Coat Trends Fall 2012

Suit Yourself Up With The Most Popular Coat Trends For Fall 2012

When fall starts to descend and make its way through the bountiful and rare colors we witness in nature, that’s the time to bring out the coats, jackets, trench coats and pullovers. It’s that pleasant time of the year when the sharp chill of winter hasn’t yet set in, yet the weather is noticeably cooler and all you want to do is cover up, although lightly.

The most exciting aspect about fall is the fashion shows that begin with it and the new trends that are ushered in by the most famous fashion designers across the globe.

So what does Fall 2012 have in store for us?

Are the coats for Fall 2012 up to date with the latest fashion trends?

Coat Trends Fall 2012

Why don’t you take a look yourself and find out?

Let’s open the gates to witness Fall 2012’s Most Popular Coat Trends!

1. Quilted Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

From quilted handbags to quilted clutches, 2012 brings with it quilted coats. Quilted coats are indeed a fabulous choice to pair your quilted handbag and clutch with. Quilted coats suit slender framed women better as it adds volume to your look.

2. High Low Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

The trend of high low dresses which kicked off earlier this year received quite a flattering response and thus, made way for the trend of high low coats this fall 2012. With a shorter hemline at the front and longer at the back, this trend is a sure shot rage-creator.

3. Leather Accented Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

A little more heat is always welcome in fall and this fall 2012 you can be the source of heat with a hot coat accented with leather. While the coat may be made up of a thick warming fabric, the accents of leather added to them will better define the style factor of your coat.

4. Brightly Stripped Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

Brightly stripped coats with graphic prints dominated quite a number of fashion ramps while showcasing the fall 2012 collection.           These brightly stripped coats are perfect for the professional office going woman who wants to make a subtle yet effective style statement at work with a dash of bright color in her wardrobe.

5. Unbuttoned Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

Ditch those buttons when you are getting late and pull over the unbuttoned coat. Buckle up with a belt around your coat; a contrasting color preferably so that both the belt and the coat stand out against each other while complementing each other.

6. Draped Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

Leave those coat sleeves hanging loosely this fall with the trend of draped coats. Why trouble yourself by getting into the sleeves of your coat when you can leave it draped around your shoulders and make a modern style statement with it.

7. Bright Colored Coats 2012

Coat Trends Fall 2012

You’d be complementing the glorious natural colors of fall when you get into a bright colored coat such as red, blue, green, yellow or orange this fall 2012.

So, are these coat trends for fall 2012 trendy enough? Do they match up to your expectations and are they keeping in terms with the latest fashion trends?

You’re the judge; so don’t you forget to let us know.