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What Are The Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles 2012?

This fashion season, celebrities have come up with extremely stylish and novel looks with their hair to inspire you yet again! Let’s have a close look at some of those:

1)     Long, Wavy hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyles are terrifically spectacular, gorgeous and can be carried off with equal élan at either casual or formal events. It is a rage with all those celebrity style-icons with long and wavy hair.

The striking hairstyle falling over the shoulders with the superb wavy finish is perfect for all those who have a long face. It’s ideal for all parties and red-carpet occasions.

Moreover, this style is very simple to create with basic apparatus. The fabulous curls are sure-shot head-turners and eye-poppers. This hairstyle makes the camera go berserk and adds a lot of charm to the look of the celebrity.

Long Wavy hairstyles

Long Wavy hairstyles

 2)     Long Straight Hairstyles

This one is another stunner with the lustrous, long hair falling smoothly down the shoulder, over their back. The look this hairstyle imparts is a refined, elegant and poised one which is sure to shoot up the adrenaline levels of the most from an audience. The grace and femininity it oozes is beyond comparison. This charming style is just right for any posh or swanky event.


 3)     Prom Updo Hairstyles

Do you have a party to attend in an hour and are you a bad hair day victim today? Don’t you worry at all! An up do hairstyle is your perfect, just-in-time saviour. It will convert your bad-hair day into an attention-grabbing one with your hair looking all chic and elegant. You are sure to look the coolest and the most graceful of them all. This hairstyle is a great idea for a formal event too. It is the easiest to craft. The technique is to turn your hair curly if it isn’t so naturally; then dampen your mane and apply a hair-curling spray. Now crumple your hair and let it dehydrate naturally. The resultant curls will be more charming than you ever imagined. As a next step, take all the hair back and fasten as a bun near the crown. An attractive headband will go along well and create the remaining magic.


 4)     Medium Curly hairstyle


Don’t worry at all if you have thin, straight or wavy, medium-length hair and are wondering what hairstyle to sport tonight at the impending grand event. You can look quite attractive and stylish with the exquisite curls adorning your hair. This hairstyle is a perfect option for any formal party and is sure to make more than a few heads turn.


 5)     Long Layered Hairstyle

Ever-popular and charismatic, the long layered hairstyle is rather easy to create and it adds a lot of fresh romance to your look. It makes you look the most effervescent of all at any occasion you wish to sport it.

It would look absolutely great with your exclusive evening gown or classy formal outfit. To turn your hair into this spectacular style, wind the curling iron near the roots of your tresses to a 180 degree angle, for just about 7-8 moments. If you want to create less pronounced waves, hold it a little loose. Wrap your locks around your finger for a jiffy after releasing the hold of the iron. In the end, treat your hair with a shine serum and a spray to maintain the curls for a longer span.


 6)     The 60’s inspired pony-tail

Renato Campora is an eminent hairstyle expert who created this look for Reese Witherspoon for a famous red-carpet event. He wanted to highlight her beautiful shoulders, the very shapely neck and the dazzling, dangling earrings. He envisioned this inspiration from the 60’s and transformed her hair into a lovely pony-tail tied high.

 60s pony tail

7)     Short and Choppy hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite a fashion statement with an added texture to a petite, choppy cut. This innovative style is as glamorous as it being unpredictable and obscure. Instead of giving Scarlet an expected look, the hair-expert Duffy made sure she turned out to be the most unexpected yet enthralling. Curling her hair moderately and using a sea-salt spray, he whisked her tresses into natural waves, changing course with each section and keeping the ends straight.

 Short and choppy hair

8)     Adorning hair with Metallic Accessories

Mara Roszak devised this glamorous look for Emma Stone. The hairstyle has been turned into magic with this delicate shimmering accessory. You will instantly fall in love with this style statement. Any soft twist or a pony can be transformed dramatically with a sparkling pin or hair-clip. It provides a striking contrast against the simplicity of the hairstyle and hence creates an emphatic style statement.

 Emma Stone Metallic Hair Accessory

 9)     Side-pinned hairstyle

How beautifully feminine is this side-pinned hair-do? It has endowed Kirsten Dunst with an extremely graceful and pretty look and changed her personality completely.

Side-Pinned hairstyle

The stout barrette accentuates the beauty of her simple yet elegant outfit.

10)  Short hairstyles

A lot of celebrities like Emma Watson and Keira Knightley have opted for extremely short cuts like the pixie cut, a rock crop or a layered-bob. Celebrities being trend-setters, why not try one of these to look extremely fresh and stunning!  If you want something a little longer for your hair, try Kristin Cavallari’s short bob.


 Did you like these amazing, unpredictable and super-cool style statements from these hip and happening icons? Try out the coolest look that you think you could sport to stay in vogue this season!