Rag and Bone Fall 2012 Layering

Perfect The Art Of Layering Clothes With 5 Fashionable Tips From The Runway

The Spring of 2012 brought to our attention an avalanche of perfectly layered outfits directly from the fabulous runways of Fashion Week. For the Fall and Winter 2012 collections, the designers decided to bravely play with proportions and layers, inspiring us to totally follow in their footsteps once the cold season arrived. Now that summer is gone for good and we’re halfway through fall, it’s the perfect time to take on the practical trend and master the art of layering. It will help you keep warm during the cold, cold days in a fashionable manner, covered in your most favorite items. And just in case the sun decides to come up unexpectedly one day, taking one or more layers down, will make your outfit look weather appropriate in no time. Although playing with layers until you achieve the desired result is most definitely the fun part, opening the road to endless mixing possibilities, there are still some tips you should consider before getting started.

Diesel Layering Fall 2012

1. Play With Proportions. If you don’t want to put more than two layers on, there are still ways to make your outfit look original, polished and chic. Instead of throwing a shirt and a cardigan on, dare play with proportions and mix a long length piece of clothing, like a button down shirt or blouse, with a super-short fitted item, like a knitted sweater featuring an interesting motif, a cropped jacket or a vest. Be creative with the little details and make sure the fabrics complement each other. Finish the look using clean lines and classic shapes, letting the layering do all the talking.

Rag and Bone Fall 2012 Layering

2. Get Creative – Mix Fabrics, Textures and Prints. If you’re not going for a safe, classic look but instead you want your outfit to be original and feature a rather unexpected combination, let your imagination take the lead and mix¬†different fabrics, colors and prints until you are completely satisfied with the end-result. For example, try pairing a knitted turtleneck sweater, with a classic shaped wool coat in bold colors, and top the look with a cropped sleeveless leather jacket in a daring hue. Accessorize your look with leather gloves, boots and a waist belt and you’re done. For further inspiration. make sure to check the Rag & Bone Fall 2012 collection. It will inspire you.

DKNY Fall 2012 Layering

3. Make a Statement Using the Turtleneck. If you got a little bit tired or bored of using the classic button-down shirt in your daily combinations, take a chance from time to time and add new smart items to your wardrobe. The turtleneck made a huge comeback this season and can be already spotted on all the trendy fashionistas out there. Don’t be afraid to use it for layering too, as the turtleneck adds a touch of coolness to any outfit, for an overall effortless and relaxed effect. Pair it with loose or fitted sweaters, long or short tops, coats and leather jackets for unique and trendy combos.

Rag & Bone Fall 2012 Layering

4. Wear a Jacket Under A Jacket. Or a coat under another coat for that matter. We know it might sound crazy but keep in mind that if it’s interpreted right, this layering trend can easily become a statement on its own. It’s an unpredictable mix and might not satisfy everyone’s taste, but it will clearly be the next best thing during winter. For a flawless combo, pair jackets and coats in different lengths, different hues that complement each other, and make sure at least on of the items is fitted, to avoid that unattractive baggy look.

Rag & Bone Fall 2012 Layering

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Go All In. I’m pretty sure the best outfit ideas come as a result for those who don’t mind constantly experimenting, who dare step out of their comfort zones and who are always curious to find out what’s the next best thing. You can make full use your curiosity and imagination when playing with layers, and don’t be afraid to look different. Wear fearless combinations with confidence and own your sense of style, as it’s the only one that really sets you apart.

Let’s not forget about scarves and over the knee socks worn over tights for the cold season, as they both represent essential items in the complex art of layering. Use them to add a touch of bohemian to your daily looks. Make your personal style become inspiring by always being bold, creative and fearless when it comes to fashion. Never settle for less than you deserve.