Layerstyles 2012-13: Most Popular Layers for Your Long Hair

Long hairstyles are always the all time favorites among women. And men too just get weak in their knees seeing women in sexy long hair. Lengthy locks and long hair are a deadly combination that always attracts men’s attention.

Do you have long hair? Do you want to beautify your long hair with trendy hairstyles without cutting them short? If yes, then the best and most stylish option for you are the layers. On that note, we present to you the latest layered hairstyles, the best of 2012 and the ones that are going to be a rage in 2013.

Most Popular Layered Long Hairstyles for 2013

Sexy Long Curvy Hair with Layers:

For the layered look, having curly hair is a boon. If you have curvy, wavy hair, then get set to cut the hair close to the crown in some layers. Next, go on to cut the remaining portion of your hair in deep layers, making sure that the ends of your hair cut in a thinning appearance. Voila, you are all ready to flaunt this sexy, wavy hairstyle with every sort of bang. Check out Elizabeth Hurley’s sexy, sassy, long curvy hairstyle with layers.

And don’t miss out the beautiful Katie Homes who looks extremely gorgeous in her long curly layers. Doesn’t she look so adorable? We just can’t take our eyes off her.


Razor Cut Layers:

Yes, the razor cut is back with a bang in 2013. For this layered look, having straight hair is a good thing. Ok so as a first step, cut your long, straight hair in extensive layers. Next, use a razor and run it on your hair, and you are ready to flaunt this contemporary, trendy hairstyle.

Variable Layers:

To get the ultimate variable, irregular and noticeable layers with long hair, here’s what you need to do: Cut every part of your hair in layers. After that, you need to cut each piece of hair in diverse lengths. That’s it, you are ready to show off the very sought after variable layered hairstyle.

Flicked Ends Layered Style:

If you are the kind who likes flips and flicks, here’s what you need to do, to get the Flicked Ends Layered Style with your long hair. First off, you need to cut your hair around the crown area in some layers. Next, you need to cut the remaining portion of your hair in profound layers, and stylize them by flicking the ends in the outer direction. And then all you need to do to add the X factor to this hairstyle is to have side sweeping bangs.

With that picture perfect smile and the Flicked Ends Layered hairstyle, Salma looks elegant and attractive.

Although knowing the procedure to getting your favorite hairstyle is good but we recommend visiting a good hair stylist. Explain to the hair stylist the type of hairstyle you are fascinated towards.

Now that the winter season is fast approaching us, we are sure you would want to keep your long hair open for dual reasons. One, of course you would love show off your long tresses. And two, you can have your long hair keep your neck warm!

Alright girls, don’t let the momentum slip by. Go to your favorite hairstylist and get yourself your favorite layerstyle; uh I mean layered hairstyle 🙂