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Paris Fashion Week 2012: Armani Rocks!

It was a treat to the eyes of all the fashionistas when the best brands of the world came together at Paris Fashion Week 2012 to view the fashion trends in store for them in the next season.

The theme of Armani Spring Summer Collection at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was inspiration from amphibians and reptiles.

The Italian designer king Giorgio Armani took his inspiration from German author Frank Kafka’s The Metamorphosis in which a man is transformed in to a reptile. Based on this concept, Armani designed collections showcasing the interpretation wherein a lady is initially quiet, composed and subdued and then her skin develops in to a reptile texture (which was displayed with snake prints and shades of green).

The collection comprised 44 pieces which was dominated by shades of green to give the feel of a reptile. Almost all shades of green were used including foresty hues. In contrast to this, Armani used net, beautiful Swarovski crystal ornaments and shiny sequins to represent the contemporary reptile.

Majority of the collection comprised silk silhouette and Armani’s signature jackets which had shoulders in creative patterns.

Some of the highlights that stole the show were a rhinestone embedded jacket similar to a crocodile, a sea green silk bustier skirt combo and a shawl full of bottle green gemstones to look like intricate scales.


Armani had closely worked with Philip Treacy to design all the accessories displayed for the event inspired by sea creatures.

The Autumn Winter Collection:

 Giorgio Armani seemed to be in a poetic mood when he displayed his Armani Prive collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Set against a sunset backdrop, it brought out vibrant colours just like how it would feel when the sun sets in to the sea at the horizon. Pale rosebud pinks, baby blue and vanilla were transformed in to collarless jackets, strapless dresses worn over matching blouses or round necked jumpsuits. Nobody could possibly tailor a pant like Armani.

The start of the show saw models in knee length collarless coats and blouses paired with Philip Tracey berets which looked great. That evening, every woman dreamed of having an Armani trouser in her wardrobe as a must have.  Some of the black velvet pants that were showcased were almost on to the floor covering the flats worn by the models. The satin dresses were large enough to just about covering the model’s bust. The prints on the dresses were thoroughly inspiring and the pearl and crystal embroidery used was simple amazing.


A dusk-till-dawn was the theme of the backdrop at this great event. While the collection opened with soft, romantic tailored trousers made of silk velvets, it then moved on to floor length gowns and jumpers. One of the most stunning pieces was a rare silk jacket in stripes which was black on top and then moved down into steps of colors which included a motley of navy blue, purplish-blue, light purple and lavender color.

The evening was absolutely breathtaking and Armani, needless to say, hit the nail yet again and wowed the crowd who were left in awe