chokers that can we worn either by themselves or layered, for an eclectic look. If you want to steer away from the conventions, your best choice is a minimalist, metal choker.

5. Grunge Looks

OK, so maybe grunge in the 90s was a bit different from its modern renditions. But who cares? The spirit is still here and it’s all that matters, right? For a modern take on the 90s grunge, mix flannel shirts with ripped shorts, creepers and a beanie. A little bit of a sexy edge never hurt nobody – don’t be afraid to try it, for it will make your 90s inspired look seem modern and fresh.

Are you convinced yet? Remember, what goes around, comes around – fashion tends to be repetitive and what was old can suddenly be new again.

Which one of these 90s fashion trends was your favorite?

7 Easy Braided Hairstyles – Just In Time For Fall!

OK, let’s get real: all these easy braided hairstyles are not just for fall. They’re also perfect for summer festivals, pool-side lounging and other summery activities. But! They’re the go-to hairstyle for the autumn season as well and for all the festivities, parties and get-togethers that happen during the colder months. Bonus points: braided hairstyles look perfect when paired with a cable knit sweater and a cup of pumpkin spice latte… right?

This is why this sweet selection of the coolest (and easiest!) braided hairstyles should come just in time to spice up your autumn!

Keep on reading for 7 easy braided hairstyles that may look complicated, but are ridiculously easy to do. Will you give them a try?

1. The Celtic Knot:

You know what they say… a little goes a long way! This small and precious braid is all you need to pump up an otherwise simple half-up, half-down look. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to go for a complex braid. You can learn how to do it here.

celtic knot

2. Braid Crown:

Ah, braided crowns! They can be pretty tricky to pull off, as you need to braid all your hair around your head. A variation of the milkmaid braid however, is easy and quick to do. Plus, it has a maxium visual impact. This is perfect for a night out or a date. Check it out here.

braid crown

3. Sophisticated Fishtail Ponytail:

What a stunner! You can always look runway-ready with this easy hairstyle! A quick and easy to do variation of a fishtail braid, this style looks clean and polished. Ideal for a long day at the office. Learn how to do it here.

sophisticated fishtail ponytail

4. Fishtail Braid Up-Do:

Can you say glam? This side braided hairstyle is perfect for every special occasion in your life. Not to mention, it will look super chic when paired with a fancy dress and high heels. See it here.

fishtail braid updo

5. Simple Knot Braid:

OK, so this one may not be a braid per se, but it certainly looks like one! This is one of those hairstyles that will save you time and effort on any day or occasion. Learn how to do it here.

Simple Knot Braid

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Crown:

A delicate braided crown that will help you get all the hair off your face and into the back in a fancy way. This is one of those easy braided hairstyles that you can easily wear on a daily basis. Check out the tutorial here.

half up half down braided crown

7. Braided Chignon:

Better than a regular chignon, this braided one looks a bit extra special. And yes, the fact that you can put it together in 2 minutes flat only adds to its effortless charm. Tutorial here.

Braided Chignon