Paris Couture Fashion Week

Paris Couture Fashion Week Chanel Spring 2013: A Romantic Outing Culminating in a ‘Non-Traditional’ Wedding

Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring 2013 fashion show had some surprises up its sleeve. Though one should not really be surprised, considering that a creative genius such a Karl Lagerfeld is helming the show.

Unique Setting for the Show

To start with, models sauntered around an artificial forest specially set for the show rather than walking robotically down a ramp. Apparently creative director Karl Lagerfeld dreamed up the set – an unreal magical wood ala Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and models floated ethereally in the woods, amidst branches and foliage. More specifically Holm oaks and Scots pines.

Paris Couture Fashion Week

The Chanel Look for Paris Couture Week Spring 2013

The models showcased a Gothic look about the eyes with elaborate headgear. The outfits included formal suits, practical dresses and ethereal gowns. Chanel classic tweed was a predominant material, but lace, feathers and sequins too added glamour and elegance to the look.

Look 1- Accentuated Shoulders

Several of the designs showcased by Chanel at the Paris Couture Week Spring 2013 brought back the focus on the shoulder. These included dresses with contrasting shoulder highlights.

Paris Couture Fashion Week

 The focus on the shoulder was also seen in tweed skirt and top ensembles with off shoulder design for the top.

Paris Couture Fashion Week

Look 2 – Floral Evening Gown

Chanel showcased a sparkling black evening gown with 3D floral prints. The design of the gown was classic with a tight fitting sleeveless corset and the gown unfurling out in pleats below the waist. The entire gown was heavily sequined creating a sparkling effect. The highlight of the dress, though, was the unique sleeve design, which again accentuated the shoulders, keeping in line with the general theme.

Paris Couture Fashion Week

Look 3- The Feather and Lace Combination

Lace is very feminine. And feather is angelic. Isn’t that a beautiful combination even when you just say the words together? And naturally Chanel put these two concepts together and created some of the most ethereal pieces in the collection. The colors were restricted to whites and pastels.

An asymmetric hemline dress with a beautiful lace corset and billowing feathers was one of the pieces in this concept.

Paris Couture Fashion Week

Another stand out piece was the complete lace and tulle creation that received feather highlights in the hemline and in the shoulder in the form of a shoulder shrug.

Both these outfits were combined white lacy boots that perfectly complemented the look.

Look 4- The Grand Finale

Karl Lagerfeld came out openly in support of same sex marriage by having two brides in matching wedding gowns accompanied by a three year old ring bearer (Lagerfeld’s godson, incidentally) as the showstoppers. The message did make big waves and everyone is talking about it the fashion world and the media.

But the focus in this article remains on the designs themselves- which were in one word exquisite. The piped neckline, the sheer corset with feathers and lace components, and the billowing sheer white gown were design elements that were an absolute delight to behold. And of course, we were treated to a double dose of the dress, which was the icing on the cake.

paris-couture-fashion-chanel-2013-grand finale

So these were the trends Chanel presented in Paris Couture Week. Which look is your personal favorite?