Polka Dot Prints – A Rage In 2012

The polka dot prints are one of the hottest trends this season. Let’s grab a look at what’s hot and what’s cool with polka dots this time of the year.

This striking Diane Von Furstenberg ensemble looks extremely chic and voguish with its unique colour combination and the accentuation of polka dots in contrasting colours. The presence of red highlights the already distinctive nature of the dress.

 The catch with the polka dots is that although anyone can wear this print, the scale of the dots to that of the person wearing it is very crucial. For women who have a smaller frame of body, must wear smaller polka dot prints. This will make the petite frame look bigger.

On the other hand, ladies with a larger body frame must always wear larger polka dot prints, which will not make the body size look larger. If you do the opposite, a thin lady will look even thinner and the healthier ones, heftier.

The picture below is the perfect example of how to keep in mind the body scale while donning polka dot prints.

 These outfits with their small dots are perfect for women with a small frame. The highlight of these is the midi skirt and the Peter Pan collar from the 70’s.


This casual t-shirt is quite trendy and cute with its sandy hue and the pretty polka dots. The petite cream dress again shows off the same collar and it has a comfortable fit for a relaxed look.

The cream top with a hood and coloured polka dots has a very sporty and a cheery appeal. It is for all you girls who find it a little kitsch to sport the girly Peter Pan collar.

  Polka Dots

 These Parisian pants in soft poly or chiffon look quite exceptional with tapering legs, elastic at the waist, indiscernible pockets on the sides and navy blue and white polka dot print. These are called the cigarette pants for the look they create.

 Parisian Pants

 This is a season of polka dot revolution and it is quite candid from the picture below. The amount of polka dots present on the runways this year has been incredible and this has happened never before.

The main reason why these dots are back and are a super-duper hit is that they ooze a lot of femininity. In addition, they can be worn both on formal and casual occasions, and they are very retro. They are quite cute and loved by mostly all women across the world.

The brown midi-length dress below with the contrasting peach polka dots enhances the petite frame of the model. The cream coloured belt draws attention to the darker hues of the dress.

The next super-casual look by Marc Jacobs with black polka dots all over, and the tights to match, looks like a spectacular masterpiece with its unfussy look.

The maxi dress in white polka dots over the standard black could be the highlight of any runway and any party you might sport it at. The frills with polka dots in a larger size layer the dress into two and make it a complete outfit in itself.

The navy midi dress with polka dot prints all over, in the colour of the completely trendy jacket worn by the model is a designer and an artistic piece of work.

 Very Indian, now a global choice of many a designers and celebrities, the beauty of a sari never ceases to mesmerize the onlooker. This beautiful sari in coloured polka dot prints is all set to steal the heart of your beloved.


 Let’s explore some interesting polka dot prints, designs and colours that are ruling the markets this season.

The dress with a frilled hemline, and black and pink polka dot prints from Lipsy, is a complete stunner for tea-time today!

The tiny peach polka dots on these skechers with a beautiful bow are one of the coolest trends this season.

The one-shoulder chiffon top with multi-coloured polka dots is a must-own for any fashionista this time.

The Club L pleated dress below in a beautiful sand colour, a woven lace for the neck-line and tiny black polka dots is perfect to enhance a small frame.


  It is very important to pair the polka dots with the right colours and right prints. As a universal rule, black and white polka dot prints look great with almost everything. They look completely splendid with vivid bursts of colours.

Polka dots look exuberant even in the combination of other totally different polka dot prints. In the pictures below, the models on the runway exude unanticipated charm with polka dots combined with a bright yellow layered frilly skirt and a sheer top in a large flower print.


Flow with the trend and adorn your wardrobe with the most fashionable polka dot print outfit that suits your taste and personality. The market is replete with a variety of prints and colours. You are sure to find more than a few that will rock your look!